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My Year in Meals By Rachael Ray,

  • Title: My Year in Meals
  • Author: Rachael Ray
  • ISBN: 9781451659726
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the first time, 1 New York Times bestselling author Rachael Ray offers fans a glimpse into her own kitchen diary From everyday meals to complicated culinary feats, Rachael reveals what she herself cooks for her family and friends for one whole year.Ever wonder what Rachael Ray cooks when the cameras aren t rolling Here she gives you an inside look into her kitchen fFor the first time, 1 New York Times bestselling author Rachael Ray offers fans a glimpse into her own kitchen diary From everyday meals to complicated culinary feats, Rachael reveals what she herself cooks for her family and friends for one whole year.Ever wonder what Rachael Ray cooks when the cameras aren t rolling Here she gives you an inside look into her kitchen for one full year My Year in Meals offers intimate access to tasty dishes that will take you from breakfast to dinner From the meals she whips up at a moment s notice to family feasts, and dishes inspired by her travels around the world, you can now enjoy twelve incredible months of Rachael s homemade favorites.Need something to get you out of bed in the morning Try the Almond Custard Brioche Toast or Eastern Egg Sandwiches with Bacon Looking to fire up that backyard barbecue Try the Baby Back Ribs with Bourbon BBQ sauce For something simple that will knock your guests socks off, try Rachael s Egg Tagliatelle with Truffle Butter and Butternut Squash Risotto Rachael even shares her husband John Cusimano s amazing cocktail recipes, guaranteeing that you ll never reach for store bought Margarita mix again To top it off, Rachael includes personal stories behind many of the dishes and her own never before seen photos of these culinary creations In no time at all, you ll feel like you ve stepped into her home for a change A year of delicious food is only enhanced by a selection of equally tasty cocktails, and Rachael s husband, John Cusimano, is no stranger to the cocktail shaker Now he s sharing his secrets with you Whether shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks, with a cherry or a twist, John s creations like his Strawberry Velvet featuring honey liqueur, strawberries, and lime are always fresh, fun, and certain to make any gathering memorable With plenty of options for every occasion and season, such as the Pomegranate Margarita, the Halloween Fizz, and the Nod to Nog, these fabulous concoctions are the perfect complement to Rachael s year of great eating.
    My Year in Meals For the first time New York Times bestselling author Rachael Ray offers fans a glimpse into her own kitchen diary From everyday meals to complicated culinary feats Rachael reveals what she herself

    One thought on “My Year in Meals”

    1. These recipes just seem way too involved for everyday cooking I like some of her stuff, but I want simple recipes that don t require a lot of specialized ingredients Not one of my faves.

    2. One of my strategies for keeping my weight down is looking at recipe books like this one by Rachael Ray The recipes are far too complicated and involved, and require too many obscure ingredients to actually make Frankly it is hard to even get inspired to modify the recipe However, it is nice to page through, look at the pictures, and mentally scan the recipes That s the calorie free way to do it Check out the name of this dish on p 253 Pissaladiere Really Not in my house

    3. I really enjoyed the format of this book as a BOOK I m not sure I d like it so much as a cookbook Nonetheless, I marked at least twenty recipes I d like to come back to and try out Many of them looked a little ambitious, but I figured they were mostly all weekend recipes for your AVERAGE cook, anyways One thing that I would have edited about this book there was a lot of repetition three or four versions of coq au vin, pasta with one or two ingredients changed Just tell us in one recipe the vario [...]

    4. I was very interested in the concept for this book learning what a TV chef actually eats at home So what did I learn Ms Ray eats a LOT of Italian food, so nearly every recipe lists EVOO and Fresno chiles This book is maybe 60 70% Italian recipes She also uses a lot of ingredients that may be difficult to find in your regular non New York supermarkets Still, a lot of the recipes sound tasty, so I ll have to try them out over the next few months.As a cook book, this is not as easy to follow as her [...]

    5. I recently bought this book I mainly bought it because of the recipes featuring ramps I can t wait for ramp season so I can try some of these recipes They sound delicious I live in an area where you can go and pick your own ramps so it s not so costly Unfortunately the season on ramps is extremely short but it s good while it lasts A lot of the ingredients are stuff that I can get here so I am so excited to try out the recipes I love looking through this book and planning out the meals I will ha [...]

    6. A fun to read and nicely laid out cookbook and though none of the recipes are particularly groundbreaking, I found many great suggestions for simple and easy to put together fare A couple of examples Green Pastitsio with swiss chard, dill, mint and parsley and a version of caponata featuring cubanelle peppers, golden raisins and pistachios And then there s the flip book part John Cuimano, Ray s husband, does cocktails in the back of the book or is it the front cocktails should go first, I suppos [...]

    7. Well, it was fun to read, but the recipes are not really geared toward real life in terms of cost of ingredients and complicated recipes I mean its obvious she does not have the need to stick to any type of food budget, but I cringe to think about her monthly food spending Probably than my mortgage, car, and school loans combined And lots of hard to find ingredients My local grocery store does not have ramps or zucchini flowers, which were prominent in several recipes But the book isn t adverti [...]

