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O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It By William C. Dear,

  • Title: O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It
  • Author: William C. Dear
  • ISBN: 9781616086206
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered at Nicole s home on Bundy Drive in Brentwood, California, on the night of June 12, 1994 The weeks and months that followed were full of spectacle, including a much watched car chase and the eventual arrest of O J Simpson for the murders The televised trial that followed was unlike any that the nation had ever seen.LNicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered at Nicole s home on Bundy Drive in Brentwood, California, on the night of June 12, 1994 The weeks and months that followed were full of spectacle, including a much watched car chase and the eventual arrest of O J Simpson for the murders The televised trial that followed was unlike any that the nation had ever seen.Long convinced of O J s guilt, the world was shocked when the jury of the trial of the century read the verdict of not guilty To this day, the LAPD, Los Angeles District Attorney s office, mainstream media, and much of the world at large remain firmly convinced that O J Simpson literally got away with murder.According to private investigator William Dear, it is precisely this assuredness that has led both the police and public to overlook a far likely suspect Dear now compiles than sixteen years of investigation by his team of forensic experts and presents evidence that O J was not the killer In O J is Innocent and I Can Prove It, Dear makes the controversial but compelling case that it was, in fact, the overlooked suspect, O J s eldest son Jason, who committed the grisly murders Sure to stir the pot and raise some eyebrows, this book is a must read.
    O J is Innocent and I Can Prove It Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered at Nicole s home on Bundy Drive in Brentwood California on the night of June The weeks and months that followed were full of spectacle

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    1. If one can get past the ridiculously sensationalized title and the fact that the book falls into the At this point, who actually cares category, William Dear s book O.J is Innocent and I Can Prove It is actually pretty compelling AND convincing Before reading this, I was than skeptical, but I have to say, with all seriousness, that I am convinced that O.J did NOT kill Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994 This may seem silly to say because, after all, a jury of twelve peers came to th [...]

    2. Like most of America, I was captivated by the O.J Simpson case I can still remember being with my then boyfriend, now husband, watching something we d videotaped probably The X Files how nineties is that and turning it off to find the Ford Bronco chase was happening, and all over the news I ve read an embarrassing number of books on the trial, including If I Did It, the one where O.J himself through a ghostwriter, naturally lays out how, if he had killed his ex wife Nicole and hapless waiter Ron [...]

    3. This was interesting, certainly Food for thought, undoubtedly, but the author does not prove anything, there are just as many holes in his theory of Jason Simpson as the killer as there are in the case against OJ If Dear had addressed these problems, it would have made a compelling work, rather than continually patting himself on the back for being so much smarter then everyone else If the LAPD focused solely on OJ as the killer and ignored all evidence to the contrary, he does the same with Ja [...]

    4. I have definitely changed my mind from being sure that O.J did it, to now believing it was his psycho oldest son Jason who murdered Nicole and Ron Goldman It s a shame that he is running free,and has never even been interrogated I thought the author a private investigator did an excellent job of uncovering the evidence, and writing about his investigation.

    5. Listened to in audio format.I remember the now famous OJ Simpson car chase before he was arrested and then his trial of the century I remember the trial was shown on UK television and I was captivated by it.William Dear is a Private Investigator who had his doubts that OJ murdered his wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldsmith In his own free time he started to investigate and now believes OJ s son Jason may have committed the murders Mr Dear went to LA numerous times and saw the crime scene and spoke [...]

    6. This was an interesting read, although it could have been about 200 pages shorter Investigator Dear belabors and repeats by the end of the book I wished I could tell him to shut up Did this book provide some interesting and thought provoking information regarding the overlooked suspect Yes Is there enough information to make a reasonable person change their mind about O.J s culpability Absolutely not Does the book prove anything except Dear s penchant for self aggrandizement and willingness to s [...]

    7. The reason I wanted to read this book was because I wanted to explore the option that somebody other than o.j committed the murder of Nicole and Rob.William Dear makes some interesting and revealing points about Jason Simpson s character which gives considerable weight to the theory Plus the observation that o.j Could not stand the sight of blood and did not have a scratch on him.My main issue with the book is that Dear is so eager to convince his readers that Jason did it, that any evidence tha [...]

    8. Food for ThoughtHow I can explain this Mr Dear has made a darn good case that someone else committed the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman I do not wish to upset any of the family members of the victims, however, wouldn t it be prudent to peruse this avenue as the case is unsolved While I realize this will not bring the victims back, but it may save another victim if this suspect is the killer What I don t understand in this book is that if the new suspect was arrested before, w [...]

    9. The author, a private investigator started to wonder if O.J Simpson really did kill Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman after he talked to many people about the case What first struck him as interesting is that after the murders, O.J hired a criminal attorney for his son Jason, before hiring attorneys for himself.He then began an investigation into the circumstances of the murder, going over every bit of evidence he could fine, visitiing the scene and interviewing people connected with the case This [...]

    10. This is so exceptionally well written by William C Dear A true investigator, he gives a great account into his investigation of O.J and a very different theory into what happened that fateful night in Brentwood His account is well supported with evidence that mounts throughout the book He sold me.

    11. This book has excellent evidence supported by the opinions of leading experts but also contains a number of theories based on assumptions It is a very interesting read but becomes quite redundant 475 pages could easily have been 300.

