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Flux By Kim Fielding,

  • Title: Flux
  • Author: Kim Fielding
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ennek, the son of Praesidium s Chief, has rescued Miner from a terrible fate suspension in a dreamless frozen state called Stasis, the punishment for traitors As the two men flee Praesidium by sea, their adventures are only beginning Although they may be free from the tyranny of their homeland, new difficulties await them as Miner faces the continuing consequences of hiEnnek, the son of Praesidium s Chief, has rescued Miner from a terrible fate suspension in a dreamless frozen state called Stasis, the punishment for traitors As the two men flee Praesidium by sea, their adventures are only beginning Although they may be free from the tyranny of their homeland, new difficulties await them as Miner faces the continuing consequences of his slavery and Ennek struggles with controlling his newfound powers as a wizard In this sequel to Stasis, the fugitives encounter challenges both human and magical as they explore new lands and their deepening relationship with each other.
    Flux Ennek the son of Praesidium s Chief has rescued Miner from a terrible fate suspension in a dreamless frozen state called Stasis the punishment for traitors As the two men flee Praesidium by sea th

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    1. HeartwarmingI really love the way Kim Fielding is building this AU story Flux I m guessing is set in an AU version of China after Ennek and Miner have fled Praesidium The world building isn t overwhelming because it s tempered by the continued evolution of their relationship as well as numerous adventures Ennek s wizarding powers are the central theme of this installment how he uses them, how should he use them, how extensive are they and how can he control them These powers get him and Miner bo [...]

    2. It was a lovely book Fast paced and full of adventures and dangers for Ennek and Miner It was nice to have Miner s point of view, to learn about him and to see Ennek from aside Their relationship is such a joy for me as a reader Two wonderful characters and neither is even a bit of an asshole.The book didn t dig really deeply into my heart, though I enjoyed it a lot but I didn t feel the breathless delight like when reading the first book Maybe it s because the trials of Ennek and Miner were a [...]

    3. This is the second story set in a fantasy world of city states, strict laws that can result in magic induced stasis for the worst criminals, and slavery as punishment for any sort of infraction the leader deems serious Ennek is a young man who is the ruler s second son, but does not agree with some of the laws he is supposed to help uphold In the first installment he was fascinated by one of the men in Stasis, ended up freeing Miner, and discovered his own abilities as a wizard After managing to [...]

    4. An interesting, and well developed story The love between Ennek and Miner is rich, and watching is grow over the course of the story I enjoy how well they compliment each other without overshadowing the other The magic is complex, and different from many other stories I look forward to reading the conclusion to their story, but I will be sad to see them go.

    5. Wow Kim does not want to let these guys catch a break Ok That s not true She does But she sure makes them work for it We left our guys escaping from Praesidium and poor Miner having to endure living on a boat while he s terrified of water Well, he sure overcomes that As though it weren t enough all they ve endured in book two our poor MCs meet Pirates, evil slave masters and yet another evil magic user One thing that remains and, in fact, grows stronger, for these two their love and respect for [...]

    6. It s his time to tell you a story it s all his point of viewMiner This fantasy book is non stop adventure, with a skilled writing and fantastic world building Now, differing from the first book Stasis , you will see through Miner s eyes He want to be free, from his hurts and his memories from his fears and apprehensions from his physical limitations after 300 years of stasis Miner want to be strong, feared, brave Miner want to be the man Ennek deserve to have as a partner.Miner love for his savi [...]

    7. The second book in the series with GRE words as titles Flux A fuid situation, move, flow Contrast that to Stasis.As the title suggest, in this story Ennek and Miner are moving a lot From the ship that brought them out of Praesidium, pirate ship, Chinese like civilization, and the bode of a powerful wizard.I like reading Ennek s moral dilemma when the wizard asked him to do something At the end, he realizes that many big things in life may require collateral damage.The MCs are likable, and impor [...]

