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No Mercy (Sgt Major Crane Novels) By Wendy Cartmell,

  • Title: No Mercy (Sgt Major Crane Novels)
  • Author: Wendy Cartmell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is a crime ever justified Would you be merciful or would you take your revenge In No Mercy Military Police Detective Tom Crane investigates a fire in which a man dies Was it an accident or something sinister If you like short stories, try this free collection, from the best selling crime, thriller and mystery author Wendy Cartmell It s an excellent introduction Is a crime ever justified Would you be merciful or would you take your revenge In No Mercy Military Police Detective Tom Crane investigates a fire in which a man dies Was it an accident or something sinister If you like short stories, try this free collection, from the best selling crime, thriller and mystery author Wendy Cartmell It s an excellent introduction to the best selling Sgt Major Crane crime thriller series, perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Robert Dugoni.What readers are saying about No Mercy Excellent read from a slick pacey writer leaves you wanting Andrew ButlerCartmell Rocks This collection of short stories showcases Wendy Cartmell s fresh style and engaging prose She presents a variety of situations of people caught in intriguing circumstances The author delivers a twist to many of her stories in this collection.Ed Benjamin Author
    No Mercy Sgt Major Crane Novels Is a crime ever justified Would you be merciful or would you take your revenge In No Mercy Military Police Detective Tom Crane investigates a fire in which a man dies Was it an accident or something s

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    1. If you have never read a book by Wendy Cartmell I seriously recommend this one which is currently free on Steps To Heaven has been sitting on my TBR pile for far to long and it is next on the pile after reading this No Mercy is a collection of short stories introducing us to Sgt Major Crane who I like already There is enough information to get an idea of his character and the authors style of writingI have a really good feeling about this series this book will certainly leave you wanting .

    2. Wendy Cartmell shows no mercy with her vivid, arresting writing style She deeply draws readers into the stories in No Mercy with her characters, each interesting and unique and most importantly, believable She has an amazing grasp of investigation and police procedure, and she doesn t shy away from the darker side of human nature The stories range from chilling to thrilling to triumphant to sad, some all at the same time It s too easy to give this book 5 5 stars not only is the writing engaging [...]

    3. This concise compilation of four short stories showcases the talents of British author Wendy Cartmell who has than a dozen crime thrillers to her credit Most of Cartmell s books feature her military police investigator, Sgt Major Crane, and he takes centre stage in this collection Crane is a middle aged, experienced army veteran who s served in Afghanistan and now investigates murders and mysteries which affect the British military He s summoned to a fatal fire where a military man has died in [...]

    4. I ve wanted to check out Wendy Cartmell s Sergeant Major Crane mystery series for some time After all, we both write about military criminal investigators Wendy s is an investigator for the British Army s Special Investigative Branch, the English version of the U.S Army s Criminal Investigative Division My protagonist is a special agent for the U.S Naval Criminal Investigative Service So when Wendy sent me a tweet asking me to check out her book No Mercy, I jumped at it.No Mercy is a collection [...]

    5. No Mercy is a short anthology of short stories The centerpiece features Sergeant Major Crane, who inhabits other stories by the author Short stories short review The story with Crane is too brief to develop his overall character or demonstrate the range of his detective skills He seems short sighted as to his case, relying on luck and a nearly unprovoked confession to solve it I am not sure if Crane is the accidental detective Clouseau , relying on others to get things done, or the deceptive det [...]

    6. Mercilessly Well Written By Jade Varden Wendy Cartmell s frank, vivid writing is completely unapologetic that makes it all the gripping Cartmell exposes the dark side of human nature as easily as she shows readers the good Each story in No Mercy is well balanced, beautifully written and evocative I sat down to read the first story in the collection, but after meeting Sergeant Major Crane I had to get to know all of Cartmell s characters Mystery, thrills, triumph, sorrow, twists and turns for a [...]

    7. This was an enjoyable short story collection with the common theme of people displaying no mercy to others, such as spouses, work collegues, in varying degrees, and, in different ways While I liked all of the stories, I especially found the stories where people were unsparing to each other, both compelling, and quietly chilling I hope that the author someday writes another short story collection in a similar vein, as her depictions of unflinching characters carrying out nefarious deeds are excel [...]

