READ PDF ☆ Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet - by Terry Hope Romero

Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet By Terry Hope Romero,

  • Title: Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet
  • Author: Terry Hope Romero
  • ISBN: 9780738214863
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What If the World Was Vegan The true building blocks of cuisines across the planet are the spices, herbs, and grains from basmati rice to buckwheat, coconut to caraway seeds Apply those flavors to vegan staples such as seitan, or tofu and even straight up vegetables, and the possibilities If not endless, pretty darned expansive.So what if the world was vegan Your own coWhat If the World Was Vegan The true building blocks of cuisines across the planet are the spices, herbs, and grains from basmati rice to buckwheat, coconut to caraway seeds Apply those flavors to vegan staples such as seitan, or tofu and even straight up vegetables, and the possibilities If not endless, pretty darned expansive.So what if the world was vegan Your own cooking is the answer to that question fire up the stove and make a green curry, simmer a seitan date tagine stew, or hold a freshly made corn tortilla piled high with chile braised jackfruit in your hand Chart your course in the great, growing map of vegan food history Award winning chef, author of Veganomicon, and author of Viva Vegan Terry Hope Romero continues the vegan food revolution with than 300 bold, delicious recipes based on international favorites With chapters devoted to essential basics such as Spice Blends The Three Protein Amigos and Pickles, Chutneys Saucier Sauces, you can make everything from salads to curries, dumplings and desserts Vegan Eats World will help you map your way through a culinary world tour, whether you want to create a piergoi party or Thai feast, easy Indian chaat lunch or Your International House of Dinner Crepes.
    Vegan Eats World International Recipes for Savoring the Planet What If the World Was Vegan The true building blocks of cuisines across the planet are the spices herbs and grains from basmati rice to buckwheat coconut to caraway seeds Apply those flavors to veg

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    1. This book has gotten me excited about cooking again After a hot summer, reluctant to even enter the kitchen, cooler weather along with a re awakened appetite has hit with a vengeance My desire to get busy preparing warm stews, spicy curries and delicious dumplings was instantly ignited as I paged through the recipes in Terry Hope Romero s new book, Vegan Eats World 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet.The book has a hard cover and is similar in size, layout and feel to Veganomicon T [...]

    2. March 24, 2014I am recycling this review because I adore this cookbook It s been a couple years since I started with it, and it is consistently fabulous tasty, pretty, simple to follow I have too many favorites to choose just a couple, and each time I try something it becomes a new favorite I am amazed at its depth, now, after a couple years There is always something new to thrill me.Make yourself Preserved Lemons, folks What a game changer Dec 15, 2012So, I am not a new vegan, nor is this my fi [...]

    3. I m so excited This is the first time in ages I ve gotten an advance copy of a book, and it was a book I really wanted I couldn t have selected a better book to receive early I had the book in hand 10 23 and the official publication date is 10 30 I finished it on 10 26, reading it over my official vegan anniversary of 10 24, United Nations Day I feel very fortunate Thank you so much to Lindsey Triebel at deCapo Press for the opportunity She contacted my co creator and co mod of the Vegan Cooking [...]

    4. ARC copy generously provided by NetGalley Oh, Terry Hope Romero, what you do to me I m sitting here, looking through Vegan Eats World, and all I want to do is drop everything and run out to buy things like chickpea flour and pomegranate molasses and any number of international condiments so I can try every single recipe in this amazing cookbook.I began making notes on recipes I wanted to mention in my review and halfway through the book I was at 58 recipes, probably 85% of what I d seen thus far [...]

    5. Wow I had the opportunity to be a cookbook tester for this book when it was still in it s incomplete stage, meaning that I gave feedback to the author for each of the recipes that I tested And I tested a lot About 34 recipes in all to be exact In this book, Terry has created a lush world with vegan versions of food from all over the planet Like Latino cuisine As with her first solo cookbook project, you ll find some great dishes Interested in the culinary traditions of Japan, China, Korea, India [...]

    6. Oh.My.God This has become one of my all time favorite cookbooks My fingers are itching to actually try out the recipes The only reason I am posting before trying the recipes is that I won this as an early birthday present from the Vegan Cookbooks group, and I wanted to post before the publication date of October 30 It arrived on the 23rd I have been carting it around with me since then, showing it off to friends I think the very first recipe I will try is the Ethiopian Chocolate Flourless Torte [...]

