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Considering Carlyle By Amber Kell,

  • Title: Considering Carlyle
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781936387458
  • Page: 380
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes love is found in unexpected places.After months of secretly watching Master Carlyle, Ralph wishes the Dom would notice him But why would he want a sub who is bigger and taller than him when there were so many delicate twinks begging for his whip What Ralph doesn t understand is that Carlyle has watched the young sub and he not only wants him, but he plans to keSometimes love is found in unexpected places.After months of secretly watching Master Carlyle, Ralph wishes the Dom would notice him But why would he want a sub who is bigger and taller than him when there were so many delicate twinks begging for his whip What Ralph doesn t understand is that Carlyle has watched the young sub and he not only wants him, but he plans to keep him.
    Considering Carlyle Sometimes love is found in unexpected places After months of secretly watching Master Carlyle Ralph wishes the Dom would notice him But why would he want a sub who is bigger and taller than him when

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    1. This is the second story in the world of Greg s BDSM Club Where Wooing Master Jones was all about a sub seducing the master he wanted, Considering Carlyle focuses on a Dom, Carlyle, figuring out that he actually wants Ralph as a permanent sub.Ralph is a bouncer, and not many people would suspect he is a sub He is very interested in Carlyle and his domineering personality, but has no hope, or so he thinks, of getting the other man to notice him Once the Dom has his eye on him, Ralph is pretty clu [...]

    2. Salutary lesson Do not buy books without ALWAYS checking out my friends reviews 1.5, rounded down for just well, stuff like this Ralph was supposed to be his damn it.

    3. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsThis book would have gotten four stars just for the character of Ralph He is so sweet, so wonderful, such a big, brawny, strong, subby guy He s so afraid no Dom will want him he s bigger than everyone else He works as a bouncer in a BDSM club, a job he enjoys He gets to see all the Doms in their glory, and gets to keep the place safe Ralph has a huge heart, and this is important to him As a child, he put up with his mother s drunken rages because he loved his v [...]

    4. Story about bdsm without bdsm is like fishing in the pool for me It s the second book by Amber Kell what I have read, after Wooing Master Jones, and even though it is not written badly, it does not give anything to me I don t mind if there isn t any session, but I would hope I will at least learn anything about the place, lifestile, habits, people who go there, something I didn t know or read 1000x beforeAnd I can hardly believe in this naivety when doms say I have seen him 10 times and even tho [...]

    5. Una historia b sica y llevadera de relaci n H H y BDSM, estoy segura que con el estilo de escribir de la autora, si hubiera sido m s larga me hubiera encantado, pero justamente me falt extensi n para gustarme m s.La historia de Ralph y Carlyle es de lo m s interesante, y los personajes me han encantado, sobre todo Ralph que es un oso para apapachar.En alg n momento quisiera que la autora volviera a los personajes para mostrarnos m s de c mo va su relaci n.Una historia muy recomendable para pasar [...]

    6. More a 2.5 somewhere between a meh and a it was good I bought the bundle of all 4 books, so I ll be reading the other two soon.

    7. Considering Carlyle by Amber Kell 2 BDSM Club Best Gay Romance With Physically Smaller Tops list show 1 bdsm Ralph Carlyle dom

    8. This was a very short, very to heart and sweet story very much like the first It was cute and sexy, but also dramatic and emotional.Ralph really is a big cute buff, and his kitten Princess gave him even cutie points He was someone you could never be angry with, and you just have to cuddle with Sexuality aside, I would so love to crawl into his lap, curl into a ball and watch TV because he would be warm and cozy and homey.Carlyle did seem like a rather unconventional Dom, but then his tastes are [...]

    9. It was nice and I liked the switch around of Ralph being this huge, muscled, but soft hearted sub It did end too fast, though Did not feel finished Time transitions were a little hazy again as well Then again, I generally don t much like weeks or months going by in one sentence Even if I see the need in many cases Plus it trumps the let s go out on a date, fuck, and decide to be together forever in one day mentality of certain other authors at least in their shorter works.So yeah, still cute If [...]

    10. I read Considering Carlyle straight after Wooing Master Jones It s good that I did because the books build the characters.The action centres around the BDSM club but I wouldn t call them BDSM books, just light BDSM mentions here and there.The books are short but we get introduced to Greg, Stephen, Ralph, Victor, Carlyle, Lindi and Will in the first book Everything occurs over a few short months.A nice short read.

