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Shadows in the Window By Stefanie Oberhansley S.M. Oberhansley,

  • Title: Shadows in the Window
  • Author: Stefanie Oberhansley S.M. Oberhansley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was the house sitting dream job for Rachel.For the next ten days, it was all hers a luxurious pool, over sized beds, her favorite foods, and all the horror movies she could watch.But this old mansion has some secrets of its own.Is this amazing house actually haunted Or is it just her imagination This thrilling novella is approximately 17,000 words.
    Shadows in the Window It was the house sitting dream job for Rachel For the next ten days it was all hers a luxurious pool over sized beds her favorite foods and all the horror movies she could watch But this old mansi

    One thought on “Shadows in the Window”

    1. This is a carefully written short novella with a plot that succeeds in building suspense throughout The writer s attempt to make me feel Rachel s increasing discomfort and fear was quite successful, and the character was well developed I have to admit that horror suspense is not my usual genre, but I thought I d push the envelope a bit and the blurb on this one caught my attention Glad I picked it I should mention spoiler alert that there is some very mild violence at the end that is handled wit [...]

    2. A masterful short that plays on the readers primitive fears Ever see a shadow that caused your hair to stand on end Ever feel someone or something watching you when you re home alone Ever heard breathing that you soon realize does not match the rhythm of your own This author takes an unoriginal concept of home alone fears and manages to create a unique and terrifying atmosphere just a few dozen pages Watch for this new authore has what it takes to weave tales of horror that may very well land he [...]

    3. Over all a pretty good story But, the flow of the story stutters in a few areas and there are a few structural and timing issues that a good editor might catch.

    4. Stefanie Oberhansley has a writing style that really engages the reader I m so glad that I came across her books I would highly recommend this short story to anyone.

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