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Coming up for Air By George Orwell,

  • Title: Coming up for Air
  • Author: George Orwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Insurance salesman George Fatty Bowling lives with his humorless wife and their two irritating children in a dull house in a tract development in the historyless London suburb of West Bletchley The year is 1938 doomsayers are declaring that England will be at war again by 1941 When George bets on an unlikely horse and wins, he finds himself with a little extra cash onInsurance salesman George Fatty Bowling lives with his humorless wife and their two irritating children in a dull house in a tract development in the historyless London suburb of West Bletchley The year is 1938 doomsayers are declaring that England will be at war again by 1941 When George bets on an unlikely horse and wins, he finds himself with a little extra cash on his hands What should he spend it on The alternatives, it seemed to me, were either a week end with a woman or dribbling it quietly away on odds and ends such as cigars and double whiskeys But a chance encounter with a poster in Charing Cross sets him off on a tremendous journey into his own memories memories, especially, of a boyhood spent in Lower Binfield, the country village where he grew up His recollections are pungent and detailed Touch by touch, he paints for us a whole world that is already nearly lost a world not yet ruled by the fear of war and not yet blighted by war s aftermath 1913 My God 1913 The stillness, the green water, the rushing of the weir It ll never come again I don t mean that 1913 will never come again I mean the feeling inside you, the feeling of not being in a hurry and not being frightened, the feeling you ve either had and don t need to be told about, or haven t had and won t ever have the chance to learn Alas, George finds that even Lower Binfield has been darkened by the bomber s shadow Readers of 1984 will recognize Orwell s desperate insistence on the importance of the individual, of memory, of history, and of language and they will find in Fatty Bowling one of Orwell s most engaging creations a warm, witty, thinking, remembering Everyman in a world that is fast learning not to think and not to remember, and thus swiftly losing its mind Daniel Hintzsche
    Coming up for Air Insurance salesman George Fatty Bowling lives with his humorless wife and their two irritating children in a dull house in a tract development in the historyless London suburb of West Bletchley The ye

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    1. I ve read the book Coming Up for Air written by George Orwell He is a British author who s native born name is Eric Arthur Blair He lived from 1903 to 1950 Orwell s book is a tragedy which is combined with a lot of humour It s not only based on the historical events of this story, but also based on incredible aphorisms which consequently motivates the reader to deal with the details and messages It s a very personal book which broaches the issue of a normal childhood combined with the fear of th [...]

    2. Orwell in mizah anlay na ve insanlar ele tirme tarz na hayran kalmamak imkans z Hepimizi sat n alm lar, hem de kendi param zla sayfa 21

    3. That s the way we re going nowadays Everything slick and streamlined, everything made out of something else George Orwell, Coming Up for Air A novel that explores the pastoral life and experiences of youth in Edwardian England before the First World War as a memory of a man who is anxious about his own existence and pessimistic about his nation s inevitable progress towards another world war.I think John Wain was right when he said, What makes _Coming Up For Air_ so peculiarly bitter to the tast [...]

    4. One of Orwell s less well known novels it is a rather bleak comic novel written and set in 1938 1939 It is a well written novel about nostalgia, the lower middle classes, relationships between men and women and middle age Orwell is primarily a political writer and as he said himself, Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism Given works like 1984 and Animal Farm, it isn t surprising tha [...]

    5. As with Orwell s other books, I loved his endearing trademark of dry wit and humor in his powerful storytelling This novel would probably resonate with anyone who has ever experienced an urge for an escapist indulgence I would have given this book five stars had it not been for the description of wicked little boys killing baby birds for fun.This is a story about a middle aged man trying to find an escape from boredom, fear and anxieties about aging, impending disaster and existence in general I [...]

    6. When I first had a look at this, I wondered if it was really by the same George Orwell It certainly didn t seem to be anything like 1984 or Animal Farm But it was indeed he I spent most of the book wondering if anything was actually going to happen in this story And nothing really did I hated it at first, but for some reason I kept coming back to it It grew on me.The protagonist, a fat and rather unlikeable father of two named George Bowling, leads a rather boring middle class existence in the m [...]