    12. As the double murder and subsequent trials took place, I was captivated by all of it I was also a CourtTV junkie at the time There was no way anyone could have convinced me that anyone other than OJ Simpson committed these horrific crimes Until I read this book.

    13. For sure, the LAPD did not really check out Jason Simpson But there are a couple of facts relevant to OJ that the author William Dear makes no attempt to explain.

    14. It s amazing that a man would front his own money for an 18 year investigation because he believes so strongly in justice and closure for this case O.J was found not guilty, and yet, the LAPD considers the case closed Well, it s just common sense, if no one has been convicted of this double homicide, the investigation should remain open I was growing and frustrated as one roadblock after another was put in the way of William Dear Bill Dear is committed to justice being done, you would think th [...]

    15. Interesting and compelling if you like Serial podcasts, you might like this Theory doesn t come off as crackpot to me OJ s son Jason never interviewed during criminal investigation e.g blood hair not tested against evidence , was a chef who expected to cook for nicole and her family in beverly hills but was stood up his timecard that night has his OWN handwritten entries instead of the usual machine timestamp and had his knives with him in his little chef bag like on TOP CHEF when he left, was a [...]

    16. I was never O.J ed out because I was not in the country when all the excitement of the trial of the century took place It wasn t even a blip on my radar except as a trivia question until this year when a million different documentaries, discussions and recreations began to make the rounds of cable television.This book came up on my Bookbub selections and being a curious sort, I thought, sure So I dug in And what unfolded makes for fascinating reading Not just in terms of the thorough investigati [...]

    17. This book makes a convincing case for OJs adult son as the murderer However, I see 2 major problems with the theory 1 OJ didnt try to do anything to stop this guy from accusing his son I would think that if OJ really was innocent, and is safe from prosecution, he would have at least said the book was bullshit BUT, we ARE talking OJ 2 IF the son was the guy, he likely has the personality disorders described in the book evidence other than the murder is offered, fairly convincingly Therefore, I fi [...]

    18. This book has been out for quite some time but I never knew about it until I heard William Dear interviewed on XM radio last Fall Being a criminal justice major, I was immediately intrigued Like the majority, I was convinced OJ Simpson was guilty of the murders of Nicole and Ron.No way Really When I mention this to friends, they look at me as if I ve lost my mind Darndest thing William Dear hasn t been able to get the LAPD et al to reopen this case The guilty party remains free.This book is a pa [...]

    19. Stunning book presenting powerful evidence the persistent, stridently held opinion that OJ Simpson is a murderer is simply wrong Author Dear does not delve much into all the gritty details that made so much of the preliminary investigation, trial antics on BOTH sides and perhaps most of all the frenzied media coverage a near total, truth despising farce Instead, he mainly draws on his years as a famed, very successful private investigator and over a million dollars of his substantial personal we [...]

    20. Still believe O.J is guilty of murder I read Mr Dear s first book, O.J is Guilty But Not of Murder, in 2001 At that time, I already believed in O.J Simpson s innocence and believed I knew who was guilty Mr Dear gave me reasons to believe I was correct.His new book covers his additional years of investigation with many findings and direct evidence I am not optimistic that Los Angeles authorities will ever permit this case to be reopened because their major bungling rush to judgment would be exp [...]

    21. Wow I used to think that OJ was guilty of planning arranging for the murder of his ex wife that Ron Goldman was in the wrong place at the wrong time That doesn t exactly make him innocent, I know But, I think the author has swayed meor at least put doubt in my mind, while presenting compelling evidence for the real killer.The book gives an excellent detailed account of Dear s investigation it reads quickly and kept my interest My only criticism is the large amount of redundant information The au [...]

    22. What is important here If O J Simpson is really innocent or that the book is well written I think the former.If the evidence uncovered by Bill Dear can be substantiated, I believe that O J should never have been a suspect, let alone a defendant The book is written well enough, this despite the author s penchant for telling us what time his various flights left the airport Further, it, the book, appears to be a republishing of the author s original 2001 publication, O J is Guilty, But Not of Mur [...]

    23. Wow, this was a fast read for a book that has over 500 pages I couldn t put it down The author makes a strong case for his view that O.J took the blame for his son Jason I wonder if we will ever really know the truth Reminds me of all the books on the Kennedy assassination theories abound but it seems like some people don t wan t the truth to come out Or maybe it did Will we ever know

    24. I must read for true crime fans as well as followers of this trial What we see on TV, read in newspapers is never the whole story I really learned how closed my mind without even realizing it by just believe I KNEW who committed these crimes.

    25. I am convincedThis book certainly convinced me that the LAPD were completely inept at doing their job They were convinced OJ was the killer and that was the end of the story When do unsolved murders become closed cases

    26. If you were captivated by the OJ case at all when it was happening, you should check this book out True False Who knows But Mr Dear presents a pretty damn good case that OJ did not kill Nicole and Ron.

    27. A well written and outlined story It covers discredits every evidence prosecutors had against OJ It also asks all the questions that police should have all ppl with a critical mind did ask All questions are thoroughly researched and answered Highly recommend it.

    28. He presented a strong case, even though he is not a good writer.The book was quite repetitious, and a little hard to follow at some places, but the author brought up some very interesting points I think the case should be reopened, and all leads should be followed.

    29. If the investigation proves to be as thorough as the author states, then there are real questions raised about the dreadful murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and how O.J Simpson was involved An interesting read.

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