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Fresh Blood By Jennifer Colgan,

  • Title: Fresh Blood
  • Author: Jennifer Colgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A desperate call from her missing sister sends Erica Talbot on a dangerous rescue mission Determined to prevent her twin from becoming a feeder, Erica steps out of her quiet, lonely existence and into a dark underworld where vampires make the rules Maxwell Hart is a vampire investigator Part of his job is to protect humans The moment he lays eyes on Erica, he knows sheA desperate call from her missing sister sends Erica Talbot on a dangerous rescue mission Determined to prevent her twin from becoming a feeder, Erica steps out of her quiet, lonely existence and into a dark underworld where vampires make the rules Maxwell Hart is a vampire investigator Part of his job is to protect humans The moment he lays eyes on Erica, he knows she doesn t belong in his world, but that doesn t stop him from wanting her there With Max as her guide, Erica descends into a world where humans willingly give up control to their vampire masters Posing as Max s submissive feeder, Erica discovers a strange freedom in relinquishing her hard won self control to Max After just one taste of Erica s blood, Max finds he hungers for no one else How can he possess her when drawing her deeper into his dark world will change her forever
    Fresh Blood A desperate call from her missing sister sends Erica Talbot on a dangerous rescue mission Determined to prevent her twin from becoming a feeder Erica steps out of her quiet lonely existence and into

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    1. Review posted here offbeatvagabond 2011 07 indie book review fresh blood byml Fresh Blood is a short story I got because I saw the cover and saw vampires That is all it took I had no idea what this was about But I am happy my ignorance has worked in my favor This was a pretty good book, a little over 100 pages, and best of all, it is FREE But I would have gladly paid full price for this Fresh Blood is about a woman named Erica who is out on the town But she isn t out to have fun she is out to fi [...]

    2. Erica Talbot is looking for her missing twin sister who has disappeared into the world of vampire feeders A world alien to her After receiving a mysterous call for help from her sister Elana, Erica puts her fear of the unknown aside and takes on the hunt.Vampire Detective Max Hart comes into Erica s life in time to save her from the perils of his world and to help her in her search The attraction is instant for both parties making the search a little dangerous for both of them In order to move [...]

    3. Free Read Erica is searching for her sister Elena and is checking a vampire bar when she meets Maxwell Hart, vampire investigator.I m a vampire fan and bought this the moment I read the blurb Was I disappointed Um, hell no Let me tell you after reading this I m going to search for other novels by Ms Colgan.She has a few witty one liners that really worked and her description of Maxwell practically made me drool How can I possibly describe the intense sexuality between Max and Erica It heats the [...]

    4. 2 to 2.5 stars I actually thought I was picking up a different book both books had the pair of roses on the cover when I started into Fresh Blood which was a Kindle freebie a while back, but I did know that I was picking up a vampire book Anyway, Fresh Blood ended up being really mixed with vampire cliches dangerous nightclubs with feeding and debauchery and a toooooo stupid to live heroine who is straight laced with a hidden wild yet submissive side and a plot with a powerful bad guy who is app [...]

    5. You know, it s been a while since I ve read a good Vampire book that actually had a plot I really enjoyed this one Erica is getting tired of following her twin sister around saving her from drugs and alcohol abuse, men, and trouble from every angle she looks But when she gets a phone call from her sister that says she s at a Vampire bar, and she is in trouble, but doesn t know how to get out of it Erica gets really scared for her sister Since she didn t say WHICH Vampire Bar she was at Erica sta [...]

    6. When I found out that author Jennifer Colgan had a vampire short story called Fresh Blood it intrigued me so I went and got a copy from Smashwords when it was a free read back in July Boy am I glad Erica Talbot has a twin named Elena who is always and forever getting into one kind of jam or another and getting her sister to bail her out This time when her sister calls she once again goes to rescue her never dreaming that she herself would need rescuing.Max Hart is a Vampire, when he gets one whi [...]

    7. Erica Talbot is out to find her wayward twin, Elena, who has pleaded for saving Having helped, or tried to help, her twin all her life, Erica sets out into the dark vampire world of modern day to find and free her sister from it also hoping to get out quick before drawing too much attention to herself While Erica sets out on her mission, she quickly comes face to fang with the overbearing, dominant vampires Drawn by the scent of her, Maxwell Hart Vampire Investigator, steps in just in time to as [...]