    7. I didn t really know what to expect when I picked up Coming Up for Air I knew it wouldn t be the scathing allegory that is Animal Farm and I knew it wouldn t be the terrifying dystopia of 1984 I wasn t sure what Orwell would do with the story of a middle aged man who is frustrated with his empty suburban life, as the world moves inexorably towards World War II I think I had forgotten how beautiful his prose was, and how he had this uncanny inability to capture feelings and thoughts and put them [...]

    8. My preoccupation with British literature set in the immediate pre WW2 era and in, or around, London continues I recently read Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton and that kickstarted a whole fascination with English literature set in or around London c1939 In addition to Hangover Square, particular recent highlights includeLondon Belongs to MeThe Slaves of SolitudeOf Love And Hunger s a rich vein that I continue to mine Coming Up For Air was my first George Orwell since Homage to Catalonia a few [...]

    9. Released in 1939, Coming Up for Air is perhaps the final kiss of death to pre war life in miserable old England, and the first ready for war book to soberly embrace the next six agonising years The protagonist George is a First World War veteran whose life has settled into the predetermined routine of people of his class and age a travelling insurance position, a nagging harridan of a missus, and two kids too many After kvetching about his sorry lot in Part One, he recalls his childhood in Part [...]

    10. Orwell sen ne muhte em bir yazars n Kitab n daha ilk sayfalar nda bu c mleyi kurduyor Orwell, en nl eserleri 1984 ve Hayvan iftli i olsa da ki onlar ok severim , geri planda kalan eserleri de onlar kadar iyiymi bu kitapla bunu daha iyi anlad m Kitab okuduk a sevdim, sevdik e okudum.Belki insan as l beyni durunca l yor, yeni bir d nceyi idrak etme g c n yitirince.Orwell kitab ok yal n bir dille kaleme alm , s sl c mleler yok ama anlat lan onca d nce var Kitapta sava n insanlar ve ekonomi zerindek [...]

    11. Nereden ve nas l ba lasam bilemiyorum ncelikle tek s zc kle zetleyeyim de M kemmel Ger ekten m kemmel bir kitapt Hayvan iftli i ve 1984 ile tan nan George Orwell in bence ilk okunmas gereken eseri nk zekas n , s zc klerle oynama becerisini ve muhte em bir yazar n sinyalini veren ok g zel bir eser bu.A k as bu kitap k t phanemde aylard r bekliyordu Bir iki defa elimde gezdirdim ama tam anlam yla can m istemedi i i in b rakt m Neden sonra bir i tahla bu kitab arad m raflar n aras nda ve elime alma [...]

    12. Coming Up For Air is written in the first person as George Bowling, although George Orwell doesn t take long to break out in the first 30 pages with his own social critique on housing estates rackets developers etc It took me a while to warm to George Bowling s voice as the narrator.Part II is a change in conversation from Part I Part II starts off with George Bowling realising how much his life has changed since he was a young lad Then for the next 93 pages George is reminiscing on his formativ [...]

    13. George Orwell had a way of grabbing the reader s attention with opening sentences The first sentence of 1984, for example, has stuck in my mind since I first read the novel over forty years ago It was a bright day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen The first sentence of this novel is just as memorable The idea really came to me the day I got my new false teeth If the opening of 1984 foreshadows the dystopia in which that novel is set, the opening of this one suggests the work will p [...]

    14. Ne to druga iji Orwell, ali jednako pronicljiv i britak Ovo je sentimentalna knjiga o odrastanju, puna slika iz djetinjstva koje je odavno pro lo i vi e se ne e i ne mo e vratiti Glavni je lik prosje an mu karac, sa svojih 45 godina ima prosje an posao, vi ak kilograma, enu koju samo trpi, a ne voli previ e, dvoje djece koju smatra dave ima i brige svakodnevnog ivota i po ni emu se ne isti e Dok razmi lja o svemu to je pro lo, ali o o ratu koji e do i, Hitleru i opasnosti koja je pred vratima, s [...]

