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Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City By Timothy J. Keller,

  • Title: Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City
  • Author: Timothy J. Keller
  • ISBN: 9780310494188
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Many pastors struggle to translate their theological beliefs into fruitful ministry in the places they are called to reach It s not enough to simply know what to believe theology or, on the other hand, how to do ministry methodology they need something in between They need help thinking about ministry in a culture that no longer believes Christianity is a force for gMany pastors struggle to translate their theological beliefs into fruitful ministry in the places they are called to reach It s not enough to simply know what to believe theology or, on the other hand, how to do ministry methodology they need something in between They need help thinking about ministry in a culture that no longer believes Christianity is a force for good, let alone the source of ultimate revealed truth in the person of Christ Center Church, a collection of twelve essays by Timothy Keller, outlines a theological vision for ministry that is organized around three core commitments Gospel centered The gospel of grace in Jesus Christ changes everything, from our hearts to our community to the world It completely reshapes the content, tone and strategy of all that we do City centered With a positive approach toward our culture, we learn to affirm that cities are wonderful, strategic and underserved places for gospel ministry Movement centered Instead of building our own tribe, we seek the prosperity and peace of our community as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
    Center Church Doing Balanced Gospel Centered Ministry in Your City Many pastors struggle to translate their theological beliefs into fruitful ministry in the places they are called to reach It s not enough to simply know what to believe theology or on the other hand

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    1. One of the best books I ve read on pastoral ministry One of Keller s best Okay, I know what you re saying So you too have drunk the Keller Kool aid Yes Yes, I have And quite frankly, haters are going to hate Keller s been in ministry 30 years, has a relentless understanding and passion for Jesus and the gospel, and is incredibly insightful in connecting the culture s plotlines with the ultimate Story of Jesus in showing how He ultimately fulfills what our hearts and communities long for If you d [...]

    2. I finally finished this behemoth of a book It really was a good read and I recommend it to church leaders In fact, I bought 8 copies and plan on walking chapter by chapter through the book with my 4 staff guys and 3 interns starting this April It ll take us the rest of the year to complete.I m not doing this because I agree with every concept in the book but because the concepts in the book are worth discussing and comparing to scripture So many things Keller said were amazingly thoughtful and c [...]

    3. What to say about this book Keller is thoughtful and engaging At the same time, I ve rarely had the experience of thinking that s a really helpful observation, but so many times in one book.Keller shines in explaining how he engages with secular unbelievers in intellectual, edgy New York His analyses of the different arms of the missional movement and Christian approaches to cultural engagement is excellent, and really useful.I have two overall general critiques of the book First, Keller seems t [...]

    4. I have aligned and again myself with the missional emphasis in reformed theology and I have also been critical elsewhere and again I also recommended highly Kevin DeYoung s What is the Mission of the Church buy for a balanced critique of the missional movement While stressing the importance of good works as fruit of our faith, DeYoung is clearly outside of the missional camp Now I will recommend Keller s Center Church which also stresses the importance of good works as fruit of our faith, Keller [...]

    5. I read this book on the recommendation of a friend and colleague in the Holy Ministry Although it is from outside of my own confession and communion the author is a Presbyterian , I found the book to be thoughtful and thought provoking, insightful and well written His treatment of the role of cities in the modern world, and his engagement of various theories of and approaches to ecclesiology and evangelism, were informative and helpful I appreciated his balanced and even handed discussion of div [...]

    6. This might be the best church ministry book I ve ever read It focuses on doing contextualized ministry in urban centers It reads somewhat like a text book, however it doesn t bog down in tedium It avoids rabbit trials aside from perhaps the critique of the two kingdoms model on pages 212 217 And it doesn t contain a hint of fluff Chapters 14, 21, 27, and 29 are gold, and the rest of the book is silver refined by years of experience So much girth, yet chock full of excellent ideas My wife and I a [...]

    7. Introduction read on Aug 21, 2016 13 success vs faithfulness fruitfulness17 middle space between doctrine and practice theological vision see 18 19 20 overcontextualizing vs undercontextualizing graph of theological vision21 name for theological vision is Center Church 21 25 Center Church commitments Gospel, City, MovementSection 1 GospelPart 1 Gospel TheologyCh 1 The Gospel Is Not Everything read in Nov 2016 29 the gospel must be proclaimed we have been psychologically, socially, physically ali [...]

    8. This review originally appeared at InfluenceMagazine.Timothy Keller, Center Church Doing Balanced, Gospel Centered Ministry in Your City Grand Rapids, MI Zondervan, 2012 Hardcover KindleAlthough the majority of Americans continues to self identify as Christian, American culture is increasingly post Christian Evangelical Christians could once assume the broader culture agreed with them about the existence of God, the shape of moral living, and the usefulness of religious organizations They can no [...]

    9. I did not read this book cover to cover, but firmly believe that everyone involved in Evangelization a.k.a all Christians ought to invest a bit of time absorbing what Tim Keller has to say The of his work that I read, the I am convinced that he is the C.S Lewis of our time.

