[E-Book] ☆ Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help | By ✓ Marion Weinstein

Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help By Marion Weinstein,

  • Title: Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help
  • Author: Marion Weinstein
  • ISBN: 9780919345003
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you are new to the occult, this book may provide a new vantage point, perhaps a different way, of looking at life than you are used to Astrology, Tarot Cards, I Ching, Witchcraft, Words of Power are all explored.
    Positive Magic Occult Self Help If you are new to the occult this book may provide a new vantage point perhaps a different way of looking at life than you are used to Astrology Tarot Cards I Ching Witchcraft Words of Power ar

    One thought on “Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help”

    1. This book isn t just for people who practice witchcraft It is very interesting, is packed with fascinating theories and world views, and is a great read It also has a positive outlook on life I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys a deep, scholarly book about the origins of witchcraft and how it can be safely and positively practiced today.

    2. One of my favorite books of all time I need to reread this Probably the best wicca alternative religion book I ve ever read One of the best psychology books I ve ever read too Love this Hard to find a copy because last I checked this lovely book was out of print.

    3. I don t remember how this book was recommended or how I came across it, but I am so glad I did I should have read it with a highlighter in hand because I dogeared almost every page in the book This book is not really about magic spells and whatnot, it is about learning to be positive and create positive energy and karma all around you From the first day of reading this, I gave it a try and things started changing in my life It taught me that not just my actions affect my karma, but also my words [...]

    4. Wonderful book written by Marion Weinstein It is a positive magic self help book Marion teaches the right mood, and how suddenly everything we do comes out right She teaches that witches are no different that who were are already, although, she points out that some people are born with a sense of healing, second sight, abilities to manipulate outcomes of events in their lives, etc She teaches techniques that others can learn to bring about positive changes in their own lives I highly recommend t [...]

    5. I read this a really long time ago, but it made a huge impression on me There is a section on space aliens that I wasn t too sure about at the time, but since, I found this belief to be rather widespread The part that REALLY made an impression was the part about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius Pretty much, what she said about that is turning out to be true I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn about Wicca and or neo Paganism.

    6. If you can look beyond the idea that magic may not exist, this book can give a new perspective on current ideas and idealism I enjoyed the expansion of thought, but I am not going to be taking on Wiccan ways any time soon.

    7. This book has a good deal of practical advice One of the reasons I like this book so much is that I agree with Marion Weinstein s method of reading tarot cards.

    8. My sister s mother, who is a white witch, recommended this book I have always been interested in the occult and asked her what books I should read to understand the religion This is the book she recommended This book is an interesting introduction to the occult It explains the power of words, the history behind the religion and the Tarot The information is written in a style that is not to difficult to understand and gives enough information to help the reader have a good understanding of the to [...]

    9. Fantastic I am taking a year long class as research for a book I writing This was one of the resources that we were asked to read This was a wonderful book Easy to read and I could get enough of it My book now looks like it has been through a college war I have highlighted sections, notes in the margin, and doggy eared pages.

    10. Hilarious crack if you want to make fun of the most annoying kind of new age hippie freaks Really annoying if you re trying to sift out historical lore from specious claims, especially since she doesn t say what bits she got out of any of the footnoted sources It s like the footnotes are decorative Primarily useful for its bibliography.

    11. Very nice book, with a lot of information But very descriptive, specially the first part, difficult to read Second part with practical information much interesting The author seems to have a great knowledge in this matter.

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