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Legal Tender By AndrewGrey,

  • Title: Legal Tender
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: 9781613724385
  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook
  • Timothy left home when he was eighteen to get away from his reckless mother, but he never stopped visiting his grandfather, who taught him what love was all about Now that Grampy has passed away, Timothy finds that the old man s legacy is everything Timothy has dreamed of and .Inside the house Timothy loves so much is a cache of coins with historical value and a mystTimothy left home when he was eighteen to get away from his reckless mother, but he never stopped visiting his grandfather, who taught him what love was all about Now that Grampy has passed away, Timothy finds that the old man s legacy is everything Timothy has dreamed of and .Inside the house Timothy loves so much is a cache of coins with historical value and a mystery, because one of them isn t supposed to exist In memory of his grandfather, Timothy sets out to make sure that the mystery and the coins are given their due honor In his quest to keep the government from confiscating his grandfather s legacy, he meets Joiner, whose interest in Timothy is as clear and open as Timothy is guarded There are things about Timothy s life and his past he doesn t want anyone to know, not even the kind man who is helping him with the complications of legal tender.
    Legal Tender Timothy left home when he was eighteen to get away from his reckless mother but he never stopped visiting his grandfather who taught him what love was all about Now that Grampy has passed away Timo

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    1. 3 HeartsI m very content with this last installment of the Art Series as it showcases original MC s Dieter and Gerald, and also perpetuates the similar theme of gaining ownership of a family legacy something I quite enjoyed the first go around Timothy has just inherited his late grandfather s house, and as he contemplates what to do with it, he rekindles the friendship he had as a child with Dieter Unfortunately, Timothy hasn t had it easy, having had a very tumultuous relationship with his drug [...]

    2. 3.5 stars rounded down to 3 because still no 1 2 stars here on GR.So maybe I should have just read the bookI m really torn on this one because in all honesty I wanted to really love this story The blurb sounded so good that I couldn t really imagine not loving the storyd although I didn t love this quite as much as I d anticipated there was a lot about the story that worked for me and I truly enjoyed.While the story worked for me overall my biggest distraction came from the audio side of things [...]

    3. Knowing how wildly popular Andrew Grey is I ve been looking for a title to start with, and I picked well with Legal Tender I was in the mood for something sweet and comforting and this one fit the bill perfectly.I don t know what I enjoyed , Grey s adorable story or the soothing tones of John Solo s narration.I wasn t expecting to learn so much about the history of the Double Eagle coin, or to also get such an interesting legal story, but it just goes to show that Andrew Grey s reputation as an [...]

    4. Andrew Grey is an author I automatically need to have I mean, really, really need whenever I spy he has a new book out His emotionally charged stories are full of characters that you could imagine populating your town, being friends with and enjoying time with over a cup of coffee or catching a beer on a weekend His stories always come to life for me and I can not resist reading them over and over again Each time I crack open one of this author s books, I feel like I am coming home His stories a [...]

    5. 5 stars and a Recommended Book Andrew Grey is on my list of must have new book immediately authors, and 8 or 9, if you count the out of print MASTER OF THE REVELS in the BOTTLED UP ART series does not disappoint In fact LEGAL TENDER exceeds all expectations.I love series that are like serial stories than a collection of books In LEGAL TENDER we see or hear about so many of our favorite characters from previous books in the series Mark and Tyler, Brian and Nick, Sean and Sam, Kenny and Bobby, an [...]

    6. Am I broken Words spoken by the main character Timmy that so pierced the heart of this reader that I finished the rest of the book, holding my Kindle in a firm, almost desperate grip, hoping against hope that Joiner would help him and show this beautiful young man that he wasn t broken or unlovable at all Grampy was the only one to say he loved me This book details the struggle that Timmy and Joiner endure together as they deal not only with a controversial legacy left behind by Timmy s grandfat [...]

    7. Legal Tender doesn t go far from the other books in this series, cute young man with a bit of drama in his past meets another cute man, slightly older and with an aura of security that will give stability to their relationship And so why I continue to read them They are like peanuts Or strawberries, or any other addictive food You know how they will taste, but nevertheless you need to take another and another and another.Legal Tender is sweet and comfortable the same comfort Timothy so desperate [...]

