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Custom Toys Made to Order By Gabrielle Evans,

  • Title: Custom Toys Made to Order
  • Author: Gabrielle Evans
  • ISBN: 9781619265356
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, vampires, shape shifters, sex toys, HEA The closest Atticus Drake has ever come to a sexual experience is designing toys for kinky paranormals Shy and awkward, his forays into physical relationships have never gone past first base So, when he finds himself mated to the crown prince of the ent Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, vampires, shape shifters, sex toys, HEA The closest Atticus Drake has ever come to a sexual experience is designing toys for kinky paranormals Shy and awkward, his forays into physical relationships have never gone past first base So, when he finds himself mated to the crown prince of the entire vampire race, he s pretty sure it s fate s cruel joke.Prince Salem Constantine is running out of time With his one hundredth birthday quickly approaching, he needs to choose a consort if he hopes to become king Atticus is definitely the mate he s been waiting for, but there s one problem Atticus isn t a vampire.The mandates are clear, and Salem needs not only a consort, but a vampire consort Atticus refuses to turn, and Salem has no intentions of giving up the sexy panther Can the two find a solution before time runs out Or will they be forced apart because of the laws governing Salem s world
    Custom Toys Made to Order Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M vampires shape shifters sex toys HEA The closest Atticus Drake has ever come to a sexual experience is designing toys f

    One thought on “Custom Toys Made to Order”

    1. I m going to round this one up to 3 stars, even though I shouldn t I really shouldn t The plot was sort of a hot mess all around power hungry uncle, lots of paranormal creatures running around, no world building, and melodrama central murder kidnapping BFF turned cray cray another BFF high on cat nip BUT We got serious cuteness and mates and MINE MINE MINE Vampire and panther shifter get it on, y all That s all 2.5 stars rounded up because valid logical reasons.

    2. I picked this title since I wanted to try something by this author, but truth be told I wasn t expecting much so it was a than pleasant surprise to read a thoroughly enjoyable funny romance, sweet but also sexy.The main theme of this series, of which Custom Toys Made to Order is the first book, is to pair sexually awkward young men with experienced partner a group of six friends, Atticus Drake, Thaddeus Young, Nigel Durbin, Brenner West, Cedric Barrows, and Dorian Elder so I suppose there will [...]

    3. 2012 Review Another paranormal series No male pregnancies so far and since they basic troupe consists of cat shifters we might have a chance to avoid such.Atty and Salem were both adorable Together as well as by themselves I really enjoyed this in my mushy ways Okay, the problems presented to them by the plot made me uneasy but who cares That s just me being twitchy In the end this thing just made me happy.This first book in the series already worked heavily on setting up future protagonists, th [...]

    4. The title of this book was too tempting to pass up.I quite enjoyed this story It is a light romance, so I wasn t expecting much.Atticus and his friends were quite adorable I loved how protective Atticus friends are of him and it s nice to see the friendship doesn t take a back seat to his relationship with Salem Yes, in the heat of a passionate romance, it might slip by the side but not for long.Salem is your standard alpha hero and while he performs his role admirably, he s not the real star of [...]

    5. A short and fun MM romance between the sexually promiscuous nightclub owner and vampire prince Salem , and a sexually inexperienced panther shifter Atty who creates sex toys for a living The sex when they eventually got to it was super hot I really enjoyed this book, I just wish the characters had been better defined and the story could have used some refinement, to correct inconsistencies.

    6. This was a cute little shifter story that managed to make a lot of the genre s clich s palatable there were some consistency issues but overall it was a fun, fluffy read I would have liked to see use of the toys in the story considering Atty s profession but the smex was hot none the less I don t know if I ll bother with the rest of the series tho because I didn t love the characters enough to become heavily invested in them I m not driven to read about them

    7. I almost missed out on reading this little gem It was fast paced and fun The beginning was especially fun, with Atty being a little bit of spazI liked it.Okay, I ll admit it, I m a shameless cover slut, and this cover did not appeal to me Maybe that s why I hadn t read it yet I m glad that challenges brought me to this book I enjoyed it.

    8. The title of the book was what made me want to read it.Don t be confused though Yes, they make 1 custom toy but this book is about that toys maker, Atty and his Vampire mate Salem.This is a very quick enjoyable read which I really liked.