    8. 3.75 stars A sweet and adventurous m m romantic fantasy I was intrigued by the different take on wizards and magic, especially Stasis It s fairly slow paced and rambling and the sex is fade to black but I read all three volumes back to back with plenty of enjoyment.

    9. Though Miner and Ennek escape and flee their homeland, they will encounter new challenges In book two, Miner and Ennek s relationship grows Miner is not stuck with the bond slave collar The solution of getting it off is with a person who is now in Stasis Ennek travel to another land and Ennek is learning how to control his new powers as a wizard Ennek and Miner meet many new people But just as in their homeland, not everyone is trustworthy Miner ends up striking a deal with another wizard out of [...]

    10. A Joyfully Jay review 3.75 starsFlux is the direct sequel to Stasis and this series must be read in order if you want the plot to make even an iota of sense It takes up soon after Stasis ends Miner and Ennek are on the run, but almost from the start they are beset by problems All in all I felt that Flux was a stronger book than Stasis, which is unusual for the second in a series The pacing was good and the action consistent It reads very quickly and while it lacks some of the emotive depth of St [...]

    11. Flux is following Miner and Ennek on their escape from the Keep and it is as well written as the first book in the series The characters and their background stories are developped further and make it easy to connect to both of them Again, a lot of dangers are waiting for the lovers and there are many ups and downs The suspense was definitively great, however I didn t feel the connection between Miner and Ennek as strongly as in the first book It sometimes feel very difficult to picture out thei [...]

    12. 2.5 3.0 Struggling StarsI struggled with this one and I mean struggled Book 2 was well on its way to receiving a measly 2 star rating from me, but for Luli and her family Sadly, there were no other redeeming characters in this f cked up world KF has created Book 2 was pretty depressing and I found myself considering dnf ing it than once.Bottom line The dynamic but clueless duo are headed back to the cess pool that was their home Not sure why and I don t know that I care to go along for that rid [...]

    13. I am not sure about this book Ennek was so smart in the first one, so quick to react In this one he waits each time until Miner is in deep trouble before summoning his powers I understand his reluctance, but he ends up using the magic anyway, so what s the point view spoiler So much trouble could have been avoided by removing Miner s collar It kind of irked me all the way through the book, but then again, maybe it saved his life in Donghe, where he was to be sold as a slave, rather than killed o [...]

    14. Note This audiobook was provided to me through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review There s very little I like better than a Kim Fielding story, but the addition of Joel Leslie s narration is like putting the finishing touch on the banana split I loved the voices he gave these characters and the emotion he brought to the story I met and fell in love with Ennek and Miner in Stasis, but I read the e book and there really is a difference between reading it and having an outstan [...]

    15. flux fl ks nounContinuous change.I love that each of the titles to this series are so apropos to the content.Told from Miner s POV this time, the story is quite a whirlwind of all the things that happen to the two men Pirates, another evil Wizard, a foolish King, a Slave Market, almost dying multiple timesWhile this was interesting from Miner s point of view, I missed having Ennek s I regretted that the interesting things that happened to Ennek were mostly off page with anecdotal recounting by E [...]

    16. I thoroughly it enjoyed the book as with the first there were a few odd word choices but I enjoyed the plot and the relationship between the main characters was good again the world was well down for only having a few hundred pagese only real complaints were in mines speech he talks the same as ennek even though he is supposed to be 300years older and of a much lower class there are times when he used a word that a guard wouldn t know and that annoyed me but other than that I loved the interacti [...]

    17. While I love most of Fielding s books, the plot in this was just odd There s a lot of rinse and repeat and long days nothing happening, neither of which help a plot that doesn t really go anywhere It doesn t help that there isn t a single secondary character who has two dimensions let alone one The villains are the worst They re practically the same person with a gender switch Fielding is a good writer, but this isn t one of her better efforts.