    15. Kitaptan notlar Ev i leri i in tutulan bir kad n ona g re mutlaka pisli i dolap alt na s p r r Her eye vakit vard r ama yapmaya de er eyler hari Sahiden nemsedi iniz bir eyi d n n Sonra sadece ona harcad n z zaman saat saat toplay n ve hayat n z n ne kadarc k bir b l m n kapsad n hesaplay n Sava tan nce hep yazd daha nce s yledi im gibi, bir yan lsama tabii ama hat rlad m bu Bu g nlerde fikir sahibi herkes korkudan kaskat kesiliyor Yapmak istedi imiz eylerin hep yap lamayacak eyler oldu unu d ne [...]

    16. ocukluk, aile, sava , kasaba, ya l l k, hayat ve l m D md z bloklar olan bir kitap Konu ma belki yok denecek kadar az Ama buna ra men bu kadar s r kleyici olmas ve elden b rakamadan okunmas yazar n ve evirmenin yetene i elbette ok be endim zerine yazaca m ok ey var ama bence siz hi burada vakit kaybetmeyin ve Orwell in t m kitaplar n okumay hedef edinin.

    17. This book is amazing I rarely connect on multiply levels with characters in books, but I have a huge connection with Tubby Bowling I see myself in him, or I should say I could see my life going down his path, because he is disappointed with his life and where is at He had a lot of big dreams but they all fell one by one to end as an insurance salesman with a decent house in suburbia and a disliked family This is one of Orwell s forgotten masterpieces in that few look beyond his 1984 or Animal Fa [...]

    18. This is my fifth Orwell and the one I liked the most, so far I reckon how I should reread and in English at this time both 1984 and Animal Farm before putting Coming Up for Air on top, but at the moment it stands there So why have I liked this novel so much Oh, there are several and kind of personal reasons To begin with, I had the chance to spend some time in the tiny village of Sutton Courtenay where Eric Arthur Blair better known as George Orwell rests Sutton Courtenay is just a little corner [...]

    19. Loved it, just loved it Orwell is fast becoming one of my favourite authors Love his humour, wit and sarcasm Lovely story about nostalgia which I would definitely read again.

    20. ocukluktan gen li e ad m atarken hayatlar de i tiren o sava g rm olan bir adam Tabi onun i inde her ey de i iyor Sava bitiyor fiilen Ama insanlar n i indeki sava bitmiyor George un i indeki sava bitmiyor Hatta i ini bitiriyor st ne Hayatta bir amac kalm yor ylesine herkese uyarak ya ayan birine d n yor G nl k rutinleri g rev eklinde yerine getiren biri oluyor Hayat n ilerisi diye bir garanti yok onun i in Bu y zden de sava tan nceki g nlerine d nmek istiyor yle m kemmel bir hayat olmasa da o zam [...]

    21. Coming Up for Air was written whilst Orwell was convalescing in Morocco in 1938, which would be a year after he returned from Spain in 1937, due to his tuberculosis which would hinder him until his death in 1950 his convalescence didn t have much success apparently Whilst not his most political novel say, compared to his later works , still has quite an insightful aspect regarding life in Britain for the Lower Middle Class on the eve of a coming global cataclysm that everyone expects and George [...]

    22. The past is a curious thing It s with you all the time I suppose an hour never passes without your thinking of things that happened ten or twenty years ago, and yet most of the time it s got no reality In very short the story is about a man who leads a very ordinary, quite dull, existence in 1939 England He looks back on his childhood and takes a trip to where he grew up to reminiscence.Compared to his other works, yes, it s not his best But in comparison to other authors, Orwell has the best wo [...]

    23. Well now, this is what I call an interesting book Orwell is one of my favorite authors I think pretty much everything he wrote is worth reading but there is so much complexity to this novel The first thing I thought was the fact that you could see 1984 Animal Farm coming reading that book The brilliant thing about his writing is that Orwell has such a sharp wit, he is an intellectual and his satire makes everything better What I didn t like about Coming Up for Air was the ryhtm Even though it wa [...]

    24. Bundan nceki Orwell kitaplar ndan 1984, Hayvanlar iftli i, Burma G nleri, Katolonya dan Selam ok farkl bir kitap ok keyifle okunuyor, zellikle Portoeus karakteri m thi Sava ng r s ve sava sonras kayg lar ok g zel anlat l yor.

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