    9. Fun start to a new series I d say that the characters are typical of this author, you know what you re gonna get, but they were fun to read about and look forward to

    10. Atticus and his friends own and run their own company that makes sex toys to order One Friday, instead of going to their usual burger joint, they go to a club where Atticus gets drunk on one drink He is attacked by werewolves and rescued by Prince Salem Salem recognizes Atticus as his mate It takes smelling Salem s blood for Atticus to realize the same thing An evil uncle, vampire laws and plots delay their mating Salem s father removes the most serious roadblock before he dies but the uncle tri [...]

    11. So I read the preview from Kobo in April Bought the book earlier today and started reading it I was in a slump with a fanfiction that I really want to read but the errors are glaringly obvious and are taking their toll on me I want to finish it though Anyhow, I bought Chaser by Rick R Reed and Custom Toys Made to Order because the preview was interesting enough and the title is catchy Both were an attempt to cheer me up For now I give this book a two star rating because It s okay The rating may [...]

    12. 3.5 stars Custom Toys Made to Order is your typical paranormal mates meet and fall in love but with a delightful twist one of the characters is sexually inexperienced Atticus Drake makes custom made sex toys for other paranormals with a group of his closest friends When a new order is placed by Prince Salem Constantine, Atticus is drawn to the sexy vampire, but when the two find out they are mates, complications arise It seems that Salem must mate with a vampire or lose the throne to his evil un [...]

    13. This looks like a fun series, with the first book kicking off the concept of sex toy makers who lack real life experience and doing it well If this volume is anything to go by, though, that lack of experience does not last long Set in a paranormal environment where mate recognition is immediate, the only question is really when that will change If is never an option.Atticus is the quasi leader of a group of friends who started a company making exclusive sex toys for paranormals He really has no [...]

    14. 3.5 rounded up because it s better than most books in shifter vampire romance series.Note There is a near rape scene that might be a trigger for some people.They re supposed to be in a split level yet whole book describes a ranch style house.Even a shifter would still be drunk after 12 shots.No instalove, yea Good editing except part about house.Quote Did that mean he was put off by the way Atticus spoke While it seemed silly and preposterous to him to judge someone based on their communication [...]

    15. This was cute I ADORED Atty and his friends Absolutely adored them So much so, I want to join in and be part of their family as well I loved how Atty was a virgin and ACTED like one I was getting tired of all of these stories that have virgins in them and then once they meet their mates it s like they forgot they ve never had sex before No, Atty and Salem take their time well 3 days, but still, that s forever in the paranormal world and it was really nice to see Ninja Kitty Overall, I really lik [...]

    16. Didn t expect much going into this, but I really ended up enjoying it LOVE the awkwardness of the first sex scenes, and Atty s embarrassment, so true to life and you never get to see it Salem was great I think the way the angst was resolved was a little too easy, but that s not a big issue My heart broke for Jarrett, I hope he gets a HEA eventually I ll get to the rest of the series eventually.

    17. I wasn t expecting a whole lot in terms of an in depth story and that s a good thing It was your typical Siren romance, a bit shallow, kind of ridiculous but this one was pretty entertaining It s the beginning of a new series about a group of sex toy makers who are awkward and geeky and really adorable In this one we had Atticus, a panther shifter, and Salem, the vampire Prince Was it great No but it was an easy read and dare I say itenjoyable.

    18. Oh what a delightful beginning to a new series I completely fell for Atticus and his five friends they own a sex toy company but none of them have any practical experience What a great premise Nerdy guys designing sex toys Salem is the typical hot vampire lusting after his newfound mate It doesn t take long before Atty has experience Of course there s a nice bad guy angle with betrayal and hatred All this combines to make a fun, not too serious romance Looking forward to .

    19. 4 stars Atty s circle of friends are so fluffy Almost literally fluffy since they re all cats Well, yeah, mostly big cats but still Atty and Salem are adorable together Tho I think the solution at the end to the whole consort thing is too neatly tied This is a nice, short and fun read.

    20. I think this was one of the best G Evans works It was well written, fluent, no logic, plot mistakes Characters were believable So a nice and relaxing read Looking forward to of these series Hope other parts are as good.

    21. Fun read I really liked the concept of virgins making sex toys There could have been a complex plot but I enjoyed the story One of my light reads for rainy days.

    22. I really enjoyed this book I adored the character of Atticus The whole tone of the story was sweet and loving, yet hot and sexy at the same time If you haven t picked it up yet you should

    23. A pretty good read I love stories with nerds dorks or virginal characters since they have a lot of endearing traits.

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