    18. An interesting story, it really is different from what I usually read The relationship between Ennek and Miner is continued to develop in this instalment, and I particularly liked how well they complement each other while still maintaining independent voices as characters.While I liked the book, somehow it just didn t grab me I ll still be checking out the final book in the series, of course

    19. I enjoyed this installment of the series in this installment we see are MC s adjust to being together and En s powers it s enjoyable watching this couple and their relationship develop and grow comfortable with one anotherI like how Mine is En s Conscience and keeps him from going to far I m truly invested in these to characters off to book 3

    20. Can we talk for a minute about the titles in this series I love what Kim Fielding has done with them first Stasis and now Flux and how they not only describe events as they unfold in the story arc but how they also apply to the characters, both Ennek and Miner, and most especially how they pertain to Ennek s magic Being in a state of flux is exactly what this second book in the Ennek trilogy is about, and it is a piece of the puzzle that serves to draw a clearer picture of not only the world in [...]

    21. 4.25 stars Okay, so let me just say OMG I am loving this trilogy so far This book, in my opinion, is the best one so far in the trilogy Really, we are talking pirates, tyrants, another evil wizard and mermaids This time Miner is the one who leads us on our journey, which is for the most part is non stop action Come on you know the boy attracts trouble, not for his own want of course We are given back story on Miner s life as a child through adulthood, via flashbacks Of course this all happening [...]

    22. 4.5 STARSREVIEWED BY DANFlux takes us to the next chapter in the adventures of Ennek and Miner Now free of Praesidium and onboard a ship, whose Captain owes his life to Ennek from events in the first book of the series, life is looking like it is on the upswing So what if they are sharing a small hold that is usually used for storing spice during shipping So what if they only have a single mattress They are sharing it, and life is good, even though Miner is still terrified of the water and doesn [...]

    23. SynopsisEnnek took a huge risk in saving Miner from Stasis Even the son of the Chief must obey the laws of the land But the thought of Miner spending time suspended in a dreamless sleep troubled him too much Of course, so did the idea of becoming the puppet of his mentor, a man who wished to see Ennek on the throne so he could control him.And now, Ennek and Miner find themselves on the run Their mission is to get as far away from Praesidium as possible What they don t realize right away, though [...]

    24. Better than Book 1 Fielding wisely tells this part of the story from Miner s point of view, and he thus becomes a much fully formed character His relationship with Ennek starts to feel like one of equals not only because they have physically escaped their Book 1 situation, in which erstwhile slave Miner was secretly hidden in prince Ennek s rooms, but because of their interactions and Miner s growing autonomy The two are in flux not because of any real uncertainty in their relationship, but bec [...]

    25. I saw that the sequel to Stasis was available on NetGalley, and since I liked Stasis, requesting Flux was an easy decision.Since I already knew that the story would likely have M M scenes, I wasn t uncomfortable when I read the few scenes Like Stasis, Flux doesn t spend a lot of time focusing on the LGBT elements, and just focuses on telling an entertaining story.I liked Stasis just a little better than Flux It could be that I m a little frustrated with Miner and Ennek They don t seem to have l [...]

    26. Flux delved further into the twisted world that Ennek and Miner live and love in With even magic and mystery than Stasis, Flux certainly caters for those who enjoy a tantalising amount of action, but ties it down with a good amount of inner reflection of the characters and a hefty dash of emotional sweetener I felt this part of Ennek s and Miner s tale was sadder and deeper than in Stasis, but every bit as enjoyable I did notice a few minor editing issues on the kindle version of this story an [...]

    27. Read this without reading the first book in the trilogy, but it mattered little as it was very easy gather the gist of what preceded The basic plot is intersting but it suffered much in the telling, too often bogged down in mundanities while the fantastic events could be elaborated Miner s frequent reiteration of his lack of self worth becomes tiresome while Ennek s behaviour at times seems inconsistent with that of a Chief s son As a powerful wizard his apparent helplessness when confronted by [...]

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