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How to Raise a Good Kid By Starbuck O'Dwyer,

  • Title: How to Raise a Good Kid
  • Author: Starbuck O'Dwyer
  • ISBN: 9780615485324
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • A must read for every parent, How to Raise a Good Kid is a collection of 23 funny and heartwarming stories about childhood that teach core values such as honesty, loyalty, courage, hard work, determination and love These stories are guaranteed to make you laugh and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike Each one is authentic, universal in theme and perfectly suitedA must read for every parent, How to Raise a Good Kid is a collection of 23 funny and heartwarming stories about childhood that teach core values such as honesty, loyalty, courage, hard work, determination and love These stories are guaranteed to make you laugh and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike Each one is authentic, universal in theme and perfectly suited to serve as a conversation starter for parents trying to instill the importance of character and integrity in their kids and for purposes of discussing important topics such as bullying, prejudice and self determination, among many others How to Raise a Good Kid is highly entertaining and meaningful, and one of the best books about growing up and parenting that you ll ever find.
    How to Raise a Good Kid A must read for every parent How to Raise a Good Kid is a collection of funny and heartwarming stories about childhood that teach core values such as honesty loyalty courage hard work determin

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    1. I received this book through a giveaway It took me a long time to finish this book Not because it s long but because I always figured that it s an easy read, I ll get to it later Today seemed like the perfect day to finish the book since it had been glaring at me in the currently reading section.This book is a collection of stories, memories, that the author shares from his childhood that symbolize important lessons everyone should learn My first thought upon readin this book is why should I car [...]

    2. The title suggests some kind of parenting guidebook, which How To Raise a Good Kid definitely is not or not in the usual way It is not filled with raised moral fingers or lists of do s and dont s It does not contain unnecessary tips that make you think Any reasonable person already knows that I don t need a book to repeat the obvious.Instead, it makes you think about ways to raise and teach a kid about life in a very subtle, almost unnoticed way By telling small anecdotes from his own childhood, [...]

    3. How to raise a good kid by Starbuck O Dwyer is an entertaining and relaxing book Pleasant and easy to read, it contains a series of funny short stories whose main character is a young boy learning and discovering what life really is about Each story is interesting in its own way and ends in an educative way, in the form of a lesson that has been learned from the described events.The book reminded me of my childhood and I bet many readers will find themselves in the skin of the kid who is the mai [...]

    4. I won this eBook in Member Giveaway on LibraryThing in an exchange for an honest review.How To Raise A Good Kid by Starbuck O Dwyer turned out to be completely different from what I expected Judging by the title I though it d be kind of a manual, filled with tips for parents I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not.The book consists of short stories, which show different aspects of raising a child I don t know whether these stories are based on true events or they re completely made up Howe [...]

    5. How to Raise a Good KidStarbuck O DwyerIn an original flavor found refreshing as well as entertaining Starbuck O Dwyer captivates readers in his storytelling How to Raise a Good Kid , a memoir of sorts, gives a chronological peek into the O Dwyer household This is done remarkably well as the stories are told from the perspective Starbuck would have had at the age he was during said story One of many example was his being taunted into the mooning episode His expressing of how he was taunted into [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book through the First Reads giveaway program It arrived in the mail today and won book roulette when I was deciding what to read next this evening I was so engrossed in the stories that I finished it pretty much in one sitting only stopping to read my children their bedtime stories If you see the title and think you re in for a how to manual, you will be disappointed This book doesn t mention anything about feeding, or bathing your children, or even how to get them int [...]

    7. When I first got this book I was expecting it to be some sort of a guide on how to raise your child, but it proved to be much than that The book is filled by short stories told by the author about his childhood and how he was raised Now that may seem like a boring thing to read, but it is far from that Most of the short stories are filled with humor that had me giggling like a little girl at the first page Not every story is told in a humorous way tho, some are quite serious It all depends on w [...]

    8. Disclosure I received a free copy of this book via a GoodReads FirstReads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.First off, if I am perfectly honest, I need to mention that if I had not won a free autographed copy of this book from Goodread s First Reads giveaway program, I probably never would have picked it up Second, this is NOT a parenting manual any friends or family members who are contemplating freaking out, I m not having a kid not yet anyway This book is really of a memoir of childh [...]

    9. This book was great To begin this book is of a memoir than a prental how to, which is why it is a great read for parents Funny stories ranging from camping trips to first NFL games were not only entertaining but at times were laugh out loud comical This enjoyable read is the type that fills the heart with warm fuzzy feelings and recalls charming memories.By colorfully illustrating some of his own childhood s memorable moments, O Dwyer reminds parents today of some of the easily missed rites of [...]

    10. Based on the title, I thought this was going to be another book with a list of 15 things to do and not to do if you want your kids to grow into decent adults I was pleasantly surprised to discover instead a collection of entertaining vignettes from the author s childhood that showed how his parents values, rules and actions shaped him without his realizing it I loved how his remembrances of growing up in the 1970 s and early 1980 s brought back memories of my own childhood, and reminded me of th [...]

