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De bakkersdochter By Sarah McCoy Mireille Vroege,

  • Title: De bakkersdochter
  • Author: Sarah McCoy Mireille Vroege
  • ISBN: 9789022563632
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Duitsland, 1945 De ergste oorlogsterreur is aan de jonge Elsie voorbij gegaan Zij en haar familie worden beschermd door een hooggeplaatste nazi die met haar wil trouwen Maar als er in de kerstnacht een ontsnapt Joods jongetje op de stoep staat, weet Elsie dat ze alles wat ze liefheeft in gevaar brengt als ze de deur van de bakkerswinkel voor hem opent.El Paso, Texas, zeDuitsland, 1945 De ergste oorlogsterreur is aan de jonge Elsie voorbij gegaan Zij en haar familie worden beschermd door een hooggeplaatste nazi die met haar wil trouwen Maar als er in de kerstnacht een ontsnapt Joods jongetje op de stoep staat, weet Elsie dat ze alles wat ze liefheeft in gevaar brengt als ze de deur van de bakkerswinkel voor hem opent.El Paso, Texas, zestig jaar later Journaliste Reba Adams werkt aan een kerstartikel voor het plaatselijke blad en interviewt Elsie, de oudere eigenaresse van een bakkerij aan de andere kant van de stad Elsie geeft haar verhaal maar moeilijk prijs Reba s vragen zijn een nare herinnering aan een donker verleden haar leven in Duitsland tijdens de oorlogsjaren.Als de levens van deze twee vrouwen steeds meer met elkaar verweven raken, worden ze gedwongen om de ongemakkelijke waarheid uit het verleden onder ogen te zien en de moed te vinden om te vergeven.
    De bakkersdochter Duitsland De ergste oorlogsterreur is aan de jonge Elsie voorbij gegaan Zij en haar familie worden beschermd door een hooggeplaatste nazi die met haar wil trouwen Maar als er in de kerstnacht ee

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    1. Onvan The Baker s Daughter Nevisande Sarah McCoy ISBN 307460207 ISBN13 9780307460202 Dar 304 Safhe Saal e Chap 2012

    2. ehhhhh, I thought this book was ok I think the author had a theme parallels that highlight that the moral high ground isn t always defined by a bright line, whether US border patrol or a German soldier or citizen pretty ridiculous and executed against it The writing was really lacking for me The parallels felt forced, the characters fell flat, and the book overall came across as a little contrived and even trite The characters felt caricature ish southern writer with depressed dad has trouble tr [...]

    3. I fell in love with the character Elise from the very beginning From the past, in her homeland of Nazi Germany to her current life in El Paso, Texas, the connecting thread a bakery and the baked goods that sustain her and her families souls The present story is also interesting with a woman unsure of the future and her fiance, who works for the border patrol and like Elise in the past begins questioning if what he and his country is doing is right The cruelty of Nazi Germany, the saving of one l [...]

    4. It seems to be a trend stories with alternating narratives of the past and present I know that for some this mechanism has gotten tiresome but I happen to really enjoy the blending of the past and present, the connecting of stories and characters from different times The place and the circumstances are almost always different and if this is done well, there is something that grabs me as the stories are brought together Sarah McCoy has done just that in this moving novel set in El Paso Texas in 2 [...]

    5. This book ended up being very disappointing, although I thought the plot had a lot of potential It read very much like Sarah s Key, switching back and forth between a modern story and a WWII story in Germany But it had the same problem as Sarah s Key the modern line was almost completely uninteresting, and I just kept waiting to get back to the WWII story I don t think this book was written very well, and it relied mostly on dramatic events to be exciting I prefer books that are written in a way [...]

    6. I probably need to shy away from anything that is written about Nazi Germany, but there is so much potential for good material there and so much excellence in some of the things already written that I find myself being pulled in again and again Can you say cliche You cannot humanize a man who runs a concentration camp by having him kill a fellow soldier who kills a Jewish woman while arresting her husband Why can t you tell the story of a normal German family who find themselves almost automatic [...]

    7. Review Posted on Reading Lark 3 6 12 readinglark 2012 The Baker s Daughter by Sarah McCoy is one of those books that grabs you and refuses to let you go There are so many elements that rise to the surface with this one that I found myself having to put the novel down and walk away for a bit to digest it all I went through a wide range of emotions while reading this one The Baker s Daughter is a story that spans three generations and focuses not only on the past, but is laced with implications fo [...]

