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Dragon Fire By Humphrey Hawksley,

  • Title: Dragon Fire
  • Author: Humphrey Hawksley
  • ISBN: 9780330391566
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on real happenings in Asia, this story tells of an attempt to liberate Tibetan religious leaders which escalates into China helping a Pakistani invasion of India, using nuclear weapons The US, Europe and Japan find themselves aligned against China, with Russia in the background.
    Dragon Fire Based on real happenings in Asia this story tells of an attempt to liberate Tibetan religious leaders which escalates into China helping a Pakistani invasion of India using nuclear weapons The US E

    One thought on “Dragon Fire”

    1. Very eerily practical and very very possible fiction well researched though would ve loved to see details in the military perspectives and a little less of the political wrangling but that s the author s style

    2. This book was very good until end , till 2 3 of book the scenarios were looking possible The characters of countries was shown correctly But i think during climax author got bored and wrote hypothetical scenarios , like Indian PM not being in bunker with nuclear attack ongoing And then China uses nuclear bomb without much consideration or reason, and than most stupid thing all big cities of India are destroyed but India does not even target Beijing And also china most military is destroyed in in [...]

    3. A very interesting read relating to Asian politics The only problem is that it was originally written before 9 11, so the response of America as shown in this book would have been very different from what it would have done if the war had actually taken place in 2007 Also in reality America would have tried to avert the war Also Russia s response was a bit of surprise.Other than that the story played out beautifully and was as close to reality as the conditions permitted India, China and Pakista [...]

    4. Another good Hawskley book on potential developments in the World This one focuses on Central Asia and specifically with a war between India and Pakistan.The book should hold your interest and like most in this genre one should not over analyse and seek to make a debate, instead enjoy them as the authors imaginative display of his knowledge and creativity Over all it is a fun adventure.74 %

    5. This is one of those mind blowing fictions that narrows the line between fiction and reality The author cleverly weaves the nitty gritties of Asian politics into a fictional war account which is both informative and scary Each chapter is just 2 3 pages long which makes this one a real page turner.

    6. A beautifully well thought book which gives a fantastic insight about the critical political scenario of the world The description of the war taking place was so licely and vivid that it made me beleive for a sceond that we are actually on a war and m reading the newspaper.

    7. A follow up from the novel Dragon Strike, this very interesting novel simulates a war fought on one side by India vs China and Pakistan on the other side.Proton Bombs, Nuclear Bombs and thrilling story line that might one day come true, will surely fire up your imagination.

    8. Gripping page turner raises a scary scenario of India vs Pakistan war with China orchestrating the show the 3 nuclear neighbors face off.ry well researched down to pointing out India s army posts accurately

    9. I read this book in my first year , and for few days i was in total awe with book The pleasure you get when you pick up a book at random and it turns out to be so good.A must read definitely

    10. good n thrilling bookbut the climax s not to my tastei think we all would have liked to have a optimistic finale

    11. A great readSecond of 3 books about a future with China as an emerging superpower and possible consequences through war with different countries.

    12. Amazingly well written book Humphrey Hawksley s writing is realistic and paints pictures in the reader s mind.

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