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Changeling Winds By Angela White,

  • Title: Changeling Winds
  • Author: Angela White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Changeling Winds”

    1. I still like the story line although I found myself rolling my eyes and thinking GAG at how simpy the males are.

    2. I struggled with writing this review, because this book left me torn about this series than the first one I think it hit what I expected in a good way, but also hit what I also expected in a bad way as well The series picks up with the best parts of the plot from The Change the Bachelor Battles, the rebels fighting the Network, and the dynamic Pruett family and their arch nemesis, Rankin In fact, I think the Pruetts do the best here, growing from just killers with occasional feelings to full ch [...]

    3. Longer doesn t always mean better but in this case it does.The Bachelor Battles are set in a post apocalyptic world where the birth rate for men has dropped to drastic levels Using this as a reason for enslavement the evil Network, which now rules most of a destroyed America, holds all the men and raffles them off to desperate and needy women through deadly televised games Think Battle Royale but with fierce, mutated ladies.In the second installment Angelica Angel Pruett enters the games in the [...]

    4. In this book,the Author Angela White doesnt disappoint people such as myself in which I openly say Im a fan of hers.Though I dont want to have you disregard my review as maybe youd think of course a fans just going to do nothing but write good reviews,per say.Not true.This book went in a dirrection Id not neccessarily seen even coming w events thatd happen throughout.Which is great to have the ability to create so many sequels to her LAW Series,which both are of entirely different worlds,charact [...]

    5. I liked the book as it continued on the saga of the Pruett family and their quest for freedom The action and adventure was brutal, fast and didn t hold back any of the gore It didn t glorify killing but recognized that it was a part of survival There were a few spelling errors, probably from the predictive text issue, otherwise I would have scored this as a 5 star book But don t let that stop you from experiencing one hell of a great read I m just a tyrant when it comes to spelling errors I reco [...]

    6. Well I broke my promise that I would not read romance LOL This novel has a bit of everythingSet in the future for Sci Fi fans, action, adventure and umm lots of sizzle on the romance part Maybe just a bit too much for my taste, but the author did warn me in the prologue, so Kudos to Ms White for being dead on I will not post a negative review because I did not heed her warning I did enjoy the plot as it was quirky and fun Just a bit too much sizzle on the sex stuff lol

    7. The title is actually Changeling Winds, but it s still a great book It s along the lines of the first book in the series, The Bachelor Battles Changeling Winds is the second book.One other thing I forgot to mention in my review of the first book is that I really enjoyed the chapter titles and pictures The pictures were very arresting and attention grabbing I liked them a lot I can t wait for the 3rd book in the series, The Network I really hope the Pruetts take them down

    8. ACTION What a wonderful plot, such well developed characters This second episode is full of twists and turns Book 2 is a delight It has a different way of approaching the story than Book 1 but both books are extremely well written Read the books in order and be prepared to view the future in a new way.

    9. Another awesome book that I must finish before sleepThis continues the series of the bachelor battles and the fight for freedom from the Network, which keeps a stranglehold on the men, the ferrous bachelor s who fight to claim a mate, and to maintain the lifestyle after five hundred years Fascinating and terrific read I can t wait for the next book.S Otto

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