    8. No one is good or bad by birth or nation or religion Inside, we are all masters and slaves, rich and poor, perfect and flawed.I really enjoyed this story about Elsie living in WWII Germany The book shows that all Germans were not active in the atrocities, and that many families were trying to live their normal lives Some of them were also affected by things like the Lebensborn program The aim of this program was to increase the Germanic Nordic population It was basically a place where racially p [...]

    9. Given the excellent reviews this book has received, I was disappointed Sarah McCoy s story tracks the life of Elsie the baker s daughter of the title during World War II in Garmisch,Germany, where her family, stalwart National Socialists, runs a bakery, and in present day El Paso, Texas In the El Paso segments, Elsie s story is subordinate to a plot line involving Reba, an American writer and Riki, a Latino border patrol agent I guess the author s intent is that Reba learn to face life challenge [...]

    10. What to say It really had the potential to be a great novel, but the non chronological jumping around between families felt like a chore I quite literally could not have cared any less about Reba and Riki and I wish they had been left out of the book altogether After reading a bio of the author I realize that they were meant to be loosely based on her own experience, but truthfully, I found them to be annoying I felt that the author was trying to make a parallel between the US Border Patrol and [...]

    11. First thoughts after finishing What an emotional powerhouse I love books that make me weep with sadness and feel such empathy to the charactersis book does that and so much I cracked the spine of The Baker s Daughter late in the morning on Saturday and finished it as the sun peeked over the horizon announcing the arrival of Sunday I was so thankful that I was the only one awake during those first early hours because I was able to be alone with my thoughts after I finished the book The last quar [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book I loved the parallel stories although I enjoyed Elsie s a bit The writing was great, really grabs you and emerge you into the story line right away I could hardly put it down The book made me gasp out loud and cry at parts Definitely a great read, highly recommend it It s a book that you can t stop thinking about even after it s over Loved it.

    13. There seems to be a lot of anticipation about to soon to be released novelThe Baker s Daughter and I can understand why Split between past and present, Nazi Germany in the last year of World War II and present day El Paso, Texas, it is the story of two very different women and how they each find themselves.Elsie Schmidt,16, is the second daughter of bakers in Garmisch, Germany Her older sister, Hazel, has been in the Lebensborn Program to produce strong, racially pure babies for the Fatherland s [...]

    14. This book was one of my favorite reads Very similar to The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult but told from a German living in Germany during WWII I loved the 2 different stories being told especially going back in time I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys reading about WWII in Germany Brilliant

    15. I fell in love with this novel that not only told a compelling story of one of the strongest, most likeable female characters I ve read, but did so with language that was delicious enough to eat the baking themes and metaphors were melt in your mouth good I seriously could not get enough McCoy is a master of weaving concurring plots one set in 40s Nazi Germany and a parallel plot set in 2007 08 Texas The book was part historical fiction readers are introduced to the unscrupulous Nazi Lebensborn [...]

    16. 3.5 stars 1942 1945 Nazi Germany is the setting for Elsie s remembrances, when she worried daily about the fate of her parents, their bakery business, and her older sister who is off having perfect Aryan babies to give away to the SS What an insane program What an insane time in history It was closely paired with the modern day story of Riki of the El Paso border patrol unit and his girlfriend Reba The author imaginatively compares the treatment of the Jews to the treatment of illegals being smu [...]

    17. Exceptional story told from a unique perspective Most of the stories I have read based during WWII are narratives of victims or relatives of victims of the Third Reich In The Baker s Daughter, the tale is told of loyal citizens of Germany both during the war and in the present Told between the past and the present,Elsie and her family s emotions run the gamut from fervent nationalism and blind loyalty to doubt and fear as the war grinds on and the atrocities mount And in the present we are treat [...]

    18. This historical novel focuses on a German family that supports Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich during WW II This is the first time that I have read anything that is written from this perspective I have read many titles that deal with the Jews and their persecution and murders I have read many stories of Jewish survivors of this horror I have also read the stories of Righteous Gentiles who saved the lives of many Jews, and I am currently reading several books about the great German theologian, D [...]

