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Monster Hunter International By Larry Correia Oliver Wyman,

  • Title: Monster Hunter International
  • Author: Larry Correia Oliver Wyman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Monsters are real.And some people kill them for a living Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business, and Owen Zastava Pitt CPA, average guy, and survivor of a brutal supernatural attack is the companys newest employee When MHI takes on a new contract, Owen and the girl of his dreams unwittingly find themselves in the path of anMonsters are real.And some people kill them for a living Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business, and Owen Zastava Pitt CPA, average guy, and survivor of a brutal supernatural attack is the companys newest employee When MHI takes on a new contract, Owen and the girl of his dreams unwittingly find themselves in the path of an ancient evil A creature known as the Cursed One has returned to fulfill a centuries old vendetta And when he does, its the end of the world And that would be bad for business.
    Monster Hunter International Monsters are real And some people kill them for a living Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business and Owen Zastava Pitt CPA average guy and survivor of a brut

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    1. At first glance say at the title anyone would probably take this book to be basically brain candy And they d be right.but sometimes you find some really good brain candy While this book is openly a little on the hokey side s an excellent read I enjoyed this book immensely I was looking at the time for something light and had this book recommended to me by a stranger while browsing the shelves in Books A Million Okay, so I talk to people I meet in the fantasy isles in book storest smart I suppose [...]

    2. I want to like this book, because this is so right up my alley and the story is really good It s a fun, well researched pulp, but at this point I feel like I m fighting through a jungle, cutting at the bamboo with a machete For every plot turn, I have to read three pages of filler Also, the male protagonist is a bit Gary Stu He is three hundred pounds of solid muscle He is a genius He is competitive sniper super shot He is a super awesome mixed martial artist, who had fought in cage matches in h [...]

    3. Three stars Turned out to be a fun, engaging read, and I ll definitely check out the next book in the series The first person point of view is told by an unusual hero a large, ugly, now scarred accountant who was raised in family that emphasized guns and survival skills As such, his language is straightforward, but not so simplistic that I was bored Flashes of humor and modern references kept the voice fresh, making me feel like although he took situations seriously, he also saw the humorous sid [...]

    4. I picked this book up in Texas when one of the folks in the bookstore recommended it to me If I were forced to give you an elevator pitch, it would be something like this Imagine Dresden files if you removed all the magic and replaced it with guns That s not a really accurate description, mind you Elevator pitches never are But there s an element of truth to it as well Looking online, I see that I m not the only one to make this comparison That irritates me a little, but at the same time, it mea [...]

    5. Actual rating 3.784579612 stars And a quarter.The crap shall not be cut in this one Sorry Consider your little selves warned.This book has a whole lot of stuff working against it The author is widely referred to as a right wing nut, lackwit, conservative asshat, misogynist and homophobe Other reviewers mention that this is nothing but a pro gun, anti government and an urban fantasy for the Tea Party NRA effort The main characters apparently suffer from Severe Gary Stu and Mary Sue Syndrome SGSaM [...]

    6. Larry Correia is a fat balding man with a shitty goatee Why is this important Because in Monster Hunter International Mr Correia has based his hero, Owen Pitt Zavablahblah, on the interesting personage of Larry Correia Let s examine the similarities First off, our hero, Owen, begins the story as a seemingly mild mannered accountant Now let s just flip to the about the author page at the back of the book, oh look Mr Correia is also an accountant, weird Owen is also a gun nut and participated in s [...]

    7. Edited late to add a star that should have been added long ago Monster Hunter International MHI 1 This is one KICK ASS rockin, rock em sock em, Jesus Block em, Rock and Roll, if it Moves shoot it if it don t use it like a bullet proof shield or cannon fodder, Monster Huntin , holy smokin good read Calling this an Urban Fantasy is, like calling Smokin Joe Frazier a pansy There are some mistakes you only get to make once before you need a good plastic surgeon and a blender to prepare your food pro [...]

    8. 4.5 stars The description on the back of the book is a very good compass for gauging whether you will like this book If you like LOTS and LOTS of monsters and other supernatural creatures and LOTS AND LOTS of guns combined with a tone that is very similar to the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher then I think it is fair to say YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK A super secret private agency that hunts down and kills monsters for rich bounties paid by the government what s not to love Just about every monster you [...]

