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Phoenix Rising By Karen Hesse,

  • Title: Phoenix Rising
  • Author: Karen Hesse
  • ISBN: 9780805031089
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nyle s life with her grandmother on their Vermont sheep farm advances rhythmically through the seasons until the night of the accident at the Cookshire nuclear power plant Without warning, Nyle s modest world fills with protective masks, evacuations, contaminated food, disruptions, and mistrust.Nyle adjusts to the changes As long as the fallout continues blowing to the ENyle s life with her grandmother on their Vermont sheep farm advances rhythmically through the seasons until the night of the accident at the Cookshire nuclear power plant Without warning, Nyle s modest world fills with protective masks, evacuations, contaminated food, disruptions, and mistrust.Nyle adjusts to the changes As long as the fallout continues blowing to the East, Nyle, Gran, and the farm can go on But into this uncertain haven stumble Ezra Trent and his mother, refugees from the heart of the accident, who take temporary shelter in the back bedroom of Nyle s house.The back bedroom is the dying room It took her mother when Nyle was six it stole away her grandfather just two years ago Now Ezra is back there and Nyle doesn t want to open her heart to him Too many times she s let people in, only to have them desert her.Karen Hesse s voice and vision are grounded in truth she takes on a nearly unharnessable subject, contains it, and makes it resonate with honesty Part love story, part coming of age, this is a tour de force by a gifted writer.
    Phoenix Rising Nyle s life with her grandmother on their Vermont sheep farm advances rhythmically through the seasons until the night of the accident at the Cookshire nuclear power plant Without warning Nyle s mode

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    1. Everyone should read this book It made me cry The characters are very real because of the complicated emotions they have The plot about the radiation was relatable because although it s not as bad today, people still have horrible cancer This book is really touching.

    2. Though I haven t read this book in YEARS, it used to be one of my favorites in school I cannot tell you how many times I signed this book out of the library, and read it with a box of tissues December 2011 I got this book as a Christmas gift because my sister knew how much I loved this book and wanted a copy I re read this and loved it just as much now as I did back then While it s juvenile fiction, nothing about it reads that way It s a beautiful story of first love and loss under the backdrop [...]

    3. I was pulled into this book It is a fast read I read it in one evening I just love the charaters of the story they got me hooked I love books that just pull at me emotionaly like this one did.

    4. Note to self I actually read Sluggy Freelance book Phoenix Rising, but it s not yet on and I wanted it to count for my reading challenge.

    5. Spoiler alert This novel began in a family that only consisted of Nyle and her grandmother, because her father left her and both her mother and grandfather died Nyle is a teenage girl that lived in a house next to her farm with sheeps She also have a best friend, short but strong named Munice Since shes in a farm, the most deadly thing that can wipe out the entire farm is radiation Thats what resulted in her meeting Ezra, a boy that was sicken by radiation and had to move to her house along with [...]

    6. Phoenix Rising began with an interesting premise, but ended up getting mired in a swamp of YA tropes that I was really hoping to avoid It takes place on a farm that is on the outskirts of Boston where a nuclear power plant has gone into meltdown The fallout exists as a nameless fear that the characters are constantly dealing with, and with the mention of Anne Frank, it becomes an interesting metaphor for life in Nazi Germany especially when the main character and her grandmother agree to take in [...]

    7. This book was recommended to me by my sister and I m so glad I listened First, I love Karen Hesse s style and have read at least one other book by her I like that her books have relatable and lovable characters and that they read rather quickly I loved that something Nyle was so afraid of ended up being something she loved very fiercely toward the end of the book I loved the progression of Nyle and Ezra s relationship and I found myself on pins and needles at the end of the book when Ezra s heal [...]

    8. This book was a guilty pleasure of mine for years The secret part of you who longs for a disaster to happen so you can go help people to make yourself a useful, charitable person will like this book.It s the story of a girl who lives near a nuclear power plant There s an accident, and her family must take in a survivor who s essentially dying of leukemia As fate would have it, this survivor happens to be a young boy who is just what this girl is not looking for, someone to help her realize what [...]

    9. I might actually give this book four and a half stars It is kind of hard for me to review it, as I see it as such a masterful story that I m afraid I will not do it full justice.Karen Hesse just blew me away in these pages, coupling multiple storylines that are all equally compelling and heartrending The pacing is quiet and perhaps understated, but the emotions all ring true and very powerfully, throughout the entire book all the way to the breathtakingly engineered climax and ending No praise I [...]

    10. I can t give it 5 stars because I have issues with authors who use children s literature to push their political agendas The story of love and loss and learning to let go captured my heart, but Hesse spoiled some of the magic with her sometimes not subtle political preaching I got through those passages by looking through my science fiction lenses I don t even know whether I completely disagree with her I just didn t like so much of it in the story Some was necessary to make the setting realisti [...]

    11. This book is about radiation and how it was affecting around people such as the main character Nyle Nyle ended up taking care a guy named Ezra who was sick in bed for a long time I liked how the story was going between the two of them, and also how the friendship was also affecting between Muncie and Nyle I like how it tells that even with friendship there was ups and downs, but towards the end I wish Nyle and Ezra could ve fell in love because I felt there was a strong chemistry together.