    19. 3.5 stars The Baker s Daughter brings us a story that alternates from 1945 to 2008 We meet Elsie, a young German girl who has endured hardship and much sadness throughout WWII We also meet Reba, in present day Texas, who is now conducting a series of interviews with a much older Elsie as part of a magazine series on Christmas Traditions These interviews turn into memories from Elsie s life during the war At the same time, getting to know Elsie leads Reba to reflecting on her own life Elsie s sto [...]

    20. Totally over rated I don t usually like fiction about the Nazi experience because there are so many fantastically written In fiction books that it seems artificial These characters were mostly that and the whole plot and story lines were disjointed and oddly unfinished I don t understand and why people loved it so much unless they knew little or nothing about the reality of those times.

    21. How to make a Baker s Daughter Multilayer Cake.Ingredients Four or sympathetic perspectives One cup each of semi realistic, touching stories from WWII era Germany and present day Texas Just a dash of drama easy to overdo it here A pinch of heartbreak and a dollop of humanity As many references to tasty sounding but difficult to pronounce German confections as will fit in your mixing bowl.Don t worry too much about stirring the varied scenes and perspectives together they blend together quite na [...]

    22. I would definitely give this book a four star review the historical thread was beautifully written and Sarah McCoy managed to recreate the German reality in an amazing way It was touching and carefully drawn, with great eye for unusual detail.However, in my opinion she committed one huge mistake with the contemporary plot in Reba s and Ricky story by trying to compare the American Mexican border situation to German situation during the World War II I understand it was not intentional in any way, [...]

    23. I read this for book club, and thankfully it moved along quickly and descriptions didn t slow it down Then again, the descriptions of the baked goods just made me hungry all the time There are recipes in the back and I am interested in trying some of them out The story hits too close to home, even though it was published five years ago There are two different scenarios that remind me of current events At first I thought I wouldn t be able to read any further because of this, but then I decided t [...]

    24. The Baker s Daughter is really a story within a story In the set up story Reba Allen, a writer for a local magazine in El Paso, Texas, is assigned to write a fluff piece about the Christmas customs of the various cultures that make up the melting pot that is El Paso In pursuit of this, she decides to interview Elsie Schmidt, a German immigrant and owner of Elsie s German Bakerie Thus the reader is introduced to the second story of the book, that of Elsie Schmidt and her family during the waning [...]

    25. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesThe Baker s Daughter is riveting and haunting and I loved every word A story of family, love and choices, this novel alternates between a vivid portrayal of World War II via Elsie as she comes of age during the war and Reba in the present day whose own traumatic life events have shaken her As the two lives intersect, this novel shows how the past can help heal the present if we re willing to listen.I LOVED Elsie She s spunky, fearless and feisty The choices sh [...]

    26. It is perhaps human nature to believe that everyone that supported the Nazis were bad people The truth is that many people were simply trapped in an environment where speaking out meant imprisonment, torture or death Elsie s family operated a bakery in Germany during the war and they were simply trying to survive along with others in their community Elsie s older sister had been taken into a breeding program and her sole purpose was to produce kids for the great Aryan nation Elsie is left at hom [...]

    27. I really loved this book a lot It is one of those books that I know I will be thinking about for a long time Sarah McCoy takes what would seem to be two totally different story lines and blends them into an unforgettable story One part of the story is set in the present time and focuses on Reba who feels lost and alone and does not know what to do with her life She is in a relationship with Riki who works for the US Border Patrol but has been having doubts While learning about her life we also r [...]

    28. So what we have here is two story lines, one set in present day Texas, one set in WWII Germany, featuring bakeries, some good strong characters, themes of family, understanding, forgiveness and recipes Yes, please Four and a half stars I read this basically in one day I picked it up of the new book shelf at the library because it sounded like my kind of book and then set it aside because, as often seems to be the case, not one but two other requested, highly desirable books came in and I can alw [...]

    29. This novel takes place in both Garmisch, Germany, and El Paso, Texas, from 1944 to the late 2000 s I am a huge fan of historical fiction that takes place in Nazi Germany, and I think that part of this novel was the strongest The story moves back and forth between Germany and El Paso, and I think the author managed the transitions very well I would also mention that the historical facts appeared very well researched and accurate which is important to me I loved that the German language was sprink [...]

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