[MOBI] ↠ Unlimited ↠ Σαν νερό για ζεστή σοκολάτα : by Laura Esquivel Κλαίτη Σωτηριάδου-Μπαράχας Þ

Σαν νερό για ζεστή σοκολάτα By Laura Esquivel Κλαίτη Σωτηριάδου-Μπαράχας,

  • Title: Σαν νερό για ζεστή σοκολάτα
  • Author: Laura Esquivel Κλαίτη Σωτηριάδου-Μπαράχας
  • ISBN: 9789604106622
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Σαν νερό για ζεστή σοκολάτα”

    1. first things first let s get rid of that ugly movie cover, and switch to the one i actually read.okay, betteris was my final selection for the readventurer challenge i read them alphabetically, based on the suggester s first name, for arbitrary fairness is strange that i have never read this book, as it is magical realism, doomed love story, and about food, all of which are interests of mine is a quick story that has nothing to do with the book, and i am going to put it in a spoiler for everyone [...]

    2. 195 Como agua para chocolate Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel 2012 1376 235 964551276 1380 1386 9789645512765 20

    3. What a wonderful, magical story The tale of women in turn of the century Mexico and how they live their lives Tita is the main character and what a strong woman she is This story is told in 12 month chapters though time progresses much faster Each chapter is started with a recipe Yes, the kitchen and food is central to this story You get the details of the recipe and how to make and it s weaved so perfectly into this story In a nutshell, Tita is the youngest of three girls They live on their ran [...]

    4. This book was disappointing It felt overwrought and melodramatic.Tita, the youngest daughter of overbearing Mama Elena, has to give up the hope of ever marrying It will be her duty to take care of her mother in old age This becomes a big problem when she meets Pedro When Pedro learns of Tita s duty to her mother and impossibility of future marriage, he agrees to marry Tita s sister, just so he can be closer to Tita This sets in motion this fable of unrequited love that is the thread through the [...]

    5. I could not help but fall for this short novel that encapsulates vividly yet simply the lives of these women in Mexico during the Pancho Villa Years The family unit is both necessary AND a culminating curse it s hardly fair that our heroine must not live out the life she desires but the one that is handed down to her A stupid family tradition it is true mine s a bit like Tita s clan, sure, though not at all dictates that the youngest daughter gets to take care of the matriarch and never marry no [...]

    6. Have you ever finished a book and thought Man, this is going to be hard to review Because that s the first thing I thought when I finished this little book by Laura Esquivel Like Water for Chocolate A Novel in Monthly Installments With Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies is a book that really left me conflicted There were things about it that I absolutely loved, and things about it that made me very angry The only way I can think to write this review is to explain what I found good and bad, and [...]

    7. Realmente me ha encantado Es una de esas historias que cuando la terminas s lo puedes preguntarte por qu has tardado tanto en leerla

    8. What an easily forgettable novel The language was exceedingly childish, and the style of the novel massacred the subtlety with which magic realism is to be employed This was my first taste of the famed Latin American style of writing, and I was sorely disappointed Class discussions surrounding this book also bothered me not only were we forced to read bad literature, we were forced to analyse it for meaningful content The characters were not at all developed successfully no motivations existed b [...]

    9. No s por qu , pero es una mezcla entre leer un libro de cocina metido en un cuento de hadas.El libro es f cil de leer, no es denso y el lenguaje es simple, sencillo, se digiere r pido.Amo la comida con todo mi coraz n, pero cocino p simo, por lo que no me apasiona todo lo que sea gastronom a.A pesar de que el lenguaje y la historia es simple, me cuesta aceptar que ingredientes de cocina est n tan metidos en un libro que tiene intenci n de novela.Por otro lado, la historia se asocia con mujeres s [...]

    10. 10 years ago I would have thought so differently about this than I do now Mama Elena is one of the most monstrous, villainous characters I have ever met Our main character is Tita, the youngest daughter in her family The evil family tradition is that the youngest child will not get married or have a life of her own, she will take care of the aging mother Tita is the youngest and she falls in love with Pedro They are electric together passion Tita also cooks Each chapter is a recipe for food that [...]

    11. Un libro lleno de mexicanidad.La magia que tiene Laura Esquivel, al mezclar la deliciosa comida mexicana con est historia tan hermosa de amor, es sublime.Los absurdos sucesos acompa ados de la realidad hist rica de la poca crean un maravilloso cuento , una de las mejores historias mexicanas.Quien no sea seducido por los platillos, las recetas y los sucesos que en este libro ocurren, tiene un enorme problema en el sentido del gusto.

    12. Un 5 de 5Me ha tenido enamorada toda la novela, es una historia f cil de leer, encantadora y hasta c mica Recetas, amor, muchos sentimientos, es un libro lleno de emociones.

    13. If all the lights inside you can be lit at once, your heart will burst, and infinity becomes permanent.Fuck My heart is beating hard these days Poor Tita makes it beat harder A beautiful sad story of forbidden love and orgasmic passion, Tita and Pedro s tale is the hope that love IS enough after all At that life is worth livingThree stars for the book in general, plus one because I m feeling so in love these days.

    14. Okay, so maybe of a 3 1 2 star I have a love hate relationship with magical realism and, if anything, part of my disappoint with the novel comes from the fact that there s not as much magic as I had hoped for I prefer Isabel Allende s House of the Sprits by comparison However, I still enjoyed the novel as it was unique in its structure, and the conduit for the magical aspects of the novel food was beautifully rendered in the recipes and descriptions of the connection between food and culture, a [...]

    15. Me encanta este libro con el que re r y llorar, en definitiva emocionarse mucho Y la pel cula es una adaptaci n maravillosa.

    16. Warning This recipe may induce plenty of gushing See notes below to see how severely affected this reviewer was and still is 1 Take one book2 Add a few sumptuous recipes3 Infuse with touches of magic realism4 Add a heap full of fragrant flavours5 Pour in a cupful of earthy, human emotion6 Mix in a healthy dose of unresolved lust, tension and heated gazesPour in a bowl, mix them all together and watch as the perfect love story unfolds Allow it to simmer, heat and send your system into a seductive [...]

    17. I read Como Agua Para Chocolate in high school At the time my mother had a rule that if I wanted to see a movie, I had to read the book first, because for the most part, the book is better She maintains the rule to this day, which I have passed along to my children Laura Esquivel s debut novel focuses on a Mexican family at the turn of the 20th century The heroine Tita is the youngest daughter in her family and according to her family tradition is not allowed to marry Rather she is supposed to t [...]

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