    12. I am currently on one of my reading sprees One every two days This was by the same author as A Time of Angels Another historical fiction novel that was a quick read Gives you a picture of what living in a nuclear age can do to people Good book.

    13. A cautionary tale about the dangers of nuclear power Trite and preachy at times but with a touching story line.

    14. This book is really sad, and it s about a girl named Nyle who her Mom, and grandfather died Her dad disappered, and when she decides to care about someone else they also die.

    15. I ve had this book for nearly 15 years and I ve read it dozens of times And each and every timeI sob Amazing book.

    16. This is a love story, a coming of age story, like no other It s real, gripping, tender, hopeful, and ultimately, absolutely shattering It calls up deeper thoughts about our illusion of safety, about mortality, and the things that shape us Though it was written in 1994, in the wake of Chernobyl, it seems so timely today, when radiation still leaks out of Fukushima, and when North Korea threatens the world with its nuclear capability.Nyle Sumner is thirteen when the nearby Cookshire nuclear plant [...]

    17. I m an adult reading this book and that s part of the reason for the 3 stars probably closer to a 3.5 Following Nyle and her grandmother through the months after the accident at the Crookshire nuclear power plant was certainly an eye opening experience Wearing masks outside Radiation detector sitting in the kitchen Worrying about the direction the wind is blowing as long as it blows east they are okay Then Nyle comes home from school and there is someone in the back bedroom the dying room Nyle s [...]

    18. I found this post apocalypse novel for young adults affecting than Chris Bohjalian s book on the same topic, Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands Radiation from a nuclear plant disaster in Vermont has changed everything It could have been because it takes place on a sheep farm, but the interactions seemed authentic as did the resolution Definitely chilling.

    19. While I think the subject matter was touching, the story was a bit predictable and some of the characters were seemingly forced perhaps if I read this in middle school, I would have liked it As an adult it is a quick read, with some interest, but not nearly as good as Out of the Dust by the same author.

    20. Nyle Sumner, a teenage orphaned girl, and her grandmother live together on a sheep farm After a nuclear accident happens nearby her grandmother decides to take in Ezra Trent 15 and his mother Miriam Nyle tries to coax Ezra back to life and learns countless life lessons along the way.

    21. Phoenix Rising is a book about young orphan named Nyle and her grandmother They live on a farm and there is a nuclear radiation that is slowly killing them off.

    22. My son had to read this for class and asked me to read along with him It s a great book for his age 12 and there s a character development The ending was really sad though

    23. The tragedies of accidents are often ingrained in their events When reading the news, we can understand the gravity of the situation, but we often forget about each individual that was affected, and how each of their lives would be impacted In this sense, Phoenix Rising takes a large scale disaster and zooms in on the individual level In a fictional storyline, but real setting, Karen Hesse starts off by depicting a nuclear accident in Cookshire A nuclear fallout ensues, and the story is then nar [...]

    24. Hard to put into words Makes you think about life, love, friendship, family, and importance of being there for others.

    25. Snyle lives in a nice place until the accident happened She is gets ready for school by putting her radiation mask on Her world he lives in is cruel and harsh conditions Snyle family is her just her grandmother Her grandmother loves her a lot while but every one she knows is getting sick of the radiation outside But her world changes when her grand mom passes away and then she not only haft to take care of herself but a person who is dying because of the radiation in the area While she is taking [...]

    26. Phoenix Rising, by Newbery award winning author Karen Hesse, is a story about a young girl, Nyle, whose life is changed by a nuclear power plant disaster in her town Nyle and her grandmother live on a farm outside of town, and even though their farm was not hurt by the disaster, their lives were still touched forever Nyle and her grandmother take in refugees from the disaster, who stay in the back bedroom of their house It is a room that Nyle associates with death, and she fears it will happen a [...]

    27. I remember years ago when I was quite young watching a movie about radiation fallout I didn t understand much at the time as to what was going on excepting that it was devastating and hopeless As I read this book, I was reminded of the movie This book too, is devastating but not hopeless I suppose in some ways it is, but there is much good here too as in all difficult things There are those that rise above it and those who succumb This was very well written and thought provoking.

    28. Phoenix Rising by Karen Hesse follows the story of a young girl named Nyle who lives in an area that is threatened by the presence of the Cookshire power plant Soon her life instantly changes after an intense accident occurs, and she finds herself having to wear gas masks, worry about food, and fear for the health of her life While adjusting to this new life, she finds herself helping a boy named Ezra and his mother and they are brought into her home because they are refugees She feels as though [...]

    29. I remember reading this child when I was younger but at that time it didn t really do any fireworks for me The majority that I could remember was that there was a dying room and the cover, which is interesting in and of itself And so when I was presented with this book again I chose to buy it while it has begged me to read it in the last few days without letting up First of all the story is generic for young adults but also a fast yet easy read that will grasp your attention from page one to the [...]

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