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  • Title: Blonde & Blue
  • Author: Trina M. Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Bloodlust and power Werewolf Alexa O Brien is a slave to them both Due to her bond with her vampire lover, Arys Knight, she struggles to keep the growing bloodlust from consuming her As she falls deeper into the seductive embrace of blood and death, the deadly desire is encouraged by the forbidden attraction between her and close friend, Kale Sinclair.An unusual job fBloodlust and power Werewolf Alexa O Brien is a slave to them both Due to her bond with her vampire lover, Arys Knight, she struggles to keep the growing bloodlust from consuming her As she falls deeper into the seductive embrace of blood and death, the deadly desire is encouraged by the forbidden attraction between her and close friend, Kale Sinclair.An unusual job fills Alexa with suspicions and questions The discovery of who, and what, she really works for leaves her reeling An opportunity to take on a new role presents itself but it isn t for the faint of heart.While trying to run the problematic local vampire hotspot, The Wicked Kiss, Alexa learns that someone is seeking the killers of a major blood ring player And that means Alexa and her wolf mate, Shaz For Arys, it gets personal and it soon becomes clear there s something he s not sharing But he s not the only one with a secret Despite everything, Shaz insists on a celebration for Alexa s approaching birthday If only she lives to see it.
    Blonde Blue Bloodlust and power Werewolf Alexa O Brien is a slave to them both Due to her bond with her vampire lover Arys Knight she struggles to keep the growing bloodlust from consuming her As she falls deep

    One thought on “Blonde & Blue”

    1. This book was a strong improvement from the previous book focused on the supernatural storyline depicting Alexa s struggles between the different aspects of herself Human, Wolf, and Vampire provided the reader with an understanding of the power connection between Alexa and Arys, and why other supernatural beings may want to manipulate it for their own benefits also showed the consequences of killing Harley in the previous book and the enemies that Alexa has gained as a resulte character develop [...]

    2. This is my review for the bundle 1 4 It took awhile to get through this Several times I put it down and continued it days later cause I was so annoyed by Alexa All she does is whine about everything and is in denial about many things She is so unrealistic, I could not relate to her at all And the fact that everyone turns her on is so ridiculous Get a hold of yourself woman I am so done with this series.

    3. SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE OTHER ALEXA O BRIEN BOOKS PROCEED WITH CAUTION I love Alexa She is a kick ass character who, for the most part, embraces her dark side She doesn t whine and moan about being a werewolf who s bound to a vamp She does dislike the blood lust that comes with being bound to Arys but that seems to be because she doesn t want to slaughter random people She has no issue with her vamp lover killing indiscriminately she just doesn t want to do so herself.I also ver [...]

    4. I really hate to have to give any of these books of this series such a low rating, but this one just fell flat for me The Alexa character I grew to love in the first three has become a whiny child, and Shaz has gone completely off the deep end and become territorial male There are scenes where I was honestly expecting him to shift and start peeing in the corners Arys is just, well, being Arys than usual Always keeping his secrets that he has now taken beyond the grave, and leaving Alexa in the [...]

    5. In this installment, it is painfully clear that the Huntress world has changed drastically In this book, the story takes a darker turn and actually becomes quite scary with the introduction of angels and demons There was of a focus on death and gore and a shift in the plot in this particular installment and, surprisigly, sex scenes were kind of put on the back burner there were still plenty of sex scenes, just not as many as in previous books For the first time in this series, I can see that th [...]

    6. These books are getting unrealistic by the minute though they do fill in the time as they are a fast read It is hard enough to believe that Alexa has two soulmates, she is now drawn to Kale her long time friend and companion Instead of the love triangle it has now become a square and reality is suspended at the door While I do believe you need to keep things interesting, this plot line does not recommend itself to readers which is reflected in some of the reviews I love a good sexy book as much [...]

    7. This book really changed how I felt about the series The story plot was amazing and it kept my attention throughout the book But one thing that really had me question if I wanted to continue with the series was what happened between Alexa, Kale, and Shaz Alexa and Kale finally had sex This I don t get She has two boyfriends but that doesn t seem to be enough for her Then Shaz is secretly seeing other vampires bit claims it s only blood and not sex Right I m not sure if like where I author is tak [...]

    8. Holy buckets I can t believe that Shaz is addicted to getting bitten I also think Kaleis becoming important to Lex than she wants hi to be.

    9. I love this series Alexa, Arys and Shaz are sexy as hell and it gets turned up in this book Alexa s birthday is coming up and Shaz is determined that they are going to have a big party She doesn t want to ruin his fun so she agrees but tells him no presents Things have been a little crazy since they killed Harley Alexa s power has gotten stronger and her bloodlust is getting out of control She is having trouble controling it She is constantly at the Wicked Kiss with Kale and he drawn to him I re [...]