    8. This was a very enjoyable story, so much so that I have to go back and read the others in the series now I really liked both Timothy and Joiner and the secondary characters were a huge part of the story as well The research about the gold double eagle coins was very interesting and the drama surrounding whether or not they d win the court case kept me eagerly going forward Definitely a safe bet and well worth purchasing if you are intrigued by coin collecting and you happen to like Andrew Grey s [...]

    9. Legal Tender is the fourth book in this series but each stands alone fine I think this is my favorite in this series I loved all of the characters and the storyline is so touching It was nice to see Dieter and Gerald again and also Brian I loved Timothy because he is kind, noble and deserved his legacy This was a favorite because like the first book Timothy is fighting for a family heirloom that is controversial but he wants it not for the monetary value but because it was his grandad s the only [...]

    10. 4.0 A very nice conclusion so far in this series I will continue reading the series if books are written,

    11. I honestly really liked the background story, that of gold coins that are being seized by the government However, the relationship between Timmy and Joiner seemed to lack something.

    12. Legal Tender Arts Series 4Andrew GreyTimothy Besch is a man on a mission The mission is to clean up the house his Grampy left him when he died The problem with the house was that Timothy mom had lived in it for several years by herself and had never taken care of it She had gotten hooked on crack and let everything go So, bad memories of her or not, the house had to be cleaned before he could do anything with it Lucky for him his best friend from his childhood, Dieter lived a couple houses down, [...]

    13. Andrew Grey s books make me feel like I have been swaddled in a soft blanket and all is right in the world He is unapologetically romantic and I love that about him What I love about this series is that it makes me think There is so much research that goes into the legal aspect of these books that I always walk away feeling I have learned something new.Timothy has inherited his Grampy s house The problem is his drug addicted mother has been living there and he not only has to clean out the physi [...]

    14. Legal Tender is the next in the Bottled Up Art series by Andrew Grey As you know, this and the Range series are my favourites of his, and this book definitely makes the cut Legal Tender takes us back to Dieter and Gerald as Dieter meets his childhood best friend Timothy when he visits the home he grew up in, a house that happens to be two doors down from Dieter and Gerald.From the very first you find out that something horrible happened to Timothy when he was younger, a secret that caused him to [...]

    15. This book brings the connection to the series back Unlike the last book where it introduced new characters that didn t have a connection to the existing characters, this book introduces two new characters with strong connections Joiner is a new lawyer at the law firm where Gerald and Brian work and he is asked to help research a new case Timothy grew up in his Grandfather s house and moved out when there were some troubles in his past With the death of his Grampy, Timothy is back home and is fix [...]

    16. 2012 Review It s a bit, well, wooden Favouring summaries I d say probably a step backwards for the author, but I can t be certain since I ve been reading other stuff since my last exposure Kind of boring.This author certainly suffers from a serious lack of character naming skills Maybe the skill count is even in the negative numbers I mean Joiner Carver for a protagonist Also, his stepfather s name is Carter.In many ways this story is almost an exact repeat of the one three volumes ago in this s [...]

    17. I was way interested in the plot evolving around the 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin minted in Philadelphia than I was in the romantic relationship and back story of the two MCs I ended up having to stop reading and do some research on line to determine how much of what was written about the Double Eagle coins was true and what was fiction Andrew used a lot of the true history of the coins in his story which made it quite fascinating and I couldn t WAIT to see how he pulled off the MC being able to [...]

    18. Very good and although there was some serious baggage with one of the characters, it was well written, sweet, and sill very enjoyable This seemed to be one of his emotional stories with a little less focus on sexy than some, but I really liked it

    19. The characters were realistic, but the plot was pretty typical and the relationship too perfect If you love reading books that focus on happy relationships and soulmates, then I d definitely recommend this book.

    20. Well, I wanted to like this book but it simply did not make it for me The excuse for the story is nice and the timeline is simple, but maybe that was ti for me a little bit too simple for a bif fan of romance, or gay romance to be accurate.

    21. Once again some really interesting historical research went into this story It made me want to look up double eagle gold coins on.Good story between Timothy and Joiner.

    22. I have nothing but love for this series Each book within the series brought us new characters to love and laugh with I suggest reading this series You will fall in love with each book.

    23. Andrew is one of my favourite authors His books are an automatic buy.As with all his books, I really enjoyed this addition to the Bottled Up series.

    24. Great addition to the Art Stories series Andrew Grey introduces us to the most interesting and complex characters.

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