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Wolf Rider By Avi,

  • Title: Wolf Rider
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780689841590
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The phone rang three times before Andy picked it up Hello he said A voice replied, I just killed someone.
    Wolf Rider The phone rang three times before Andy picked it up Hello he said A voice replied I just killed someone

    One thought on “Wolf Rider”

    1. After the phone rings and someone tell you that they killed someone how do you respond Well, Andy Zadinski talks this guy through it When Andy tries to tell the police, his dad, and his friends, no one believes him Andy is the only one that is convinced that the caller is serious so he does some research on the girl he killed , Nina Klemmer Once he realizes that Nina is still alive, he tells her that she is in great danger Nina thinks that Andy is joking and refuses to believe him He tries to fo [...]

    2. This one was really disappointing for me For a mystery, it really wasn t that thrilling or intriguing for me I had high hopes, but it just fell a bit short.Andy was a little naive, I kept thinking why are you antagonizing this potential killer and going by yourself to meet him I get that he wanted to make sure he had the right guy and wanted to to protect Nina, but I kept thinking Nina was going to get killed BECAUSE of all the interfering Andy was doing, or Andy was going to get killed in the p [...]

    3. I thought this book was very interesting, with new and intriguing characters that added both suspense and drama to both the character and his her internal emotions The plot to me was fair, not horrible but also not the very best it could be The story starts off clean, with little to no delays It also sets the protagonists main obstacle in the story, along with his goal Some aspects of the story were characters and setting.The characters in the book set the stage for many twists and turns, and ea [...]

    4. Didn t really like it The premise had potential boy receives a call from a stranger saying he d killed someone What should the boy do As the story progresses, the boy keeps trying reasonable things like talking to his father and to the police but no one believes him Being falsely accused and misunderstood forces him into reckless behavior The story is realistic in a way a young person could imagine being in just that very situation and feeling without options Discussion topics could include dea [...]

    5. I thought this was a pretty good YA mystery It was a very fast read, probably the fastest that my kids have to read.Summary Kid gets phone call from crackpot saying he killed someone Kid tells authorities, but none take him seriously Kid is forced to take matters into his own hands while others think he is crying wolf.I was afraid it was going to go all Arlington Road on me, and if it did, I was going to be relatively peeved

    6. It was a dark and stormy night A boy named Andrew or Andy was called by some random person named Zeke Zeke tells Andrew that he has killed someone by the name of Nina As Andrew heres what this whole conflict is all raging about, he decides to call the police, and tell them what everything has happened Majority of the police officers think this is some kind of joke, but Andy thinks differently Andy later tells his father about this whole situation and he believes it s totally bogus Andy s father [...]

    7. I read the book Wolf Rider A tale of Terror It was written by Avi It was a book about a boy, named Andy, who gets a phone call in the middle of the night by a man named Zeke Zeke told him that the had just killed a girl named Nina Andy has his friend call the police to try and trace the call The police just laugh at them and think he s playing a prank or someone prank called them Andy is really concerned about the girl and investigates it to try and figure out who Nina is and who Zeke actually i [...]

    8. The whole book Wolf Rider is based on one phone call Andy gets a call from Zeke who says he killed Nina Andy told the police, his friends and his dad about the phone call and murder, but nobody believed him They told him it was a joke and to leave it alone The author continually talked about how nobody believed him all throughout the story I believe one of the themes of this book is to never give up in what you believe in and be persistent Andy gets frustrated because he was not being taken seri [...]

    9. don t you hate every time when you are telling a truth, and no one is beleiving you, well that is basically what happens to andy the charecter of this book Wolf Rider by Avi is great fiction book about this young boy who suffers throw life in every possible way, but like any others books there is happy ending This 13 year old kid goes from losing his mother to being untrusted boy the climax of the book is when andy receives this unsual phone call from this man who calls him self Sack sack says h [...]

    10. Avi is amazing He will not be pigeonholed into a type or style of writing This is a psychological tale in which a young teen boy receives an chilling phone call from a very evil man who will claims he has killed a young woman college student Andy Zadinski learns that the young woman Nina is not dead but definitely in danger He becomes obsessed with protecting Nina when no adults in authority believe the young woman is in danger He is assumed to be Crying Wolf The tale culminates in a dramatic sh [...]

    11. Wolf Rider is an amazing story about a boy who gets an odd phone call from a mysterious person, who is actually a killer The boy gets numerous calls from the killer, and says he has killed someone, and tells him the girl s name that he had killed The boy keeps wondering about the killer, and finds out the girl who was killed is actually alive, and is a student at a college his father works at He goes to the college and find the girl, and tries to talk to her over and over again, but when she say [...]

