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Reap The Harvest By Margaret Dickinson,

  • Title: Reap The Harvest
  • Author: Margaret Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9780330344791
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the disastrous floods of 1953, Ella Hilton is compelled to live at Brumbys Farm with her grandmother, Esther, and is soon acutely aware of the mysteries surrounding her familys past As Ella grows up and falls in love herself, the story of three generations of womenEsther, Kate and Ella, comes full circle and history seems destined to repeat itself in tragedy
    Reap The Harvest Following the disastrous floods of Ella Hilton is compelled to live at Brumbys Farm with her grandmother Esther and is soon acutely aware of the mysteries surrounding her familys past As Ella

    One thought on “Reap The Harvest”

    1. A very emotive tale from fear to laughter to fun and frustration an entertaining book to read well worth 5 minutes of your time

    2. The third in the Fleethaven Point series, which started off with the story of Esther, then moved on to her daughter Kate, and now finishes with grand daughter Ella Following the 1953 East Coast floods, orphaned Ella is forced to live with her grandmother, Esther, on Brumby s Farm There is a mutual feeling of antagonism between the two, mainly because they are so alike in their stubbornness and determination Apart from her beloved grandfather and young Rob on nearby Rookery Farm, Ella feels unlov [...]

    3. I loved this series The wait for this one and Sow The Seed was totally worth the wait I really enjoyed the last book and the second and the first to,all of them There wasn t anything I didn t like I cryed when Kate died in this book, that was really sad and especially how she died to I really liked Ella, and I enjoyed reading she got to met her dad and I loved her other grandmother came round and loved her after the shock of finding out about her There is so much I loved in this book, I love eve [...]

    4. An enjoyable book I loved the feisty grannie Esther and her delightful husband Jonathan This book had sad moments and when my two favourite characters passed away at the end I actually cried I always know its a good book when it actually makes me cry at a characters expense, as the author has touched me in such an emotional way and has done it so that the book s plot has crept up on me.

    5. Having read the previous two books in short succession I had a fair idea where this one was going, but was anxious to find out exactly what happened along the way events were largely inevitable, but I still wish they could have been otherwise.Although each would work as a stand along book, the three books in the series certainly merit reading together or relatively close together

    6. Really enjoyed this book it only took me two days to read great one for on the beach not a lot of thinking but the story was interesting.

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