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There are no Strong People By Jeff Lucas,

  • Title: There are no Strong People
  • Author: Jeff Lucas
  • ISBN: 9781853456
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • A book about the fact we are all fragile and in a mess available also in e Book KINDLE
    There are no Strong People A book about the fact we are all fragile and in a mess available also in e Book KINDLE

    One thought on “There are no Strong People”

    1. Easy to read dissection of Samson s life Annoying changes of typeface, font and indentation distract from contents.

    2. Thoughts and observations about the infamous strong man of the Bible, Samson Jeff Lucas paints a picture some of it inferred from Scripture, some from knowledge of ancient history, some of it guesswork of this strange man who had a calling, yet made so many mistakes It s not a pleasant image Samson comes across as boorish, greedy, immoral and violent There are lessons throughout the text, outlined in chapter headings, such as secrets can make us sick dissatisfaction is likely to lead us into tem [...]

    3. This book is just out, I confess I went to the book Launch in Central London along with many hundreds of others As usual Jeff challenges the perceived view,comes up with honest appraisal that has to make you think I could imagine that some will have a problem with this one, participially his basic understandingly of the sexual innuendo of the story I think though some of the head in the sands approach really need the challenge Read it.

    4. Interesting read I always thought of Samson as a great hero of God, but He was a real knucklehead blessed by and dedicated to God, he threw his life away on arrogance and Philistine hookers What do we do with the blessings and commission of God Are we any better than or different from Samson Yet was included among the heroes of faith in the book of Hebrews.

    5. I like Jeff Lucas, I enjoy listening to his Pod Casts and find his reflection books good I wasn t so keen on this one though, so it has taken me a long time to finish it If you are interested in the story of Samson it s worth a read.

    6. Awesome look at Samson, understanding our faults, problems and hopes for the future through this oft mis understood character A great read.

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