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Book 4 By Aleister Crowley,

  • Title: Book 4
  • Author: Aleister Crowley
  • ISBN: 9780877285137
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 4 is a discussion of the fundamentals and essentials of both magick and mysticism A classic for all students of the O.T.O.
    Book Book is a discussion of the fundamentals and essentials of both magick and mysticism A classic for all students of the O T O

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    1. Book 4 is probably Uncle Al s most accessible volume, aside from his few fiction works Succinctly written and annotated, it concerns the very basics of yoga, meditation ceremonial magic or magick , if you prefer There are no spells listed, or even rituals.The first half of the book concerns yoga and meditation Crowley scales the theory back to a simple guide explaining dhyarna, samadhi, etc in a way that even those with no experience of yoga can understand.The second half goes through all of the [...]

    2. If you ve ever wanted to read Crowley but wasn t sure where to start, this is as good a place as any The first half of the book deals with Yoga, taking it step by step and reducing it to its most basic parts The second half of the book is about the symbolism of the tools of the magician or Magickal Weapons This is mostly of use to Themlemic magicians, as many magicians don t use the same tools and the tools may have different meaning Still, I think it s pretty useful, even if it s just to compar [...]

    3. This is among the most comprehensive introductions to magickal theory ever written Caveat emptor, Crowley makes it quite easy to spiral into his system, Thelema, at the exclusion of the traditional Western paths, i.e the Golden Dawn, from which Crowley emerged It s good to read other authors along with Crowley to gain a holistic understanding of the Western paradigm That being said, this book in conjunction with Magick Without Tears, is a pretty thorough introduction to the principles of ceremon [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the first part of this book where Crowley talks about meditation, and spirituality in general, in the most no nonsense and often sarcastic way He advocates practice but emphasises how much you can t ascribe meaning to the things you re doing It s a great read and extremely useful.The other two thirds went over my head a bit as he talks about the symbolism of the peripherals of ceremonial magick, but much of this was interspersed with attacks on bliss ninny spirituality and wit [...]

    5. Wonderfully written with lots of useful information I used many of the techniques described in the yoga part and the results were amazing The parts on magick were quite dense but contained some beautiful descriptions I love his view points on certain aspects that the general pagan community likes to fluff up Totally worth the time it takes to read little bits here and there to ensure you fully digest every word.

    6. The most concise introduction to yogic meditation I ve encountered, and in typical Crowley form, the least compromising Traditional yet non mystical, specific in its description of the progressively objective states of consciousness and the steps taken to attain them, it is evident that he is presenting what he has personally verified by experience wait, did I lend you my copy of this Where d mine go

    7. This book is all important ,and maybe the only one besides light on yoga b.k.s Iyengar in finding out exactly, how it is that the path of yoga walk it s way into the western world.P.S so NO, I didn t read this because I am a devil worshipper.

    8. One of the few books where Crowley puts forth actual clear thought and expresses his philosophy without it being TOO mired in nonsense Not to say there isn t also plenty of nonsense but if you re reading Crowley and not expecting nonsense then you re some kind of idiot weirdo hybrid.

    9. Probably the easiest to read book out of all of Crowley s writings I dare say easier than magick without tears some will call me a heretic It seems very intimidating to read at first because of its sheer size But, once you crack it open you will instantly see that it is several smaller books rolled into one By the time I finally read this I was already studying occultism for several years and found a lot of common sense gems and ideas that I have not seen put forth in other literature But, I ide [...]

    10. My star rating is purely for this particular edition of Book 4 The Weiser Red Wheel edition with this cover does NOT include part 3, Magick In Theory And Practice , yet it never states that anywhere in the publisher s description Anyone coming to this for the first time will assume this is all there ever was to Book 4 which is a shame as they re missing out on what many people think is Crowley s most important work So 4 or 5 stars for the FULL version of Book 4, Liber ABA but only 3 for this cut [...]

    11. As it became well known to me at an early stage in the game, Crowley s writings can be very confusing at times Fortunately for me, this being my introduction to his work, I find it whole to be some of his most comprehensive and fluidly concentrated pieces of work in his catalog An essential introduction to the school of Thelema and Crowley and I am certain a versatile and concrete addition to every practicing Thelemites arsenal.

    12. An excellent work discussing the principles of meditation Meditation is NOT simply sitting in lotus and drifting off into space it is a serious and rigorous activity Crowley outlines the basic principles of meditation, its outcomes, and tools to progress in it.

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