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The Red Dice By Christopher Pike,

  • Title: The Red Dice
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671872687
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alisa and her former FBI partner, Joel, learn of a government plan to capture them in order to steal and analyze their vampire blood for the purpose of duplicating it, and when Joel is caught, Alisa risks her life to free him.
    The Red Dice Alisa and her former FBI partner Joel learn of a government plan to capture them in order to steal and analyze their vampire blood for the purpose of duplicating it and when Joel is caught Alisa r

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    2. Apparently I didn t have this in my reading journal But the copy I m reading is from my 20 year old saved box of Pike books So first read is estimated as 1995 Second read January 2013.

    3. Once again another cliffhanger is answered Sita has yet again taken on another dangerous adventure and this time it is with the FBI and police rather than vampires Joel is taken captive and experimented on as the government is interested in vampires The first few pages of the book didn t really do a good job in drawing me in, but I wanted to continue the series so I advanced a few pages in Within the 40th page, I was drawn in When I was completely drawn in, it took me two hours or so to finish [...]

    4. The first book of the first volume of this series really had me intrigued I really liked the overall plot and the themes of the story I loved the idea of reincarnation, and having God s grace It was interesting to see the characters battle with the world and at the same time try not to compromise their beliefs and principles It was action packed, full of surprises, and I loved the main character She was a very powerful woman, and I mean that in the sense of her will She never gave up, and ALWAYS [...]

    5. The body count had to have hit at least 20 within the first chapter That s always a set up for a win if I ve ever read one Pike doesn t pull any punches If people need to die, then they re going to die And do they die.Alisa is still Alisa a five thousand year old vampire just trying to survive and stay in her god s good graces while she s at it The thing is, all of these human interactions are starting to wear on her and it shows First Ray and then Joel It s no surprise that as the series went o [...]

    6. 3 12 10 3 16 10 I re read this via Thirst No 1 The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice Sita has escaped L.A with her new partner and new vampire Joel in tow She leaves behind a wake of devastation, jumping across buildings, gunning down FBI agents, stealing a helicopter After she crashes the helicopter into a lake to try to escape the military aircraft chasing her and Joel, Joel is captured and taken to a secret military compound Sita fears that the scientists there will try to use his vampire b [...]

    7. I have finished the 3rd book in Thirst No1 Last Vampire Series Red Dice by Christopher Pike I have one word WOW I loved it from start to finish, Sita a 5,000 year old kick butt vampire has to rescue her recently turned vampire lover Joel from a top secret base in Las Vegas She risks her life to make sure that her promise to Krishna is not broken Even though she has broke the promise already by making Joel a vampire Sita was not to make any vampires, but the government has other plans This book b [...]

    8. The Last Vampire 3 Red Dice, by Christopher PikeAt the start of this book, Sita wakes up next to Joel, an F.B.I agent she was forced to change to save his life In doing so, she broke the vow she made to Krishna than five thousand years ago, and she wonders if doing so has damned her The action starts off just a little too fast in Red Dice In the previous book, Black Blood, Sita had been on the track of a psychotic vampire who left a bloodbath in the streets of Los Angeles His actions attracted [...]

    9. Crazy demon hand is back This time throwing a pair of evil red dice you know it s evil because there s a skull on one of them With RED eyes , mwhahahahaha Our 5,000 year old vampire hero is also back, this time in deep trouble because the second vampire she s recently made, Joel, is being held captive in a secret military complex after a building jumping and helicopter flying explosive chase through L.A Dang, Alisa Sita, stop making vampires it never goes well when you do Plus Krishna told you n [...]

    10. I read the first two books in The Last Vampire series earlier this year and had planned to read the rest, but other books distracted me and I ve only just got around to it Red Dice picks up exactly where Black Blood finished with Alisa turning Joel into a vampire to save his life From there we are plunged straight into an explosive escape as the LA police attempt to capture the two of them When Joel is caught, Alisa has to search her past for the clues in how to free him from the government who [...]

    11. One of the good things about Pike s The Last Vampire Series is a brief introduction in the beginning This was how The Last Vampire 3 Red Dice started.FBI Special Agent Joel Drake did his duty and his files on Eddie Fender must have triggered off the police to come to Eddie s place Alisa has her share of that fact too, after scaring off officers from the previous book, the police thinks they have something monstrous inside the house The place was surrounded but Alisa is convinced of burning the h [...]

    12. I had a couple issues with this book, but overall I thought it was an alright read There are countless little disclaimers all over the book and that drives me insane For example pg 9 They are separated from us by what I know is bulletproof glass It also acts as soundproofing I can break it with my finger I swim for the shore where Joel is being held, but a mile to the left, away from him and the damn I am a better swimmer than most dolphins and reach land in a few minutes Through most of the boo [...]

    13. Sita Alisa and her male partner are vampires but the FBI is on their trail, seeking their blood in order to study and duplicate it One is captured, and it s up to the survivor to keep the FBI from learning their secret and turning the world into vampires.She attempts to keep her DNA from the hands of someone who would test it and use the results to gain immortality Indeed she runs into an old friend who s involved in the series is ways than you can imagine Unfortunately, the reader does get the [...]

