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The Value of Voluntary Simplicity By Richard B. Gregg,

  • Title: The Value of Voluntary Simplicity
  • Author: Richard B. Gregg
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
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    The Value of Voluntary Simplicity None

    One thought on “The Value of Voluntary Simplicity”

    1. I read this online at soilandhealth 03sov 03Thanks to the other GoodRead reviewer on where to find it I couldn t find it at the library or Some truly powerful concepts about simplicity, desire, psychic goods and something I was not expecting social power Among the many things that Gregg discusses much from Gandhi Gregg argues that through simplicity, one achieves the trust of the often poor masses and proves to himself and others that he has nothing to lose And from that vantage point, there is [...]

    2. This refers to the online edition soilandhealth 03sov 03 Enjoyable pamphlet, dovetails nicely with the Ruskin and Morris I have been reading lately Makes some practical points and some philosophical religious points of a Quakerly bent for embracing a simpler, lower consumption lifestyle Mind you, he published this in 1936, when there was plenty of involuntary simplicity But his cautions on consumerism, advertising, and decision fatigue could have been written yesterday Found the references to To [...]

    3. tonnamment moderne, concis, direct et pr cis, ce livre r sume parfaitement les principes majeurs de la simplicit volontaire J aurais aim avoir plus de mati res lire sur le sujet que l auteur ma trisait, mais ce minuscule livre 15 x 9 cm est assur ment incontournable pour tous ceux qui s int ressent au th me du minimalisme et de la simplicit volontaire.Merci aux traducteurs Pierre Thiesset et Quentin Thomasset qui ont rendu l ouvrage de 1936 enfin disponible en fran ais en 2012.

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