    11. I loved this book I had just finished reading a very action packed book, so it was hard for me to adjust to this mellow and heartwarming childhood memoir I found myself chuckling frequently while reading this book.We all find ourselves remembering learning our childhood lessons from time to time The author opens up to us some personal experiences of his own True stories like this help us to remember we aren t alone.The stories themselves don t have a huge climax to them They aren t actual instru [...]

    12. An inspirational memoir of childhood life and parenting full of worthy lessons that s worth your time.This well written memoir contains stories that are heartwarming and amusing at the same time This book will take you into the writer s childhood life and how his parents taught him important lessons Each of the 23 stories will let you learn different lesson, from father to son relationship to the meaning of a family, from overcoming bullying to dealing with first crushes, from loyalty to adaptat [...]

    13. Great book with stories from his childhood Starbuck provides the reader with laugh out loud snippets from his childhood such as The importance of enthusiasm a 6 week camping trip with the family in a station wagon, a fold up camper, and a mom who just wants an indoor bathroom Loyalty the story of Blankie and a 12 year old boy six weeks of staying with a family while his parents were out of town and the importance of drying and reusing paper towels the meaning and importance of tradition and fami [...]

    14. Starbuck O Dwyer sent me How to Raise a Good Kid with a Giveaway and it really did make me smile This book is a collection of funny stories from the author s childhood, each one sharing different lessons learnt, and heart warming tales about his family As I don t have children myself, I read parts of this book with my mother and we both thoroughly enjoyed it I was eager to read chapter after chapter, finding the stories funny and relatable, while my mother preferred to read one a day and savour [...]

    15. What a wonderful book I really appreciate this complimentary, autographed copy from the wonderful folks at This collection of stories brings back so many wonderful, personal memories of myself growing up I couldn t put it down I highly recommend it to readers of all ages O Dwyer reminds us of those important family values such as responsibility, honesty, thoughtfulness, unity and pride.

    16. This book was a joy to read Starbuck O Dwyer does a great job of remembering how we all thought as kids, but most of us have forgotten I could relate to his stories because I also was a small child threw the 1970s I laughed so hard at his family memories including vacations, his security blanket and trips to his grandparents home I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a fun, enjoyable and sentimental read.

    17. I really enjoyed the stories the author tells about his childhood Let s face it, the world today is scary, and raising a child in these times with social media is vastly different than it was for us middle aged adults who were raised in the 60s and 70s Making memories and giving memorable experiences to our children should be mainstream than ever This book, with messages that range from tradition to honesty and loyalty, is a must read for any parent.

    18. To be totally honest, I put off reading this book because I wasn t sure what to expect I wish I hadn t waited so long, because I was absolutely delighted by it Starbuck O Dwyer has written a very funny memoir, full of stories about his childhood, family, and friends Each story was a gem, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    19. How to Raise a Good Kid by Starbuck O Dwyer This was a nice refreshing read I liked how it was written and enjoyed reading each chapter I thought it was of a parenting book when I read the title but was pleasantly surprised it read like a memoir Very good book

    20. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a book filled with cute funny stories Each one was a lesson learned from his parents Don t let the title confuse you this is NOT a how to book Just a well written collection based on true events.

    21. I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading, but once I started I found I couldn t put it down when I had some spare time My favourite stories were Courage , and Love and Marriage , both of which almost brought me to tears Anyone with a sense of humour should read this book

    22. Honest, real and down to earth Easy to relate to and I found myself reminiscing over past childhoods memories Thank you for such a nice read

    23. A good selection of anecdotes written in O Dwyer s wry style Written as events in his childhood, and what they helped him learn, they are entertaining and a quick light read.

    24. As a child born in the 60 s, the story took me back to a time when things were definitely different I didn t give it five stars because I am female and the book is written from a male perspective In other words, some of the things that interested Starbuck would not have interested me at all I laughed about the yellow blanket incident, although I should not have My own son did the same thing with sucking on the blanket It was crocheted, and he toted it EVERYWHERE The way we weaned him was to have [...]

    25. First of all, I found the title of this book misleading Instead of a how to book, this is much a memoir of the author s childhood I don t mind reading memoirs, in fact, I rather enjoy them just wish I had realized that s what I would be reading I do like that he apparently learned some important lessons from his childhood experiences Overall an enjoyable read I especially like the very last story about his grandparents relationship My only suggestion to the author would be to change the title

    26. You might think this book is non fiction, based on the title, but it s actually comprised of a collection of stories about children, parents, and various parenting topics It s a fun read Topics covered include courage, popularity, punishment, faith, tradition, and loyalty Worth a read I received this book as a prize through a giveaway.

    27. Disclaimer no, we aren t expecting a kidDisclaimer 2 I won this book in a giveaway thanks Review entertaining, quick read Stories from the author s childhood with lessons along the way Don t expect a how to or anything super deep Actually reminded a little, structure wise, of Coach K s book on leadership that I read recently.

    28. I won this in a GOODREAD GIVEAWAY How to Raise a Good Kid by Starbuck O Dwyer was a very fun and easy read It is NOT an instructional book so do not let the title repel you I enjoyed it so much that someone already borrowed it from me I better get it back because it s signed by the author

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