    10. In my opinion, Keller hits a home run when it comes to the philosophy of church This is not a nuts n bolts methodology book so much as it is a theological vision book Any person who has a heart for people and for the church would benefit by its contents of church ministry, especially city church ministry.While reading this book on my Kindle, I highlighted 183 different paragraphs and or sentences that contained nuggets of truth Several items stood out to me while reading this lengthy 400 pages b [...]

    11. This is an outstanding book, but requires two warnings first it is a text book and reads like one that was likely designed as the textual material for a course on ecclesiology or a study on the church , and second the beginning of the book was not sufficiently thought provoking to encourage further reading As a text book, the material is primarily factual and dense It would be easy to transform each chapter into a series of powerpoint slides in order to present the essence of the material The ty [...]

    12. Keller is the Senior Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, a megachurch in NYC of all places Because of his success, many have sought to figure out what the structure and model of his church is in order to replicate it In this brilliant book, Keller explains that his success is not due to any one structure, but rather due to a centered approach in his philosophy of ministry Specifically, Keller discusses how and why a church should hold a centered position in preaching the gospel a gospel that [...]

    13. Reformed theology, it seems, can go two ways Applying the doctrine of total depravity to epistemology can either leave you with a rigid and uncritical dogmatism a la Piper and Driscoll or it can make you genuinely open to receiving God s truth from everywhere Tim Keller is of that latter sort It seldom you read something as learned and wise as this book from a pastor I haven t read that many church manual type books so I didn t quite know what to expect going in, but this book really floored me [...]

    14. This is one of those books that covers so much territory in theology, Christian ministry, devotional living, and ecclesiology that it s hard to put into one book review I received this Kindle edition as an ARC from NetGalley, and although it took me some time to get through it, it was well worth reading every page Keller has taken the time to fully explain how his ministry does church, his theological vision as he puts it , and how to strike the balance between four different kinds of church mod [...]

    15. I have listened through the audio version once, read some chapters in the physical copy, and am now listening through it again This book is a wonderfully in depth, detailed magnum opus of Tim Keller s work and experience in church planting and disciple making I find myself both encouraged and humbled after going through it which I believe was the authors intention In the end, there is much work to do and many things to consider, so we much work hard and give it our all At the same time, it is on [...]

    16. I am reviewing the European version of this book, which I cannot find on.I really enjoyed Keller s ideas and insights, thoughts and visions and methods that he outlines in the book They make a tonne of sense However, I feel I actually lost something from reading the European version of this book Europe is a vast and diverse place and an application of Keller s work in Germany, Poland, France and Ireland will not be the same thing So many of these sections seemed redundant to me and were often ov [...]

    17. Great book on how to find a balance in ministry I found his section the church and culture especially helpful Keller does a great job of showing the merits and problems of all of the views, and provides a solution in moving forward.CB

    18. Comprehensive, balanced and incredibly thorough Simply the best and most compelling book I have ever read on the subject of church Irrespective of tradition this is essential reading for any church leader This book will become a modern classic.

    19. Awesome book You can check all my highlights or get a summary of them in my Medium A glimpse of Tim Keller s Center Church medium heltonduarte a gl

    20. Fantastic resource Though I have no pastoral experience to compare his ideas and strategies with, I still found it incredibly helpful to think through general ministry in an urban environment.

    21. Been chipping away at this one for a while now Really great I think every church planter, church leader elder pastor should read this one.

    22. I d gladly recommend this book to anyone in church leadership even if you aren t located in a city or consider yourself missional Center Church challenges the reader to think constructively about serving the Lord by serving the people the Lord has placed us among Consistent with the rest of Keller s writing, this book is intellectually rigorous, penetrating in analysis, and honest towards other points of view Center Church is in quantity of all those things than most other works in the same cat [...]

    23. Articulate and thorough Incredible insight and clarity with regards to the Gospel centered church Keller fairly balances the tension between polarities that paralyze church growth Written in form like a textbook, and I would recommend reading as a reference book moving in no particular order as need arises That being said, there s nothing wrong with reading a textbook from cover to cover.

    24. Tim Keller gives much to think about in setting strategy and vision for each church in its particular context A book that is well worth revisiting time and time again, perhaps to dip into a particular topic.

    25. Overall, really good Easy to read and digest Keller s concept of theological vision for ministry is great, and the stuff on contextualisation is very insightful The section on The City is pretty thin and could be left out without doing violence to this otherwise excellent book.

    26. A good and sound argument The book is presented as if it were intended as a seminary text, but I m not sure if this was the true intent or not

    27. Tim Keller has been a highly influential figure in evangelical circles for quite a while He is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and has written several books including the Reason for God and The Prodigal God This winter, while thinking through the deacon ministry at our church, I picked up his book Ministries of Mercy and was blown away As a rooted evangelical, the topic of mercy ministry and social justice have always been associated with liberal Christianity However, [...]

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