    8. Good collection of short stories and a teaser at the end Two of the short stories are murder mysteries involving Tom Crane and Billy Williams who are with the military police three of the other short stories are well told with twisted endings that I think readers who enjoy mysteries and short stories will like I enjoyed reading this collection and think the author did a great job with this book and I am interested in reading some novels also.

    9. Each story was unique and enjoyable there was certainly a twist in the tale as promised by the author The first story certainly introduced Sgt Major Crane in all his glory and a character that you would like to meet but on good terms his terms This was a great introduction to Sgt Major Crane and look forward to reading about his investigations in the full novel Steps to Heaven.I was only going to read for a short while but ended up captivated until the end

    10. this book felt like it was a Readers Digest story It felt that it was badly condensed from a longer story Not worth the time

    11. A short story or a prequel for the series to come.This book did not entice me much I give this book 2 5Devil D

    12. Very Entertaining Short Stories, But Wishing More No Mercy, A Sergeant Major Crane Investigation is the first short story in this collection Tom Crane is assigned to the Special Investigations Branch SIB of the Royal Military Police His partner is young Sergeant Billy Williams Tom receives a heads up call of a reported house fire at the Garrison near North Camp, the home of Sergeant Adrian Barnes His wife, Alice, just returning home from a short trip is panicked as she believes her husband is in [...]

    13. started off well but eventually did not meet expectations even disappointed Short stories and that too mystery or crime ones have to be written with surgical precision And there needs to be a big bang at the end thats what people expect.

    14. This short story anthology, No Mercy Sgt Major Crane Story , begins my introduction to Wendy Cartmell s writing The book consists of three, quick and easy to read mysteries No Mercy features, Sergeant Major Crane The last story is an autobiographical piece, which I question the author s reason for including it in a mystery anthology.The mysteries have a ring of familiarity I have either read similar stories or have viewed comparative TV shows I always appreciate the element of surprise in a good [...]

    15. Wendy Cartwell s No Mercy offers a collection of short stories with the first one introducing the titular character of the author s novel series The stories are quick and dark, though surprisingly not a fast read, despite the urgency of swift tense changes, and immediacy of references to war in Afghanistan There s a veritable sergeant majorly sense of care in attention to details of scenes, crime scenes, and characters backstories and clothing And each tale has a satisfying sting in the tail, ti [...]

    16. This book is a mystery involving the British Military Police in the Aldershot Barracks Even if one does not find military novels appealing, the author s style in presenting the MPs and the subsequent mystery is very compelling Unfortunately, the book includes three short stories This is not a genre the author is very good at They read like a synopsis for a larger work There is no real mystery, no character development, and no tension Each story is flat with no real interest However, book also i [...]

    17. Great Crime Thriller Short StoriesSeargent Major Crane is intelligent and closes cases He also issues orders to his superiors With the help of his sidekick Sergeant Billy Williams, Crane solves crimes.Crane s interrogations are blunt And you ll do well to remember that you are responsible for your children, Sergeant If they ve done anything wrong, it s you that gets busted as well This isn t civvy street where parents can let their kids do whatever the hell they want Wendy Cartmell has compiled [...]

    18. Book source Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.No Mercy has five short stories and an excerpt from Steps to Heaven, the first book in the Sgt Major Crane series.Well written and easy to fit into about 10 or 15 minutes of free time, each story is a good read Short stories are my Achilles Heel I have a hard time writing about them without giving anything away So I will just say that I enjoyed each one I m not exactly sure which genre they are oth [...]

    19. This enjoyable series of short stories and excerpts from the Novels are easy to read and quite graphic when describing or setting the scenes The main character, Crane, is perfect in his role I look forward to reading the Novels themselves.See my review also at Mercy Major C.on Mercy Major Cra

    20. Tales of the Expected A collection of short stories with a twist Given the author s background, it follows that the procedural aspects of any story are detailed and accurate Knowing that, suggests some of these stories were based on true events or mess room banter The collection varies in quality a couple of the short stories contained twists that were a little too obvious and in one of the longer stories, Billy s home visit didn t ring true We might like to believe things were that simple, but [...]

    21. No Mercy is a short book of short stories They feature a couple of members of the Royal Military Police Special Investigative Branch, who go on to star in their own series of books There s also a couple of unrelated short shorts and a preview of the author s Steps to Heaven novel.

    22. This was an introduction to the writing of Wendy Cartmell with some short stories I am not a great fan of stories of this length as it s difficult to get a full understanding of the skills of the author

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