[PDF] ↠ Unlimited ↠ アイツの大本命 2 [Aitsu no Daihonmei 2] : by Suzuki Tanaka 田中 鈴木 é

アイツの大本命 2 [Aitsu no Daihonmei 2] By Suzuki Tanaka 田中 鈴木,

  • Title: アイツの大本命 2 [Aitsu no Daihonmei 2]
  • Author: Suzuki Tanaka 田中 鈴木
  • ISBN: 9784862635396
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2
    Aitsu no Daihonmei

    One thought on “アイツの大本命 2 [Aitsu no Daihonmei 2]”

    1. Your classic Must go after the popular handsome guy yaoi story, this volume is about Yoshida the normal bratty guy and Sado the popular handsome guy Yoshida doesn t want to admit how he feels about Sado, but the words often slip out Sado, however, wants everyone to know he loves Yoshidabut, mostly to get the girls to stop chasing him There s also a couple stories about a Discipline Committee member falling in love with a delinquent This book is a pretty quick read The plot is not deep, but it is [...]

    2. So good Even better than the first one I love how we get little bonus stories at the end of each manga, I also love the new characters.

    3. The first two volumes of this series weren t quite the OMG Best Ever that I d been told, but they certainly were a pleasant read I was a little off put by the less consensual elements which I wasn t expecting, though probably should have been , but I love the visual distinction between the two leads, as well as the fact that it takes place in a real world setting, not a boys only yaoi fantasy.

    4. Series reviewAwkward Yoshida is hated by all the girls in school for his perceived closeness with hot guy Sato, who uses hanging out with Yoshida as an excuse to turn them all down If Yoshida is merely an excuse, why does Sato taunt him in private about his favorite Is it possible Sato s feelings run deeper than friendship And what could he possibly see in the funny looking Yoshida Watch Yoshida s life turn upside down with hilarious results According to wiktionary, this is on point for yaoi fro [...]

    5. I LOVE THIS SERIES I love that it s all about the relationship between the two There aren t many good yaoi books that I know of that is about the actual relationship between the two of them I can t stop reading this series.I waited a whole year to read the latest series and I cannot wait for the next one

    6. I don t understand how this manga has an average of 4 stars These volumes are just progressively getting and awful Maybe I m taking the plot too seriously butrderline rape and emotional abuse just aren t that funny to me

    7. Baru membaca 2 3 halaman saya dibuat ngakak dengan kesialan Yoshida n the gank yang terpilih sebagai pemandu sorak pada kompetisi olahraga disekolah mereka Lagi Suzuki Tanaka lihai membuat saya lupa diri tertawa sendiri dgn org disekitar saya pada saat membaca komik ini Gimana ngga lucu kalo disuguhkan dgn penampakan para anggota baru cheerleader dan bertransformasi menjadi.Voil His Favorite, Vol 2 juga memperkenalkan karakter baru seperti sepasang kembar bersaudara Nozawa yang gencar meminta Yo [...]

    8. The story about Satou and Yoshida was fun, but those other 2 chapters were just crap I hope we get stories from our main couple See my combined review for Volume 2 and Volume 3 here review show

    9. I especially adored the two Extra One Shots about a Public Morals Committee member and a delinquent It was really funny D I would love to see of that couple.

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