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Wander (Dicebox, #1) By Jenn Manley Lee,

  • Title: Wander (Dicebox, #1)
  • Author: Jenn Manley Lee
  • ISBN: 9780982343722
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dicebox is a long form comic that tells the story of an eventful year in the lives of Griffen Molly, a couple of itinerant factory workers in a space traveling future, over the course of 4 books.
    Wander Dicebox Dicebox is a long form comic that tells the story of an eventful year in the lives of Griffen Molly a couple of itinerant factory workers in a space traveling future over the course of books

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    1. One of my household s fave queer graphic novels, and also fave graphic novels with a sci fi setting Dicebox follows Molly and Griffen, itinerant space station workers, as they bounce from one job to the next Molly is the level headed one who has strange visions, Griffen is the tempestuous one with a complicated past that, by the end of this first book, may be coming back to haunt her Lee slowly builds a complex world out of characters of various genders, pasts, and interests It s working class l [...]

    2. This is absolutely, marvelously, wonderful a beautifully lavish graphic novel It starts off very, very slowly one just meanders through this world with these folks, watching their oddly mundane interactions with the world around them, yet ever so slowly we get to know them, and then the fantasticalness of their world begins to seep through the banality of it in the cleverest of ways And then one slowly realizes that absolutely nothing can be taken for granted, certainly not gender, or sexuality, [...]

    3. How do I review this book I ve been a fan of the webcomic for years The book is somewhat to my surprise even better than the webcomic it s beautifully designed, the pages are big and colorful, and it s got all this great extra stuff There s a glossary in the back Plus, all the asides by other artists , most of which I hadn t read.I ll try to describe the story a bit The main characters are Molly and Griffen, a pair of interplanetary itinerant factory workers The sci fi elements are at the same t [...]

    4. Dicebox is a criminally underrated webcomic I ve never rated here in spite of having followed it for years, probably because it used not to be an actual book as well.It s one of these wacky comics with a meandering, twisty plots so I m not going to spoil it here But expect general weirdness, relationship stuff and above all surprises The tone is nevertheless naturalistic.I shouldn t like Dicebox because it s got one of those SF settings with magitech and preposterous economics which features som [...]

    5. This graphic novel mostly focuses on the characters and relationship of Griffen Molly, two married women These characters are fascinating in their own right However, they interact with various others enough to keep things stirred up Griffen in particular tends to cause problems for herself And the future setting is amazing No aliens, so far, but humanity comes in various flavors clone families, space adapted, etc This story is 1 in a series the story continues online it is my favorite on line se [...]

    6. Very impressive artwork, with great character development, and obviously a ton of work that went into the world building for this series My only real complaint is that this book takes show, don t tell to the farthest extreme and there is NO exposition I found myself very confused through large chunks of the novel and only really tied up the strings in that last chapter It s a very detailed world, but I could have used a bit hand holding at the beginning to show me what s what There are a few th [...]

    7. It was a good way through this before I had a feel for what was actually going on, but I m definitely glad I stuck with it Like any good novel, the things I didn t understand were with allowances for the fact the this is book one of four explained through the course of the story, making this not just a good read overall, but one that would definitely stand up to re reading, as I expect that I ll find and appreciate things every time through that I didn t even see the first time It wasn t easy to [...]

    8. Despite some early issues with pacing and artwork that displays characters and scenes far better than motion, Dicebox manages to engage and ensnare The meandering, sit and talk nature of the work helps alleviate the latter, while the former appears less as Lee settles into her work What originally seems like an intentionally stingy approach to character background becomes pleasantly integral, with the reader learning that they know as little about the main characters as they do about each other [...]

    9. I won a copy of Dicebox quite a while ago, but I simply could not get into it Since i m pressed for time, i m going to write this review in a quick bullet list Pros The artwork is absolutely stunning The attention to detail is fantastic I just love how one of the protagonists changes her hair within every scene I did enjoy the sci fi elements.Cons I can t believe i m saying this, but there was far too much talking and not enough action This was one of the main reasons why it took me so long to g [...]

    10. Frst of all, I got this book as part of ARC giveaway This book is a dead tree bversion of the Dicebox webcomic The title of this first installment is Wander , and I was surprised at how accurate the title is The story just meanders along, not seeming to be in any hurry to get anywhere BUT Don t take this comment as a criticism Somehow, the casual pace works well, giving us plenty of time to get to know the protagonists without bombarding us with facts and figures.Sure, it s a casual trip, but I [...]

    11. I ve read the webcomic up to the most recently updated page as of Friday 20th January , and loved it The artwork is beautiful, and the paperback is high up on my to buy list next month Full review will come then.

    12. Took me a little while to get into this web comic collection, but once I did, it found it fascinating I ll be catching up online and ordering the next collection when it becomes available,

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