    9. I don t know that I can really review this book because I was unable to finish it I will therefore merely comment on the chapters I was able to finish 1 The protagonist is an unbelievable Mary Sue and given that a powerful wizard living in Chicago is believable, that says something and the book contains tons of what I ll call White Male Wish Fulfillment and as a White Male I feel free to call it this The two examples that I actually read are the boss from literally hell and the beautiful chara [...]

    10. Amazing ALL the monsters ALL The action ALL the fun Loved the main character Owen and all the supporting cast Terrific read One star docked because it was also sooo long ALL the words Recommended if you like excitement

    11. I ll say first as a disclaimer that I am Libertarian, pro gun, and anti big government I ll say second that if there s one thing I do not want in my fantasy literature, it is a pro gun, anti big government agenda I read books to get away from the depressing realities of life, not to wallow in them, and this book is one big, smelly wallow.On the face of it, it s about a man who is 200 lbs of pure muscle, a genius, an accomplished martial artist, a competent amateur gunsmith, one of the best sharp [...]

    12. We re walking in the valley of the shadow of death, but we shall fear no evil Because evil is about to get a stake put through its black heart because we are the baddest mother fuckers to ever set foot in the valley Ooooooh, yeah What a unique, crazy, exciting world Larry Correia has created Monster Hunter International, the first book in his Monster Hunters International series is fast paced, funny and, at times, poignant Vampires, shifters, ghouls, demons, ghosts, gargoyles this book has it al [...]

    13. Owen Pitt fulfilled an American dream he killed his boss who was a big jerk The boss also happened to be a werewolf who was about to eat Owen, so the killing was in self defense Now he knows that monsters are real, and that there is a government conspiracy to hide their existence from general public As a survivor of a monster attack, he is recruited by a private company called Monster Hunter International MHI which hunts supernatural monsters This book can be described as Dresden Files on steroi [...]

    14. My 4 favorite read of 2013 Yes Yes Yes 5 StarsWowza Hang on to your pants and shield your eyes because monster gore is flying everywhere If you would rather hug your vampires or believe your ghouls are just misunderstood, this is not the book for you Changes are, the you will be splattered with ichor while MHI blows the head off the monster you are attempting to reason with While there are a few minor things I didn t like about the book, I was engaged overall and have enjoyed the experience tha [...]

    15. As a Jim Butcher fan, I have seen Larry Correia s name crop up a number of times as a recommendation Hard core urban fantasy with lots of blood and guts and gore Sounds good, right Much gory than Jim Butcher, I must say Possibly even gory than Ilona Andrews.But it was really fun Another first person POV but at least the protag isn t a paranormal PI He starts the book as an accountant Then he becomes a mercenary who also happens to be a hero The author is clearly a gun nut and he has a little s [...]

    16. I ll write a proper review later, but this was so much fun to revisit __ I did notice some interesting things though, that I might touch upon in the review I ll put it in spoilers __ Okay then, guys and dolls, let s try and review this good and proper, or, as good and proper as can be expected from me, which I suppose isn t very well, my track record being taken into consideration, but here goes none the lessFirst off, I love this series, I think it s a lot of fun, I m not too fond of the zombie [...]

    17. Read this book years ago Really liked it Lots of fun and stars I became a fan So did my husband Between the two of us, we gave Mr Correia lots of our hard earned money.Then the author decided he wasn t content writing books he has to spew his political commentary across the genre and destroy the Hugos.And his fans have been attacking a respected friend recently.So, no buying books by this author I can no longer enjoy his work His words and actions and the actions of his so called fans have tain [...]

    18. Lots of non stop action, odd monsters, bullets Owen is a good hero tough, big, one hell of a shot, but goofy around the girl he wants He s not all that good at several important things like walking quietly or hearing well It makes him believable That s the case with most of the characters They each have some fun quirks depth than I expected to find in what is basically a comic book novel No graphics, but that same sort of tongue in cheek, suspend all belief, just enjoy the trip story.I normall [...]

    19. I thought I knew what this would be before I even looked at the first page Yet another want to be Dresden book Something to quickly read, enjoy, and forget about afterwards Well it took me completely by surprise I loved it Great take on the world of urban fantasy Wonderfully choreographed action Characters I actually cared about.I recommend this book to fans of urban fantasy and fantasy Any horror fans, especially if you re the type who has to watch every made for Sci FI movie Fans of action Any [...]