    8. Heroine she was boring at best and obnoxious at worst She was incredibly uptight and condescending even after she started doing the same things she turned her nose up at She was also ridiculously naive for someone her age The worst thing though was definitely her utter lack of back bone in actually sticking up for what was good for her All in all not an appealing characterHero i didnt really get a great feel for him he could be sweet but he could also be a domineering jerkwad Slightly better tha [...]

    9. IntriguingThis story is about Erica and her need to take care of her sister I didn t know what to make of the relationship between the 2 because we were so wrapped up in other things Max steps in to save Erica when she gets into an unknown situation and now she needs to find out what she has gotten herself into Overall I thought this was an intriguing story however somewhere we lost the main story Max kinda took over and at the end we were like oh yeah there s the sister I would recommend it bec [...]

    10. This was a nice little surprise Initially, I was put off by the description on , in particular the adult content warning I just wasn t in the mood for something hardcore.But, this is not hardcore, in fact, I m not quite sure why they had to put the warning there at all, it s off putting and it would have been sad to have missed out on this little gem.It is an adult romance book and does have some slight references to BDSM, and certainly submissive behaviour is key to the story, but also quite ap [...]

    11. I don t exactly know what I was expecting with this book but it far exceeded those expectations I was impressed by the depth of the characters and the overall sexiness of the entire story The D s aspects between a vampire and his feeder were very intriguing but then, I really like D s storylines and I loved how Erica s fall into being a submissive feeder was approached I don t know if I can pinpoint any one thing that stood out for me, I just liked the entire story.I did find Erica s slavish dev [...]

    12. Fresh blood is about Erica who is looking for her twin sister Elena when she gets a call from her saying she needs help, this call leads Erica to go into a vampire bar She doesn t find Elena But she does meet Maxwell Hart a vampire investigator, he tells Erica he will help her find her sister, but he feels a strong pull towards Erica, none that he has felt before and even though Erica swore to herself she wouldn t get involved in the vampire life, she finds herself drawn to Max too I read Fresh [...]

    13. Erica Talbot has always rescued her twin sister Now Elena was asking her for help again Saying she was caught up in the Vampire world and needed help Erica decides the only way to find her sister is to go to the vampire night clubs She starts with A and goes to After Dark When she finds herself in trouble for not staying until a vampire buys a drink for her she is rescued by a raven haired blue eyed man named Maxwell Hart He also is a vampire detective who agrees to help find her sister Max is d [...]

    14. This book is one of the prime examples why you should never judge a book s quality and content solely by its price This novella is free over at smashwords and this was one of those can t put em down reads The characters Erica and Max were very likable, well rounded, and the chemistry between these two protagonists was beautifully written Colgan took my heart around chapter one then kindly handed it back to me by the end of the book You cared about the characters so important This kind of human s [...]

    15. Time 11 39 Look at that, it s actually before midnight Okay SPOILER ALERT One It is nasty that Max slept with Elena and Erica Siblings with the same man No Just no Two Can t think of two, but I know there was one Jeez, I m 18 One would think I would have a better memory than this Unfortunately, I only remember the story, not what bugged me about the story And really, he s known her for how long Less than 24 hours, he says it himself That is not love, it is lust Love takes time Chemistry doesn t [...]

    16. Erica is out to look for her sister Elena who called and asked for Erica s help She decides to go looking for Elena at a vampire bar Once she is inside it is clear that being alone in a vampire bar where she doesn t know the rules is very dangerous Maxwell Hart comes to the rescue and leads her out of the bar He is a vampire but he is also a investigator cop for the vampires Maxwell decides erica would most likely get herself killed looking for her sister Elena He decides he should do the invest [...]

    17. I found this to be a great quick read It is not a short story but I read through it in hours Max is a vampire investigator He polices his own kind and runs into Erica who is looking for her twin sister Her sister sent her message asking for her help All she knows is that her sister is in a vampire bar but she doesn t know which one Of course knocking door to door in these bars could get her killed Max was attracted to her scent but can t turn away to her plight Plus he knows she ll get her self [...]

