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Stalked By Allison Brennan,

  • Title: Stalked
  • Author: Allison Brennan
  • ISBN: 9781250005960
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy Kincaid has already seen than her share of murder and mayhem Still reeling from the sex crime case that sealed her reputation, she s found a true friend and mentor in Agent Tony Presidio No matter what goes down at the bureau, Tony s got her back until she s called to New York to help investigate the murder of a repA new trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy Kincaid has already seen than her share of murder and mayhem Still reeling from the sex crime case that sealed her reputation, she s found a true friend and mentor in Agent Tony Presidio No matter what goes down at the bureau, Tony s got her back until she s called to New York to help investigate the murder of a reporter with ties to Lucy.But the reporter might not be the first victim of a patient killer with a penchant for revenge, and she s definitely not the last Connections between closed cases, a missing person, and Tony himself lead Lucy to fear for those she cares for most When the FBI is rocked by the death of one of their own, Lucy seeks the help of her bf, PI Sean Rogan, to help put together the puzzle and puts her career in jeopardy.But the harder she pushes for answers, the clearer the truth becomes There s a killer inside Quantico Watching her every move Waiting to kill again
    Stalked A new trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico Lucy Kincaid has already seen than her share of murder and mayhem Still reeling from the sex crime case that sealed her reputation she s found a true fri

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    1. Writers Kathy Reichs and Steve Berry could take a note from Allison Brennan s pages How to keep a series going without it becoming stupid and boring In the latest Lucy Kincaid adventure, we find Lucy at the beginning of her training at Quantico If you ve been reading the series, you will know that Lucy s first FBI application was denied, but she was admitted on her second one Lucy s enjoying her time with her training class, but she knows that she is being watched because of her past kidnapped, [...]

    2. A new trainee at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy Kincaid has already seen than her share of murder and mayhem Still reeling from the sex crime case that sealed her reputation, she s found a true friend and mentor in Agent Tony Presidio No matter what goes down at the Bureau, Tony s got her back until he s called to New York to help investigate the murder of a reporter with ties to Lucy.Lucy seeks the help of her boyfriend, private investigator Sean Rogan, to help put together the puzzle and p [...]

    3. Definitely the best Lucy Kincaid novel yet Lucy and Sean have really come into their own and grown as characters and as a couple, the supporting cast is spot on, and the socio psychopath s du jour are perfectly believable and chilling The writing is incredibly tight and the pacing fast you won t want to put it down Interspersing the first person POV chapters in reverse chronology with the regular third person omniscient narrative is an excellent touch, providing great personal insight into the b [...]

    4. Allison Brennan is one of my all time favourite authors I have read all the stories of the Kincaid family I must say this would have to be one of my all time favourites Once i started it, I could not put it down just had to finish it down all within 24 hrs For those unsure of the storyline, Lucy Kincaid has recently been accepted to train as an FBI recruit Her relationship with Sean Rogan is still going strong but despite the support from her mentors her partner s she feels an intense unease abo [...]

    5. Lucy Kincaid is now at Quantico training to be an FBI agent Like Kate Scarpetta, there is some secret plot against Lucy that I don t get Men all around Lucy fall over themselves to save Lucy Don t get that either Lucy is an emotional mess and she is training for the FBI Hmmm She is supposed to be an amazing investigator and psychologist, really don t see that either Seems like every novel I read where a woman is either training for or is in the FBI, she is a psychological shipwreck waiting to ha [...]

    6. In the fifth installment of the Lucy Kincaid series, we re introduced to the world of FBI training in Quantico It all started with a reporter s murder in New York City, a connection to an old case, and takes us back and forth to both places When Lucy Kincaid s name pops up to connection to the murder, she s been reeled in to help with the case Meanwhile, while she s still undergoing vigorous training as a FBI trainee, someone s making her nervous and has it in for her, while someone s targeting [...]

    7. Another good Lucy Kincaid mystery Lucy is finally at Quantico going through recruit training when a reporter is killed in New York The reporter was writing a story about a past killer that Lucy caught Lucy and Sean are asked to assist When people are killed, they need to find the common link in order to find the suspect This has lots of twists and turns and takes the reader back and forth between New York and Washington I like that it included characters from earlier in the series.

    8. A suspenseful investigative thriller about finding the truth, refusing to be a victim, and controlling your fear There are a lot of characters and relationships a steady build up to a chase, a kidnapping, a shoot out, and an emotional confrontation and a strong romance between Lucy and Sean.

    9. Another super exciting and suspenseful story about my favorite victim turned hero Lucy Kincaid So glad I randomly picked up one of her books Kiss Me Kill Me at Target several years ago when I was going through my great Read Straight to Paperback Genre Fiction quest of 2011 Allison Brennan was definitely a gem find Works well as a stand alone or you can do what I do and read the stories straight through Lucy finds herself in the middle of a crazed killer s vendetta killing spree that targets some [...]

    10. Just couldn t finish this book It is what I call a cookie cutter as the last book I read by this author and I would venture to say that the next book in this series will read about the same.

    11. Still loving LucyIt s great to see Lucy finally make it to the academy This story was sad and thrilling at the same time.

    12. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating A Lucy has started her FBI training at Quantico and she s determined to make it through She s making friends in her class of new recruits, she s being challenged by her trainers, but one instructor seems to have it out for not only Lucy but her sister in law Kate as well As if that stress wasn t enough, Lucy is pulled into a current investigation that goes back years to a young girl s rape and murder Authorities and people who worked closely on t [...]