    10. Blonde Blue Alexa O BrienInteresting story Lots of love triangles Alexa has way too many problems too fast It is not cool that Alexa is a werewolf vampire through unnatural process.

    11. I really liked it, there was a bit in the middle that seemed to drone on, but after that it was back to being great There were a few unexpected surprises in this one, but I am glad I read it.

    12. I love Alexa, I really really do She is strong, takes no one s shit kind of woman I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books so far but this one was lacking for me I still enjoyed it but it didn t leave me wanting like the others view spoiler This entire book is Alexa trying to control her never ebbing hunger for blood bloodlust And I get that this is a big deal but it really wasn t that interesting and there was minimal bedroom time Let me clarify, I don t read these books for the mind blowing mome [...]

    13. While I enjoyed this novel of Trina M Lee s Alexa O Brien series than the last 2 novels, I still get annoyed with all the sex as I find it distracting from the storyline, skim through it which I hate missing any conversation that might be pertinent to the storyline, but now we are throwing a 3rd guy vamp lover into the mix yeah I know it was a mistake Really does this added special power make her slut of the year too Can t just say no I already have 2 lovers and that is than enough Now she find [...]

    14. I downloaded this as a free book from This series seems to parallel the Anita Blake series incubus succubus vampire werewolf triangle , but I m happy to report, while similar, it retains unique aspects that manage to give this series a different feel There is a good plot to books 1 thru 4 and the supernaturals are not nice guys they are unabashed killers As I noted in the review for book 4, there has been an issue with the personal growth of the main character, Alexa Each book sees an upgrade fo [...]

    15. So really this book was like a 3.25 3.5 stars in terms of the storyline it just fell flat in my opinion The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I still love the characters and their absolute skewed moral compass Its nice to read about dark, violent vampires and werewolves that don t apologize for being creatures of the night and all that it entails I m surprised that I m not upset at my precious white wolf for sullying his persona with his actions but I cant help to feel that it helps to p [...]

    16. I have said all along that this series reminds me of the Anita Blake series and with this installment comes in Asher in the form of Kale It doesn t surprise me at all really I kind of expected it sooner but oh well No, Alexa isn t a necromancer like Anita and Anita isn t a werewolf but the similarities between the two characters is uncanny They both struggle with the vampire side of themselves although Anita accepted it a lot quicker than Alexa is but only because, I believe, Anita was a ruthles [...]

    17. Another great installment, though I m getting a little annoyed at how many men seem to fall for Alexa But it really is nice for a change to see a heroine with two lovers instead of one and not having to choose All in all I really enjoy this series It s close to home as it is set in Edmonton I m in Calgary and there is lots of action So far so good, 5 books in so far and I m not bored yet, so will keep going

    18. So even though the characters personalities were a little consistent in this book than the previous one, I m still really struggling with the fact that our main character spends twice as much time thinking about things as following through with some action or even conversation While it s not really bad writing, I just have too many others in my to be read pile to keep going with this series.

    19. Still pretty angsty and I had confusion about the world s rules particularly in regard to when it s ok to kill and when it s not, but it seems that might be the author s intent It seems like it could be a reflection of the protag s confusion.That said, the characters are what drive these stories They are deliciously imperfect and hard to fathom and passionate, and they drive me a little nuts without too many predictable tropes What s not to like

    20. Another really good story line I am enjoying all the character development and the introduction of new characters The menage a trois has heated up with each character having their own place and developing problems.Shaz seems to be changing in this book and I m not sure if it will be a positive change as it plays out throughout the series I guess I ll have to read them and find out

    21. It was hard for me to enjoy this as much as the other books from the series The main character Alexa has been portrayed as the strongest and no BS type of woman, whom all creatures fear So why does it feel like each new book she seems weaker almost victim like I felt we lost some of the Alexa spark that made this series so exciting.

    22. completely incoherent and dysfunctional, no continuity in terms of character development Nothing the protagonists do makes sense at all and I m sick and tired of the repetitive sex scenes I really don t know if I will bother with the next one Maybe only if my OCD makes me

    23. Not a fan of Kale and Alexa side of the book which made this book a little harder for me to like Still a good book, and still a great series Let s hope that this series does not go the way of Anita Blake series.

    24. Just when you think Alexa has it allLife mate to wolf pup Shaz,Blood bound to dark sexy Vamp Arysw she cant fight the feelings she has for KaleSorry I haven t got time to write anyhave to read the next one

    25. I finished the book it was okay I might come back and read others in the series It didn t leave me with the burning need to buy the next one You know what that s like The sex, blood, self loathing Lex isn t enough to entice me into right now.

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