    14. Well I m starting to get a little put off by this series Again another new character I began to like was killed off Why again I can t help but feel frustrated by Sita and what s going on with her life The story makes it seem like the tragedies she s experienced have been few and far between, considering she s lived for centuries, yet book after book she s lost those she s began to love How is it that she s survived this long without knowing that those from her past are still alive How is it that [...]

    15. So I m re reading this whole series and I got to wondering why this is called The Last Vampire Technically, Alisa Sita is never the last one, I would say she thinks she is but events make it pretty clear that there is always another vampire around sometimes a vampire made by herself even Just saying.So we have Alisa Sita taking on the government in this book, so you know you can expect things to go boom and pain and dying Good things imo The not so good things would be the ending Can you say deu [...]

    16. The action is good, the story is good, the ending is good.Everything is good but, with a little care, it would have been better The whole The Last Vampire Saga is like this good, but could have been better, which is a thing that really disappoints me, because C Pike is an excellent writer, he has brilliant ideas and he has incredible writing skills but I always have, while reading his books, the feeling that he just didn t care enough to put maximum effort into his writing.It s like everything [...]

    17. OK, young adult vampire books are really not my thing, but this series is so entertaining to me Sita is so kick ass, and I really like the author s writing along with Sita s history thrown in to show why how she thinks and acts in modern time I did think this book was extremely violent, but I still enjoyed it since I tend to expect violence from vampires I m learning that I don t enjoy or want a sensitive and romantic vampire.Red Dice was a very fast read for me and so full of action with Sita s [...]

    18. So far I don t really like it If there wasn t so much killing of innocent lives it would be ok, but the story starts with Sita killing like 20 30 police officers How am I supposed to feel sorry for or like Sita if she is a ruthless murderer If she has to shoot someone fine but killing unnecessarily is just not very entertaining Its one thing to kill a bunch of bad guys but not the good guys too The first two books were better, I liked her friend Seymour and haven t seen much of him lately This i [...]

    19. Warning Language, Adult Themes, Violence Warning This book is very Gore with much killing, gun fire and over abundance of blood.The story line continued with Sita and Joel Yes she changed him into a vampire against his will.He was as bad as Ray with his annoying self Every time Sita was to escape there Joel is with hands in air surrendering.I honestly was thinking I wouldn t read on to the next book but I did andnow I will have to read it lolThe end to this book sorta surprised me I really expec [...]

    20. Red Dice starts off the evening following the end of Book 2, with Sita and Agent Joel Drake seized by dozens of armed forces trying to take them to some compound in the Nevada desert We get to see Sita s powers, old and new, in an intense action packed attempt to escape Unfortunately Joel is seized and taken to the compound, where she must infiltrate to rescue him, not just to save his life but for the safety of mankind.I love the action and the horror of Sita s rescue, and the development of he [...]

    21. violence, violence, though no overt sex or language So the story is that I loved these books in high school I had to check the copyright dates to assert that, yes, it was indeed high school that I read these I hadn t really abandoned all teen lit to the sci fi section and homoerotic bildungsromans and found volumes 2 5 for a quarter apiece at the Brown Elephant, the A ville thrift store They are as adventure packed as I remembered, although ridiculously implausible and filled with deus ex machin [...]

    22. Who doesn t like a someone wants to experiment with supernatural blood story Add to that we have to rescue one of the characters from said experiments and you get another action packed story from the Thirst series Once again your drawn into Alisa s world with great story telling and great characters that you already know.I will say this, however, they need to stop making vampires in this story because it never ends well Such as the helicopter involved chase scene through L.A NOT helping her hide [...]

    23. Why does Sita continue to throw away the other vampires she makes I think Pike should start sticking with these characters instead of writing them out in increasingly unbelievable ways It would have been interesting to see Sita deal with the mess she had created instead of blowing it up with yet another bomb I like that each of these books have had a flashback subplot in history I would almost be interested in the historical stories of Sita over the main plots, which are set in the 1990s.

    24. This book is insane from the very beginning where Sita is jumping across rooftops to when a nuclear bomb explodes at the end Even the epilogue is epic because it leaves you thinking who is at the door I must say this book was definitely better then the two books What made this book better was the new found power Sita receives I recommend this book to horror readers because there is a lot of bloodshed.

    25. This part of the extraordinary series ends tragically, leaving a hope of a new beginning Sita meets an enemy from her past, who managed to live for almost seven hundred years The whole book is full of characters those met a tragic end Sita s recalling of her past was beautiful, and of course gory As in the previous parts, this book also contains the spiritualism that guides Sita Overall it was a awesome.

    26. It seems Alisa always has another foe to contend with This book is no different I especially enjoy the sections of her past, her very beginning, the spiritual side I like Pike s take on the afterlife, reincarnation, forgiveness, etc I m not sure what you want to call Alisa s life and her vow to Krishna that has been broken will she ever find out if she still has his grace I am completing my collection of books in this series so I can find out

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