    18. I will honestly say that i have enjoyed this book It was very interesting on how the author of this book, Jennifer Colgan, made the vampire world seem to be realistic believable Though what did not surprise me is the love between the vampire and human characters, Max Hart, the vampire and the human girl, Erica Talbot Of course, in every vampire book, you d find the vampire to fall in love with the human instantly, known to be their mate , in this case it did not state the fact that Max had found [...]

    19. Erica s twin sister is a bit of a partier and goes missing She calls Erica for help and Erica drops everything to save her like she always has Erica searches vampire bars in hope of finding her and runs into sexy Max Hart He is a vampire that works for the vampire government and decides to help Erica look for her sister Things heat up between them once Erica begins to play the part of feeder in order to find her twin.I enjoyed the story line and the sex scenes were pretty steamy, but I thought i [...]

    20. I found this vampire romance to be very sexy, intriguing and one I could not put down I downloaded it free for my Kindle and would have gladly paid for it At first glance I thought it was a psychological thriller with the book cover showing roses, blood and lace I am so glad I read the description and downloaded it.The author did a superb job guiding the reader on a twisting, turning journey with vampire investigator Max Hart and client Erica find her sister Elena The hot sensual scenes were ver [...]

    21. Another free iBooks read that really Impressed me Just because it s free doesn t mean it sucks A quick read good for a day at the beach or a road trip It was filled with mystery, romance, and betrayal Erica is searching for her sister, Elena, whom calls saying she needs her help Erica s search leads her into a world of vampires and into a romance with one I was honestly surprised by what happened at the end with Elena I feel like a lot of books are predictable but this had a good twist.

    22. This was my first Jennifer Colgan book, and it will be the first of many.I loved it What a great world and what lovable characters Erica and Max were I loved Ms Colgan s pacing and her creativity in writing her own unique twist on vampires they can make you feel like they are warm and like they have a heartbeat.The story was great and the romance was even better The pacing was swift, and the tension was perfect I highly recommend Fresh Blood to fans of paranormal romance.

    23. This was a fantastic free read, I would have paid to read this There were twists and turns, some I wasn t even expecting The story flowed well and it was easy to keep up with everything that was happening Erica was a great female lead, strong and determined unlike her sister who was obviously the weaker one, the way she turned on Erica was terrible I loved Max, he was brilliant I couldn t stop reading from start to finish.

    24. Erica is looking for her twin sister Elena, in vampire clubs after she leaves a message that she needs help Erica has always rescued her sister when Elena found herself in trouble When Eric was one of vampire clubs she stumbles upon Max who rescues her from a dangerous situation Max helps Erica find her missing sister, Elena This is the type of ebook that I would purchase but it was a free ebook on bn website I throughly enjoyed Colgan draws readers in Highly recommend.

    25. I love Ms Colgan s voice and thoroughly enjoyed Fresh Blood So, why the three star rating I had a few issues connecting with Erica She made some seriously decisions that left me wondering about her motivationd sanity I m happy to say, it all worked out in the end AND I ll definitely read of Ms Colgan s work

    26. Wow.what a pleasant surprise in this free read Erica Talbot is human and Maxwell Max Hart is a vampire Max is a vampire investigator and together they go in search of Elena, Erica s twin sister This story has everything needed to make it a great read Recommended for any PNR lover.

    27. Freebie I quite enjoyed this book, it was a quick read for me whilst sitting waiting for Kids The main charactor Erika was looking for her twin sister who had disapeared after getting herself envolved with the vampire underworld.It was a good plot, Erika needed the help of a vampire investigator and it went on from there, the ending was good and unexpected I would say worth a read.

    28. Well, this author sure didn t do anything original in this book the book just felt too safe for me I like books that have a lot of danger and excitment and this book didn t have either The overall plot is ok and there was a twist in there that made me say Wow This book is for someone looking to kill time

    29. 3.5 STARSAlthough the story ended too soon, I enjoyed reading along with Max and Erica There is a twist in the book that I honestly didn t see coming THAT is very unusual for me, as I normally figure out plots.A quick enjoyable read.

    30. I really enjoied this story, it wasn t overly long, easy to read, and always had something happening I had a hard time putting it down A few errors in the typing or grammer, but for a free book it was wonderful Will be looking for of her work

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