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Sow the Seed By Margaret Dickinson,

  • Title: Sow the Seed
  • Author: Margaret Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9780330331395
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1926 and soon to be parted from her home, family and most of all her beloved Danny, Kate Hilton is devastated when she is sent away to boarding school When she learns that she and Danny can never marry, she finds unexpected release with the outbreak of war and becomes a driver in the WAAF.
    Sow the Seed It is and soon to be parted from her home family and most of all her beloved Danny Kate Hilton is devastated when she is sent away to boarding school When she learns that she and Danny can neve

    One thought on “Sow the Seed”

    1. 3.5 Ok.Set in rural, poor, on the beach coast of Lincolnshire England in 1926 The book is very predictable I felt it had so much potential but never fully develops any of the characters, or the scenes Except perhaps the very end the last 50 odd pages , I knew what was going to happen it almost feels like just when it s getting good it jumps, and moves on to the next scene saga and thus feel like its really lacking something, and I kept feeling like I wanted almost there, but then, ugh The book [...]

    2. wow really enjoyed this likeable characters from the start, although I guessed the mystery but nevermind i didn t realise this was the second book in a trilogy so will be reading them in the wrong order

    3. This is the second in the Fleethaven Point series of novels by Margaret Dickinson and takes up the story with the young Kate Hilton In an attempt to stop the developing relationship with her daughter s lifelong friend, Danny Eland, Esther arranges for Kate to attend a boarding school in Lincoln, which ends only when Kate runs away By the time Kate and Danny are eighteen they have declared their love for each other and it is only when telling their parents, that they learn the truth, that they ca [...]

    4. Since I read Plough the Furrow, I had to read the second part of the trilogy though each book is complete by itself.The second book goes to the next generation and its like history repeats itself Kate the child of strong willed Esther goes through an action filled childhood, falling into a doomed relationship , painful pure , living with her mom and step dad , going through lifes up and down, living through world war 2 falling in love and coming back to her roots One can imagine the horror of wa [...]

    5. Rather less predictable than the first book in the series Plough The Furrow , and with a storyline which both tugs at the heartstrings and keeps you guessing roll on book 3

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