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Think Like a Chef By Tom Colicchio,

  • Title: Think Like a Chef
  • Author: Tom Colicchio
  • ISBN: 9780609604854
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With Think Like a Chef, Tom Colicchio has created a new kind of cookbook Rather than list a series of restaurant recipes, he uses simple steps to deconstruct a chef s creative process, making it easily available to any home cook He starts with techniques What s roasting, for example, and how do you do it in the oven or on top of the stove He also gets you comfortable wWith Think Like a Chef, Tom Colicchio has created a new kind of cookbook Rather than list a series of restaurant recipes, he uses simple steps to deconstruct a chef s creative process, making it easily available to any home cook He starts with techniques What s roasting, for example, and how do you do it in the oven or on top of the stove He also gets you comfortable with braising, saute ing, and making stocks and sauces Next he introduces simple ingredients roasted tomatoes, say, or braised artichokes and tells you how to use them in a variety of ways So those easy roasted tomatoes may be turned into anything from a vinaigrette to a caramelized tomato tart, with many delicious options in between In a section called Trilogies, Tom takes three ingredients and puts them together to make one dish that s quick and other dishes that are increasingly involved As Tom says, Juxtaposed in interesting ways, these ingredients prove that the whole can be greater than the sum of their parts, and you ll agree once you ve tasted the Ragout of Asparagus, Morels, and Ramps or the Baked Free Form Ravioli both dishes made with the same trilogy of ingredients The final section of the books offers simple recipes for components from zucchini with lemon thyme to roasted endive with whole spices to boulangerie potatoes that can be used in endless combinations Written in Tom s warm and friendly voice and illustrated with glorious photographs of finished dishes, Think Like a Chef will bring out the master chef in all of us.
    Think Like a Chef With Think Like a Chef Tom Colicchio has created a new kind of cookbook Rather than list a series of restaurant recipes he uses simple steps to deconstruct a chef s creative process making it easil

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    1. To my friends and schoolmates who wonder how i know what i know about cooking this book came to me as a present from my brother in law, who, when we are not arguing over baseball and politics, fight over how to properly braise a roast i ll only concede defeat in the latter.Collicchio runs the gammut on basic techniques to roast, braise, and blanch foods, as well as utilizing in season vegetables and unlikely cuts of meat he elucidates on some great base recipes for vingarettes, fondues, and soup [...]

    2. I would say, that other than Cooking By Hand by Bertolli, this book has influenced my cooking style than any other book I ve ever read The reason for this is simple it teaches you to do exactly what the title says The entire book is technique driven, not recipe driven This isn t really a book you can pick up and look up say, lobster and just jump in and make the recipe You need to read the entire first part of the book on cooking techniques so that when Tom tells you to pan roast the lobster, [...]

    3. This book has a lot of good cooking lessons and tips I take issue, however, with cookbooks that feature ingredients that I am unable to get in Wisconsin The recipes for salsify, ramps, and duck ham all look very tasty, but I d have a very hard time obtaining those ingredients I did make one recipe from this book the diced potato leek soup , and it did not turn out well It was due to my not cooking the bacon correctly I ended up having to throw the whole pot of soup away and heating up a frozen p [...]

    4. This is NOT a cookbook yes, it has recipes in it but that s not the point For those of you who can follow recipes well, but need help taking your cooking to the next level where you can start creating meals 1 based on what you have available or what looks fresh, and 2 without a set recipe this is a good starting point Cooking should be organic and less chemistry, and this books helps you think in a freestyle improv way Of course the only way to really learn improv is to do it, do it, do it.

    5. Even though Tom can be a one trick pony by cooking everything with thyme and butter this guy can cook.This is a MUST have book for any serious home cook It taught me how to compose dishes and the basics of restaurant technique.

    6. I really enjoy reading about chefs and how they do what they do, not just their recipes So, I was hopeful for this book I did like it, but it was too simplified Tom highlighted a few of his favorite flavor combinations and then focused on how he uses those in expanded ways, but, overall, I don t think he taught me how to think like a chef Enjoyable read, but I didn t learn that much and the recipes are not ones that I want to run out and make, and there are not that many in the book but it s not [...]

    7. I bought this book because it was recommend in a number of articles and blogs that I d read I am very interested in other chefs sharing their perspectives on what it means to think like a chef I d never seen Top Chef and I knew very little about Tom Colicchio so I ve experienced this book as someone who had not previously heard any of his thoughts.The author comes across as an affable guy who loves food and his stories of childhood and restaurant experiences were pleasant to read Early in the pr [...]

    8. This book was a quick read for me I made it through, with kids around, in a few hours Based on previous reviews I thought it was of a book, with some cookbook type recipes thrown in Now that I ve been through it, it s a cookbook, organized to teach a lesson, but still a cookbook Lot s of mouth watering pictures, plenty of recipes, and very short stories on how and why you are doing what you are doing Each lesson is a quick read The recipes look great, and help you to hone your skills and learn [...]

    9. This is less a cookbook, a series of introductory lectures on how to cook Colicchio is a thoughtful and compassionate educator, concerned for the reader to really understand why he does what he does, and there is a warm intimacy to the book that makes it a pleasure to read from cover to cover Colicchio is adamant about explaining a variety of basic techniques before offering recipes to readers, and it really inspires confidence that anyone who dedicates a little time and effort can create flavo [...]

