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Illustrated Guide to Gardening (updated w/ color) By Reader's Digest Association,

  • Title: Illustrated Guide to Gardening (updated w/ color)
  • Author: Reader's Digest Association
  • ISBN: 9780895778291
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Featuring stunning new illustrations and up to date information on plants, pest control, fertilizers, gardening techniques, and , this favorite book of gardeners for than ten years illuminates both the fundamentals and the special flourishes with easy to understand language and clear illustrations.
    Illustrated Guide to Gardening updated w color Featuring stunning new illustrations and up to date information on plants pest control fertilizers gardening techniques and this favorite book of gardeners for than ten years illuminates both th

    One thought on “Illustrated Guide to Gardening (updated w/ color)”

    1. I ve had this book for years, but turn to it time and again mostly for propagation Comprehensive, well organized, and clearly indexed, it is easy to find whatever gardening information you need Excellent resource.

    2. I have had this book for many years I often use it to learn how to prune, plant, fertilize, care and identify flowers, trees and shrubs.

    3. This book is a good book for what it is It is mostly concerned with ornamental gardening which doesn t interest me much I d estimate that only the last 20% dealt with fruits and vegetables.

    4. This book has really great advice on a huge variety of plants It has been on my shelf for many years and I refer to it almost every spring My only disappointment is in the pictures Generally, I prefer books with clean and crisp photographs of the veggies, fruits, flowers and other plants that they are describing, but this book has been so useful with tips that it has a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

    5. In the age of YouTube videos and Pinterest, a comprehensive, all in one reference like this is invaluable I was tired of search after search online to answer my neverending questions when I stumbled on this book I already have it bookmarked and flagged, ready to carry out to the garden when needed.

    6. Although this book is older the information is still helpful I m new to gardening and do container gardening so between the information overload and traditional in ground gardening approach it wasn t very helpful for my circumstances If you have lots of space and want to cover everything from trees to veggies this book is for you.

    7. Barely cracked this book and my roses are always benefiting Can t wait to get into the vegetable section.

    8. borrowed from our neighbor, dora, whose sister owns a plant nursery informative sections on cacti and other succulents as well as orchids.

    9. Excellent book for the beginner gardener like me Easy to read, photos of illustrations, good reference guide.

    10. This book was published quite a while ago, but still, gardening is gardening, which has certainly been around a lot longer than this book So the tips are still relevant, and this book is very thorough and a handy source to refer to I only wish I actually had space to garden in And sunlight I love the trees in our yard, and I appreciate their shade on a hot, summer day, but they do put a crimp on what I can grow.

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