    8. This was a great cookbook as it is personal than Rachael has ever been I loved the recipes even if they did not always use common ingredients I loved that I could get this from the library as I wanted to buy it, yet after reading it, there were not enough recipes that I would use, and since I don t drink alcohol as a change, the cocktails looked good yet I could not make them If you love Racheal and want to know about her than from her show, this is the cookbook for you.

    9. I have most of Rachael Ray s other cookbooks and I love them all I think ever since she married John her recipes have gotten complicated I miss the simple comfort food she used to make Since when does she cook with ramps Since now, I guess If there are one or two recipes I would actually make out of this book that would be a lot I m glad I borrowed it from the library instead of buying it.

    10. I think this is Rachael s best cookbook ever Lots of content multiple recipes on every pages with side notes Like if a recipe calls for poached chicken, she tells how she poached it Or what she served before and with it Organized chronologically seasonal presentation works well too Did not like the add on, My Year in Cocktails by John Cusimano, at all Everything was too complicated with weird ingredients for me to consider trying or even tasting any of them.

    11. I have made quite a few recipes from this book and they have all tasted amazing I really appreciate that she features seasonal ingredients, which helps me use up the vegetables I receive from a farm share Last night, I even got my three year old to eat macaroni and cheese that had mushrooms and hot peppers in it I haven t tried any of the cocktails yet, but they look good, too This cookbook is one of the select few that get to live on my kitchen counter.

    12. I appreciatd the photography of this book ij that they were all photos taken by them, no photo shoots of plates of food Most tecipes were doable however I have to wonder where all the leftovers are since there was a meal for almost EVERY day.The back is a listing of cocktail recipes that John has made which I didnt realize so its like a two for one.

    13. Instead of being organized in catergories, it is organzied by days of the week of the month, meaning it is hard to find a recipe when you want it I checked this out of the library and did not actualy find anything that I wanted to photocopy and make laterobably because I found it so disorganized

    14. It s a fun cookbookLove the Italy vacation section I also love the fact that she and her husband John took all the photos for the book I can t wait to try some of the recipes, but it s the Cocktails section that looks the most fun I love that they put it in the back of the book and have it so you FLIP it So fun Rachel Ray Thank you.

    15. I think Rachael Ray is a great home chef I became a fan of her 30 minute meals This is of a book then a cookbook and certainly not her regular thing The stories, pictures and recipes are a treasure for her family and friends as the memories jump from the pages I absolutely loved the cocktails offered by her husband, John Cusimano.

    16. Some other reviews identify that her ingredients spare no expense, that s where imagination plays a role You might say that I use her book as inspiration rather than direction, since I have never followed a recipe to the T , however the meals I have prepared from her ideas are incredible My friends and roommates are always a fan when I say it s a Rachael Ray night

    17. it was enjoyable to read the recipes and look through the pictures most of the recipes were too involved or required ingredients that would be hard to get in regular supermarkets The cocktail recipes had too many obscure ingredients it would have been expensive to buy so many different liquors The book also didn t include details about the story behind recipes and cooking every day.

    18. I can t believe she makes these kind of meals everyday These are not that kind of recipes Who is she kidding And the drinks you would need to own a liquor store to stock all the odd types of liquor Although some of them looked tasty.

    19. I bought two copies of this book for gifts One for my friend and the other for my son Both have loved the book and enjoyed the recipes My friend is an accomplished cook and my son is a novice Both have successfully made several of the recipes.

    20. This book is interesting to read, especially for each month as to what she eats But as far as cooking the recipes, I would need to look up some of the ingredients and then go to a specialty store to buy them But it is fun to read.

    21. I ve always been a fan of Rachael since her debut on food network I ve been waiting a really long time for this book of her best recipes throughout the year plus bonus cocktail recipes from her husband She also includes photos of her dishes which is always a plus.

    22. Loved the Behind the Scenes idea here I might not be able to find lots of the stuff in the recipes, but they were still fun for me to read as a RR fan and fun to take a little food adventure I otherwise might not have taken.

    23. Very much a departure from her typical cookbooks The story telling in the book is like going on the journey with the cute couple More of a book with recipes than a traditional cookbook Quite an enjoyable read either way.

    24. I love you Rachael Ray, but I don t understand how you live the life you lead and then go home and cook these meals every single day There were some really good recipes in here but I don t know if I have the stamina to make them TWSS.

    25. ok, so this is another picture book, for meI am not the greatest cook so I love to look through cookbooks for ideasund a few, many others were well above my skills and tastes

    26. I only tried 4 of the recipes Most seemed complicated than what I m willing to do Loved the cocktails in the back of the book though.

    27. I liked the looks of this one so I put it on my Wish List on While not recipes I can manage to whip together after work, there are some good weekend meals in here.

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