    20. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.I was shopping around for an fun author narrator combo because nothing on my listening pile appealed to me at the time, and this audiobook was only 1.99 after downloading the free Kindle edition which made the cost vs reward a no brainer MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL was clich d to the max with a hero that was made for the job, a similarly perfect female love interest, and Larry Correia dedicated pages to describing the weaponry than to developing the characters or the wo [...]

    21. Three and a half stars, rounded up to four For now I m waffling on it Finished waffling 3 stars.I d intended to read this before long I heard nothing but raves about it, but wasn t at all sure what to expect Whatever that was, this somehow wasn t it I very quickly began to understand some of the raves from friends the first person POV Hero, Owen Zastava Pitt, sounded very much like a couple of them The main resemblance lay in the fanatical devotion to guns Not a devotion I share Guns don t kill [...]

    22. I had seen a lot of really good reviews for this one but I really didn t have super high expectations going into it Turns out that I loved it This is pure, unadulterated fun from the very first page A bit mindless but who cares It s like the X files plus Supernatural plus loads and loads of guns Owen Big Z is a giant badass of an accountant who kills his boss one night Of course, he only does this because his boss turns into a werewolf Z quickly gets recruited into a private company that kills m [...]

    23. Loved it I liked the characters, the story, everything The characters were total bad asses but they weren t perfect and that s ok the story was very interesting and kept my attention This book contains the best prep talk I think I ve ever heard I was ready to get a really big gun battle axe and charge those mother fuckers Omg Slappy I couldn t believe it and the elves were so hilarious Listen to this audio book

    24. I enjoyed the book.I made the mistake of going to the author s blog to find out if and when a sequel was being released in fairness, I m struggling to separate what I think of the author s political opinions from what I think of his storycrafting, which is quite well done The characters are vivid and memorable, the storyline is solid, and he really knows his weaponry I was hoping for wargs, but nothing s perfect.

    25. There s no deep story or intricate plot here This book is just pure high adrenaline fun If you re afraid of the dark, then this book may not be for you but if not, then buckle up and hang on for a wild ride This book starts off with a bang and keeps on going.Lots of monsters, lots of guns, and lots of fun I will definitely be reading the next book in this series soon

    26. A really entertaining action fantasy novel, but nothing truly special or anything The central character of Owen Zastava Pitt was awesome and very likable, as well as the other supporting characters, and the characterizations of them were commendable but the main story was a bit too conventional and predictable to me Lets see There is a newbie hero who just found out a whole new angle of his everyday mundane life, and with that extra ordinary bit of knowledge a curtain has been removed from his s [...]

    27. This book is perfect for it s niche audience, which apparently is the southern redneck libertarian male juvenile gun nut.I confess I had mitigating circumstances when I bought this There were time constraints We had a coupon expiring that day, and we had a loyal doggie sitting in the car outside.

    28. 2.5This book opens with a bang, throwing you into the action from the get go, but it didn t really capture me up front Once it settled down a bit, however, and started developing the characters and the humor, I started to get into For most of the book I was thinking to give it a 3 stars and maybe bump it up to 3.5 but, as a few other reviewers commented on, it started dragging a lot towards the end, pulling it down into 2.5 territory.I think, in some ways, though, that I m just not an action bo [...]

    29. Five stars I know Crazy I never in a million years imagined that I would love this book I mean come on Everything I had heard about it was just so far from what I usually go for, I thought I d maybe like it and that s about all I m not into guns at all Urban Fantasy isn t my favorite genre Action and adventure I like it and all, but I usually prefer a nice traditional Epic Fantasy But MHI It was just plain good.Is it utterly brimming with gun porn Yes But there s so much to it than that If you [...]

    30. Rated based on incomplete reading.I really tried to like this one I really did After reading the excellent The Player of Games I wanted a Banks break with something lighter and this one had been getting quite a bit of buzz The story is OK, the writing adequate but nothing and an awful lot of the attempted humor falls flat But what made me put the book down for good after 200 pages was the over the top simplistic right wing politics and gushing, almost sexualized gun worship Now I can enjoy a go [...]

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