    7. This book has many good features such as introducing many ingredients to many new readers, gorgeous photography, having food ideas from around the world etc , but it leaves me a bit uncertain and disturbed.Some things can t be made vegan and still be called the same thing than their inspiration was Imagine vegan thanksgiving turkey, vegan lamb, or vegan chicken something Exactly Fine, call it tofu something or a TVP larb but it s not the real thing I would have given this 4 stars and I hate rati [...]

    8. I m not just rating this 4 stars because I like Terry s books I m rating it 4 stars because I tested this sucker for weeks And because during that time I ate my weight in international vegan delights And most importantly because the recipes are damn good.For me, the best thing to come out of this book is the amazing cheesy topping made from chickpea flour I know, I need to look up the name And the awesome spice blends And the deserts Oh, man.The only reason for the missing star is that some of t [...]

    9. ALLES wat ik hieruit gekookt heb was een hit Verstokte vleeseters voer ik de Belgische stoofpot, hoor je niks meer van.

    10. What if the world was vegan Full disclosure I received a free copy of this cookbook for review from the publisher Also, you can read this review complete with photos on my blog Wherever it s eaten, meat basically remains the same it s plant foods that transport our senses Apply those flavors to vegan staples such as seitan or tofu and even straight up vegetables, and the possibilities If not endless, pretty darned expansive As a semi reformed fussy eater, I was both nervous and excited when Da C [...]

    11. I start this review on a sad note my book fell apart No I didn t love the book to death, though I do really love it What did the book in was the binding was crappy construction This makes me sad since this has NEVER happened to me before Sure once or twice I might of had a 10 year old cookbook fall apart on me But never a new one What makes it frustrating is that the publishing company has always made solid cookbooks.And when I say the book was falling apart, I mean the pages were falling out o [...]

    12. Is writing a review of a cookbook proof that I am at last over the hill Something about this book warms the world for me, and reminds my that my people are all over the place, in every aspect of life, just because time So many books in this arena dwell on either creating replacements of traditional dishes, making a show of costly health food chain or just gourmet ingredients, or have a taste for daily eating that comes across as something like a giant revolving salad I fell for this book because [...]

    13. Here is a book that left this reviewer with mixed feelings A sort of confusion if you like.The concept itself is simple Hundreds of recipes that are suitable for a vegan diet, underscored by an ecological motive to save the planet It is just a question as to whether this book was preaching to the converted as there seemed to be, at times, a bit of a clash of identities and meanings.Beginning with a fairly heavy, slightly oppressive, fundamentalist manifesto for veganism this book managed to anno [...]

    14. Vegan Eats World I love books and I love cooking actually, that is stretching the truth a little but I do love trying out recipes around the world and I am vegetarian, so picking this book out of the NetGalley RCs to review was a no brainer And I am soooo glad I did This book is a gift not just for vegans but for everyone and a treasure for beginner cooks You can take a culinary trip around the world right through it s pages This book is proof that vegan food can come from anywhere in the world [...]

    15. These recipes sound gooooooooood Bulgogi mmm garlic breath delight Scrubbing the cast iron grill pan not so much fun But worth it.Moussaka stew only for people who love eggplant as the main flavor of a dish The chef de cuisine and I had to admit that we do not So we were not excited about this, and oof there s a little bit left in the refrigerator that one of us is going to have to eat Pasticio it s like lasagna meets baked macaroni and cheese with a little bit of moussaka flavor thrown in Cream [...]

    16. Although I am not strictly vegan, I usually find that vegan recipes most frequently follow the way I eat, which is gluten free and dairy free As my husband has gout, I also try to cut as much meat out as possible, hence the attraction to vegan cookbooks I checkout cookbooks from the library just about every week and this one is FANTASTIC This cookbook contains an array of ethnic recipes and excellent detail on products that should be used, why and where to locate them Although there are gluten c [...]

    17. This book is a perfect choice for someone who s looking for a little adventure in the kitchen This is not weeknight stuff for that, check out The 30 Minute Vegan s Taste of the East , nor is it particularly authentic But as Terry Hope Romero says, it s what you d eat if the world was vegan Here s what I ve tried so far Ethiopian flourless torte My first flourless cake I liked its intense cocoa flavor and subtle Ethiopian spices.Tofu vindaloo Tofu in a delicious tangy, slightly spicy sauce, yum C [...]

