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Tykota's Woman By Constance O'Banyon,

  • Title: Tykota's Woman
  • Author: Constance O'Banyon
  • ISBN: 9780843947151
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tykota is on his way to rejoin his Apache tribe after living among white men when his band is attacked and he must rescue an innocent white woman who melts his heart and changes his life forever Reissue.
    Tykota s Woman Tykota is on his way to rejoin his Apache tribe after living among white men when his band is attacked and he must rescue an innocent white woman who melts his heart and changes his life forever Reiss

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    1. Tykota was six years old when his father, the chief of the Perdenelas tribe, sent him to live with a white friend because he was afraid for the boy s life after multiple attempts to kill him After nineteen years living away from his tribe, it is finally time for Tykota to go back and take his place as chief of the tribe after the death of his father He spent those nineteen years living in England and on a ranch in Texas with his white family, the Silverhorns, at the request of his father Makinna [...]

    2. Spoilers 2.5 starsWell this is certainly the LAST time I take a chance on a book until I have info from reliable sources.To say that I don t care for the writing style is being polite Since I am not always polite, let me say that this was super cheesy and melodramatic The characters were like bad actors from a 1930 s movie Well here s what I liked 1 A relatively strong heroine2 Decent descriptions of the land and atmosphereWhat I didn t like 1 The book could have been 100 pages shorter.2 Cliche [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI m lucky with my current phase of Indian romances that they are all being so different in story This one is also unlike another I have read Instead of a woman being taken to a tribe, the Indian male has left his tribe as a child to protect his life and been raised in the white world To fulfill a promise to his father, who has now died, he is supposed to return and lead the tribe as chief He feels caught between two worlds, and during his journey, rescues a woman he falls in love with t [...]

    4. I like Indian stories, this story was interesting and excitingssionate, riveting, and loving It kept me reading quickly to find out the outcome Strong woman and even stronger man Living to survive together Loving enough to let go for the greater good luckily in the end they met the typical love story finale.

    5. Oh, my god, the constant back and forth with these two Just shoot one of them and put this story out of its indecisive misery already.It s not terrible, but it s also not terribly compelling or memorable I suppose it doesn t help that I have a real aversion to idiot heroines who pre judge and won t STFU.

    6. KU read 3.5 star book for me I got frustrated with the main characters continuing to push the other away because they were trying to do the right thing At first I understood, but overtime it just got kind of frustrating.

    7. Good StoryThis was a good story, enjoyed the characters and the plot It seemed to drag a little at times, but for the most part i liked it.

    8. Tykota was sent to live among the whites when he was very small, but he is the long lost chief of the mysterious Perdelenas tribe and guardian of their sacred treasure He is on his way home to take up his responsibility when he rescues Makinna from an Apache raid They trek through the desert to safety gradually realizing that they are drawn to one another but they have no future, since Tykota must lead his tribe and they will not allow him to have Makinna So he blows hot and cold and he struggle [...]

    9. There are a lot of wonderful aspects of this story Overall I enjoyed the author s writing style and the story kept me turning the pages The story was plausible, and both H h are lovely characters that I felt sympathy for and I was definitely rooting for them to be together throughout Although I did not cry or laugh out loud, I was smiling a lot while I read the book and felt sorrow along with the characters There are also a lot of secondary characters that are introduced and likeable The plot mo [...]

    10. Love conquered.Right from the beginning it was hard to put my kindle down The story is so real and heartbreaking I knew what the end so be , happily ever after I just didn t want it to end such a beautiful story there should be a sequel to it.Keep you the good writing ank you God loves Texas.

    11. I enjoyed this romance immensely Great plot and such loveable characters, especially Tykota and Makinna I was so enad with the Indian wisdom and love of the land I was rooting and crying for those two star crossed lovers to be together and I wish I had a Tykota real life boyfriend AWESOME read and will not disappoint.

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