    11. Another fun short story set in the same universe as Wooing Master Jones This story focuses on Ralph, the bouncer and Stephen s friend from the above mentioned story and Carlyle another Dom and friend of Victor s In this story, Ralph is convinced that he ll never get a chance with Carlyle because of his size and dominating physical presence even though he is a natural sub Due to a string of mishaps injuries, Carlyle ends up taking care of Ralph for a while, but won t touch him Ralph decides to pu [...]

    12. This was a fun read of how a relationship can be developed between people who appear to be opposites if you like Tara Lain s Fire Balls or Jet Mykles Hell , then you ll have an idea of what that means because I don t want to give too much away Ralph is such a sweetheart of a character, which he was in Wooing Master Jones, that you really want him to have a HEA I liked the way their relationship developed, how they both learned to communicate with each other and really enjoyed the story

    13. I enjoyed this very lighthearted m m romance I think it is the first sweet BDSM story that I ve read Ralph is the quintessential gentle giant He s just such a sweetheart and the best part is how flustered he makes Carlyle.I ll definitely be reading the other books in the series, as soon as they go on sale 2.99 for such short books is a bit much for me I m very glad I found this one on sale and I ll keep my fingers crossed for the other 2.

    14. This book was ok it had a great start and the plot sounded good but as it went on I felt like it lost something, either the author wanted to make it longer or maybe shorter and couldn t for whatever reason Also there are parts that are kind of cut and paste and by that I mean things happen in a fast jerky way that make the plot less interesting and of a fact by fact Overall it was an ok read but nothing to memorable.

    15. Read in May 2014Eh I liked Ralph, but Carlyle not so much I don t read much BDSM, in fact I stopped reading hardcore stuff There wasn t even a scene in this, which I didn t mind, but I think some people would considering this is tagged as BDSM There was a bunch of I m your Master now you will do as I say, even though we ve barely spoken I know what s best for you Also, you re moving in Extra star for Princess

    16. I enjoyed the concept of this story Ralph was very sweet, and I enjoyed reading his journey However, I agree with many other reviewers in that it was too short, and many scenes were just too rushed The other thing that frequently took me away from the story was the frequent referring to the mc s as the sub and the dom This made it difficult for me to really connect with the characters.

    17. I read this in one sitting it s short but the story was a fun and sweet one I know sweet is an odd description for a BDSM M M romance, but while the subject might not be considered sweet , the interaction between Ralph and Carlyle showed heart, vulnerability, and compassion I really enjoyed the story and recommend it if you like BDSM, M M, and romance.

    18. Ralph and Carlyle have been watching each other for awhile Carlyle makes the first move However their relationship slows after Ralph is stabbed the next day Carlyle moves Ralph into his home to care for him and even quits smoking to keep Ralph Once healed, Carlyle gives Ralph a short tame scene They confess their love for each other.

    19. In a word, sophomorice writing style was clunky and amateurishe set up was immature and unlikely2 dimensional characters and weak story linee smex was almost fade to black but what there was didn t really titillate or excite the readere only reason I finished this one was because of its brevitydisappointing.

    20. This just felt rushed and too short, which made me feel like the plot just came out of nowhere and moved too quickly I usually enjoy Amber Kell s writing and always look forward to what she comes up with next, so I won t let this deter me from future reading.

    21. I didn t realize this was the sequel to Wooing Master Jones when I started When Ralph was talking to Stephen, I was pleasantly surprised Ralph was such a sweetheart Both books were very sweet.

    22. Ralph has finally caught Carlyle s attention but it almost ends before it can begin While Ralph finds it frustrating I appreciated the time and patience Carlyle shows to make sure Ralph is ready for and that he knows this is the beginning of a relationship and not just some scene.

    23. Same review for both books in the series.I really wanted to like this book, but it just fell short for me Sorry to say, but it lacked depth and focus Despite my complaint, I am glad I read it and think it had a lot of potential if it was turned into a full length novel.

    24. I ve been reading several books of this author and I m noticing that this stories are very quick and impersonal There barely dialogues and everything is barely described Not sure I m reading of this books

    25. It s good as Wooing Master Jones It s very very light on the BDSM scene and can easily be finished in one sitting.

    26. I loved Ralph but I think Carlyle was a bit mean about the catA big Dom hating catsoh well he was still well suited to Ralph x

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