    18. This cookbook made me want to write a love letter to the author It has brought me so much joy in the kitchen It is pretty chef tastic, so you will be mixing and stirring and steaming and baking and pickling with new and exciting ingredients My family s diet will never be the same after making friends with this cookbook for people who love LOVE LOVE delicious food It is difficult not to serve your dinner smugly, as the creations you make deserve gold medals, and it is hard to remain humble It is [...]

    19. I enjoyed this cookbook for the information techniques, but didn t find it the most user friendly I agree with another reviewer who said the font made it hard to read the recipe instructions when your eyes often jump back and forth between reading and doing I also felt like there were a lot of specialty obscure ingredients which are pretty hard to find where I live.I am not vegan, I just like trying new things I liked that this cookbook made me re think how a recipe could be altered and not just [...]

    20. Even though I ve only had time to make a couple of recipes from this book it was a heavily hinted at Christmas gift, but I have read it cover to cover a couple of times , I m going to go ahead and call it a win At first glance, many of the recipes look intimidating and involved, but the clear instructions sometimes with illustrations and ingredient explanations as a totally self taught chef, it s nice to have flavour profiles explained from time to time break things down into manageable steps Te [...]

    21. Je suis une fan de Terry Romero depuis le Veganomicon, et je suis emball e par cette nouvelle dition de plus de 300 pages, qui regorge de recettes all chantes Le livre est un bel objet papier glac , reliure, couverture rigide et la pr sentation ne d paysera pas les adeptes du Veganomicon Oui , il y a de nombreux ingr dients qui peuvent n cessiter un investissement, mais un e cuisinier re ayant un garde manger bien garni n y verra qu une occasion suppl mentaire de d couvrir de nouveaux ingr dient [...]

    22. This is a well written and presented book It s has delicious looking full color photos, a good index and delicious vegan recipes that are unique I don t think this is for the novice vegan or inexperienced cook, but the recipes are relatively easy to follow.This book loses one star because the index isn t a good one Two examples are that I was bought some purple potatoes on sale and remembered there was a recipe in her book that uses them, but was it under potatoes or even purple potatoes it was [...]

    23. I ve already tried one recipe curry avocado spread and can t wait to start trying recipes The great thing about this book and Veganomicon is that they don t rely heavily on meat analogs They don t preach and let honest ingredients shine through on their own They even help with special icons to help cooks sort by skill level and special needs gluten or soy free, budget friendly, even which recipes can be done quickly.Great gift for a new or experienced veg head.

    24. LOVE this cookbook Some of the recipes are a little too complex and time consuming for a weeknight meal but everything I have made from this book has been absolutely delicious I am vegan and for the first time ever I have been able to create meals that my meat and cheese loving husband enjoys as much as I do I can t even express how exciting it is to have my husband take a bite of a vegan meal and say This is awesome.

    25. Well, I m going to differ from most of the folks writing reviews.I found everything I made to be incredibly bland and uninspired Food is like anything else though, maybe it just wasn t my taste I do like very strong flavors and I ve travelled extensively.Now this I will say, the recipes are well thought out You don t have to really know the chemistry of cooking to make the recipes In other words, if you aren t super comfortable in the kitchen it might be a good fit for you.

    26. My two star rating is partly my fault, I m sure I m not a big international foods consumer my favourites are North American, British, Italian, French, and Mexican, so yeah But the fact that most of the recipes have a huge list of ingredients and seem to require a lot of time prepping and cooking, is definitely not my fault My life is full enough as it is, without having to spend hours in the kitchen If you like Martha Stewart, this is probably for you.

    27. A fantastic collection of vegetarian recipies, categorized by the type of world cuisine each dish falls under I m excited to get myself eating varied cuisines, rather than just a new vegetarian dish Of the few recipies I ve tried so far, I was very impressed by the cooking instructions and spice selections.

    28. Terry s books are always fantastic This one is especially comprehensive and somehow contains recipes I wanted to keep from other world cuisine cookbooks garlic puree and naan , vegan food specialties love her wheat meat and new delicious stuff I have never heard of momo dumplings A Laurel s Kitchen of today.

    29. Loving this book I received it for Christmas and have already made three dishes The recipes are clear and there is a nice obscure ingredient primer for novices There aren t photos for each dish, something I like, but the variety and quality of the recipes than makes up for that Favorite cookbook of the year

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