    12. Avi s exilerating novel, will keep you constantly curious On the travel home from school I would be forced by the book to pry it open and flip pages whether or not I felt up to read This mind boggling novel starts out where a boy answers his phone and is explained by a stranger that he the stranger has just murdered someone When the boy explains his story and noone believes him he takes the investigation into his own hands After finding out the girl is not murdered t and lives rather close.well [...]

    13. well the first time i picked up this book i think the book talks about child book Cry Wolf but i started to read this book i couldn t get my hands off of this book I personally loves Thriller genre I think it is freaky when the stranger called the protagonist that he killed someone but he didn t believe him Later he researched about the girl, the stranger mention on the phone But he found out she is still alive But She, Nina is actually the target of the stranger.

    14. This book is one of my new favorite books it has everything I like to read about Such as in the beginning when the phone rang and the person on the other side seed they just killed someone.Andy stayed on the phone and talked to the person to so I was not sure what was going to happen next But I ll let you find out not done reading yet.

    15. This is a surprising and welcome treat from 2003 Newbery Medal winner Avi I ve read good books by the author in a variety of genres, from historical fiction to school comedy to quirky fantasy and beyond, and I ve read a few that rose well beyond good Crispin The Cross of Lead is a well built piece of historical literature, and so is The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, which did everything possible to deserve the silver Newbery emblem one can find emblazoned on its cover I hadn t found anoth [...]

    16. This book was SOOO creepy It gives me chills even now to think about it.This was a heavy read What s crazy about it is that the phone call at the beginning of the book actually happened to the author just as it happened in the book This is definitely the creepiest Avi book I ve read, and it doesn t even have ghosts or anything like his some of his other ones do This was my first book I read from my new library I was so excited when I finally got my new library card I d been waiting for weeks.Wri [...]

    17. This book, along with Rumble Fish from S.E Hamilton, is why I stopped reading other works from authors I love after reading the one book of theirs I fell in love with This is what 13 year old me gets for trying to check out other works by the author of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.Apart from being an edgy psychological mystery thriller instead of an idealistic spot of nautical historical fiction like True Confessions I will say this, the man is good at writing multiple genres , the ti [...]

    18. Oh My Gosh I loved this book so much That s two exclamation points people, TWO I couldn t put it down which was unfortunate because I read it for a book club I was so excited when it was finally time to finish Throughout the whole book I was wondering what would happen to Andy, Nina and Zeke How would Lucas react to Andy s call Would Andy get ANYONE to believe him Oh, and WHY DID ANDY NOT TELL HIS DAD THE REASON DR LUCAS DIED WHY DID HE NOT TELL HIM ANYTHING AT ALL I would have confessed everyth [...]

    19. In all honesty the idea of the book is really fanominal and an intresting idea, but the way it was executed really made loose intrest in it The plot of the whole book was or less.Meh Not to mention how some of the characters are shown to not belive in the main character but in a real world situation everybody would of taken it seriously even if it was quote on quote a prank and for a lost of a better word not realistic And I found the ending to be really unsatisfying a lot could of been done t [...]

    20. This story is exciting and mysetrious Andy recieves a call from a stranger named Zeke, saying that he killed Nina Klemmer, someone andy doesn t know After the call poor Andy tries to find answers and help to warn and protect whoever this Nina Klemmer is after finding out that she was still alive however, noone believed him and thought that he was a freak and weirdo just playing his imagination No one believed in Andy but himsef Andy went through a lot to find the truth, but all was worth it.

    21. I think this book is a good book for the most part i think the most frustrating thing about this book is the main charectar is Andy, the way he does things is kinda annoying, how he gets so involved even if he was trying to do good and make sure nothing happends he becomes the stalker so then Zeke i would say.

    22. I really liked how mysterious this book was In my opinion the kid andy was starting to get on my nerves He didn t do much to show any evidence What he did when he kept calling lucas was very childish and something that I wouldn t have done I wasn t a big fan on the ending and probably wouldn t reccomend it to students who don t like mystery.

    23. The idea of this book was great In practice it was a little lack luster Still a good book but it felt like everything wasnt in very great detail and it only lead up to one major point in the book You could probably get away with read the first and last 50 pages of the book and get the same experience.

    24. I thought it was a fun book to read because it s basically relatable because people get pranked calls all the time but this one explains what happen on his experience on his It s a mystery book to and you get to wonder who it and why at the end Plus in the book it gives out hard description of how Andy is living and nobody will ever believe him You just have to be patience and really get into the book.

    25. The book started out really and I kept wondering how it will turn out in the end My group and I kept thinking what would happen or what we wanted to happen Then the ending came and we were shocked on how it ended and we weren t big fans of the ending

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