    13. I loved this book Allison Brennan is one of the best mystery suspense thriller authors writing today I have been a big fan of her books since I read my first, THE PREY I have read all of them in order just because I have to and STALKED ranks among my favorites STALKED grabs the reader from the start and keeps you on the edge of your seat chapter after chapter I didn t want to put it down which earned me some frowns from my family over the recent holiday She is a master storyteller, weaving in ju [...]

    14. I recently reviewed the book Love Me to Death by Allison Brennan I liked it so much so I threw myself over the rest of the books in the series Kiss Me Kill Me, If I Should Die, Silenced, Stalked, Reckless and Stolen The books are just soooo good I can t stop reading The stories are absolutely fantastic, so thrilling with many different layers and I can t remember when I read such suspense novels last Maybe the books of Henning Mankell can match There you also have a story and a suspense that mak [...]

    15. Originally Posted at Welcome to Larissa Friends Bookish Life No SpoilersI am addicted to the paranormal genres, but after reading J.D Robb s great Romantic Mystery series, I decided to check out series in the genre Now I am a card carrying fan of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner and most recently of Allison Brennan.I had read Brennan s Paranormal series, but in the Procedural Thriller is where she shines as an author Not only in the Criminal aspects but also in the interpersonal relationship betwe [...]

    16. This one was probably like a one star for me, but, it s not that it was terrible I m not sure what the issue really was, but, I just couldn t get into it Was it because there were too many characters Was it because this is a book in a series and I hadn t read any other books in the series, thus, was unfamiliar with the key players and backstories Was it because there wasn t much about the characters to care about or get invested in Or, was it simply that the storyline was kind of ho hum boring [...]

    17. Great series major time lapses from 1 book to the next helps to keep everything in prospective and in the reality of how life really happens.

    18. I always love a Lucy Kincaid book, and this one was no exception In fact, I think this might be one of my favourites of the series thus far.Lucy is now at the FBI Academy, and is also well on her way to overcoming the fears that have plagued her since being attacked years ago There was so much happening in this story, between the flashbacks, Lucy at Quantico, FBI agent Suzanne Madeaux in New York, plus Sean doing what he does best, there was never a dull moment There were so many different stran [...]

    19. Stalked was filled with lots of twists and turnsd it took me awhile to figure out whodunit Enjoyed the premise someone is stalking Peter, a young man whose sister was raped murdered a decade ago and the pacing was good for the most part I ve only read two books in this series, but I m already tired of the rehashing of the back story and Lucy oftentimes comes off as insecure, weak and whiny And, then there are those times when she seems to lack common sense.ough she s very book smart Unfortunatel [...]

    20. I ll start by saying Stalked was a very interesting and good book overall I don t believe I ve read anything by Allison Brennan until this one and I was pleasantly surprised to find it very inviting like books from authors such as Johansan, Jackson, Hoag, Gardner I loved the character Lucy as well as her boyfriend It seemed like its never a dull moment in their lives which makes me want to check out other stories with them involved I only recently discovered Brennan s books when I decided to bro [...]

    21. I was confused at the start of this one, I think it is because I listened to the book instead of read it and I didn t get some of the flipping back and forth between the past and the present Once I did I felt for the kids and what happened to them in the past and worried that it colored their actions in the present Turns out I did and didn t have to worry about it I hate that Peter had to live most of his life the way that he did, hated that he seemed stuck, and hated that he had to hide I was g [...]

    22. I put this book down around the 30% mark Lucy was in the middle of another personal pity party She had finally gained entrance as a recruit at Quantico but discovered Hans Vigo had pulled strings and overruled others on the selection committee to give her the opportunity to become an FBI Special Agent.Tired of the pity parties regarding her past and present, I decided I needed to take a break from Ms Kincaid and read something else.After reading a fluffy romantic suspense, light on suspense and [...]

    23. I m not really into thrillers but the book cover caught my eye The book was beautifully written Allison was able to keep me guessing until the very end The way she portrayed Lucy Kincaid left me awake last night And oh my gosh did she make Sean hot The relationships if all the characters are surprising and refreshing What I didn t like was that the killers didn t really seem relevant until the end It just seemed that she mentioned why they killed but I had to go back to the beginning of the book [...]

    24. As usual a fast read, true page turner.A little romance, but not too much, one side story romance was a bit much for me, but it is not cleat, how it will play out in the next books Suzanne Joe One short non kinky read boring sex scene.The books is up to date with tech like surveillance and computers, does not go too much into details but never feels invented or over top.No real twists.Still, I like the style, and recommend it to fans of the series and the writer Should finish other books first, [...]

    25. Okay, with the mini novels we are now 8 books in Lucy is still too broken I have read other books where the main character s tragic background has given them strength Lucy instead of her being able to sense people being like a spidey sense it makes her freeze, lose focus, and mess up In reality I understand it takes people a long time to heal from something like what Lucy went through But, this is are novels, I want a hero So, I agree with the character of McLaughlin, her training should be stop [...]

    26. Fantastic New trainee at the FBI academy is training at Quantico With all of Lucy Kincaid having a not so very nice past and fears, she is determined to pass and fight law and order and justice She found a true friend Tony at the agency who was also her mentor He asked for her help and to come in a day to report with him Lucy has found him dead.Suddenly there are several other murders turning up all over the states, is it connected, whose jurisdiction is it every time they dig deeper someone die [...]

    27. Audible version this was number 5 in the Lucy Kincaid series Lucy has finally made it into the FBI training academy but one of her trainers lets the cat out of the bag that Lucy failed both interviews for admittance and strings had to be pulled to get her in Then the people who most respect her and that she can trust, start having fatal and almost fatal accidents and Kate sister in law turns against Lucy There s a killer inside Quantico and seems to be taking their revenge against Lucy This was [...]

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