    10. Tom Colicchio from before Top Chef I appreciate a book about cooking that isn t just a recipe book this is of a collection of ideas, starting with some basic cooking terms and techniques and moving on to examples for working with thinking about ingredients How to think like a chef I like the groupings of recipes, such as half a dozen different ways to prepare roasted tomatoes it s a good way to open up a cook s creativity thinking about meals as building blocks of what s available, what is insp [...]

    11. This book walks you through the processes a chef goes through It begins with basic techniques braising, blanching, etc then goes on to Studies, in which Colicchio starts with a basic process ingredient, like roasted tomatoes, and then builds from there, using increasingly complex recipes The next section is Trilogies, which uses trios of ingredients e.g asparagus, ramps, and ls in different ways Colicchio s motto If it grows together, it goes together so if you use ingredients that are seasonal, [...]

    12. I first learned about chef Tom Colicchio from the TV show Top Chef I liked his pragmatic appraisal of the cooks creations, his knowledge, and his constructive criticism So I thought I d check out this book.I really like this book It teaches you basic techniques like roasting, braising, blanching, stock making, and sauce making in easy to read and understand instructions, including pitfalls to avoid A number of studies or recipes are included using the techniques, many focusing on a particular in [...]

    13. Inspiring, educational, and interesting I read this book hoping to learn new techniques for cooking I am a terrible cook or maybe just uninterested , I always preferred to cook out of a box But that changed and now I m interested in learning and this book helped with that I believe you can make anything if you know the basics and Colicchio gives many tips and ideas to add to your cooking knowledge Some of the recipes seem easy and tasty and I can t wait to try However, some of the ingredients h [...]

    14. i read through the bulk of the text, and while i can t say i ve prepared every recipe or in the proper order, for that matter and i m a vegetarian, for pete s sake , i will say the chapter on mushrooms changed my life i have made mushrooms every single week, for weeks on end now, and i will never turn back from colicchio s method of preparation the cleaning, well, i m not peeling them with a paring knife every time i tried once not worth the effort i simply give them a quick wipe but the actual [...]

    15. I really like Tom Colicchio, so I was excited to pick up a used copy of this book It falls in to a long line of books that combine memoirs with recipes, but I really appreciate Tom s views on food and cooking As an amateur chef myself, I believe cooking is than just recipes I love good food, good ingredients, and making cooking an experience, not just an exercise These are all views that Tom has, as well, and it really comes across in this book Don t confuse him with a lot of the other celebrit [...]

    16. I am in love with this bookStraight forward no nonsense Chef Colicchio has written this book with an elevated elegance One of the best non instructional cookbooks I ve ever read Chef C has enticed me to think outside the box I really enjoyed his seasonal section as well as his recipes for stocks and sauces I can t wait to get in the kitchen

    17. My feelings about Tom Colicchio were not warm and fuzzy when I first opened this book I ve seen him only as the kind of jerky head judge on Top Chef This book has given me a lot of respect for him, and it really is what it says it is a book of technique and ideas to use as a spring board for your own creations Highly recommended.

    18. Great read So well put together Nice mix of Tom s life history with food and how his approach has changed over the years and a practical guide to understanding primary techniques and how to build outward from a single ingredient to a plated meal Yes, it has recipes in it, but mostly it just continued my growth as a chef in giving me different perspectives and approaches.

    19. This is a great read in addition to being a good cookbook It teaches cooking as a series of techniques braising, roasting, etc rather than a process of strictly following a recipe It will leave you equipped to be inventive in the kitchen to tinker with recipes and cook off the cuff with what you have on hand.

    20. For some reason I seem to find famous chef s histories interesting so I liked the first part a lot The recipe and teaching stuff I read and it looks good, certainly some good advice and insight, but I need to have time in the kitchen to give it all a try Will be working with this book .

    21. Really enjoyed this book as an intro to cooking I ve picked up everything I know as I ve gone along, but the explanations for certain techniques were really great Simple, easy to follow, and pretty inclusive.

    22. Great approach to how to create dishes I may be biased having worked for Tom and have always liked his approach to food, but I think it s a well written, insightful book on cooking, rather than the usual formulaic recipe style cookbook.

    23. finding very inspiration thoughts about how to think as a chef Almost like starting from scratch its a great read for cooks and chefs startingout in the industry there are no rules in this book creativity RUNS wild

    24. Interesting stuff in this book and new ways to think about using ingredients I do find his absolute certainty on some things like never using high oven heat to be wrong or at least too narrow minded.

    25. The beginning chapter or two of this book is very well done and does have some very good advice however the later chapters tend to repeat and you get the feeling that the ghost writer just wasn t really into it.

    26. This is my favorite cookbook From it, I learned to pan roast vegetables to the most delicious flavor Try the mushrooms, the asparagus almost anything in this book is instantly obvious, not overly step oriented and delicious.

    27. What I thought was just another glossy coffee table cookbook to support the career of a celebrity chef turned out to be a true teaching book The Joy of Cooking was that for me 30 years ago, but this book really addressed the imagination, creativity and seasonal aspects of thinking like a chef.

    28. Interesting read by one of the Top Chef judges I had no idea of his extensive cooking background Some neat stuff about his cooking philisophy, how to become intuitive and letting the ingredients dictate what you make, rather than recipes.

    29. Normally I don t bother rating or reviewing cookbooks, but this one had enough commentary that I figured I would Nothing groundbreaking, but some good recipes and Colicchio has a good attitude towards food and cooking.

    30. I think this is one of the best cookbooks out there I like it because it tells you how to cook basic items and then gives you recipes on how to expand those basics It give you options and helps you experiment in the kitchen I use the chicken recipe all the time and it turns out perfect.

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