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Seven Ages of Paris By Alistair Horne,

  • Title: Seven Ages of Paris
  • Author: Alistair Horne
  • ISBN: 9781400034468
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this luminous portrait of Paris, celebrated historian Alistair Horne gives us the history, culture, disasters, and triumphs of one of the world s truly great cities Horne makes plain that while Paris may be many things, it is never boring.From the rise of Philippe Auguste through the reigns of Henry IV and Louis XIV who abandoned Paris for Versailles Napoleon s riseIn this luminous portrait of Paris, celebrated historian Alistair Horne gives us the history, culture, disasters, and triumphs of one of the world s truly great cities Horne makes plain that while Paris may be many things, it is never boring.From the rise of Philippe Auguste through the reigns of Henry IV and Louis XIV who abandoned Paris for Versailles Napoleon s rise and fall Baron Haussmann s rebuilding of Paris at the cost of much of the medieval city the Belle Epoque and the Great War that brought it to an end the Nazi Occupation, the Liberation, and the postwar period dominated by de Gaulle Horne brings the city s highs and lows, savagery and sophistication, and heroes and villains splendidly to life With a keen eye for the telling anecdote and pivotal moment, he portrays an array of vivid incidents to show us how Paris endures through each age, is altered but always emerges brilliant and beautiful than ever The Seven Ages of Paris is a great historian s tribute to a city he loves and has spent a lifetime learning to know.
    Seven Ages of Paris In this luminous portrait of Paris celebrated historian Alistair Horne gives us the history culture disasters and triumphs of one of the world s truly great cities Horne makes plain that while Par

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    1. She is a woman I mean she is female.And she is not just any female She is of colossal fame.A mythical female she is.And yet she is well alive and exists today.Because she has presence than you or I have I am talking about resplendent Paris.For if this woman is outstandingly beautiful and alluring, at times she as also been violent and bloodthirsty and this mix of personas has made her eminently enigmatic and mysterious.Alistair Horne in this book traces the history of Paris through what he sees [...]

    2. 3 stars Very generous Instinct told me do not read in chrono order So I began with the 6th Age, which begins w La Belle Epoque and covers W1, and moves into the 7th Age, W2 and ends c 1969 Instinct was kerect Author Horne in 400 pages condenses centuries of French history and shows the importance of good writing andselectivity of material.Reading about what I knew, fairly well, enabled me to consider what he was up to.Yes, he writes damn well but why can t I remember anything vital Is it importa [...]

    3. This review and others can be found at BW Book Reviews.For me, this book was a great big ball of meh I got it from a bookstore because I thought it sounded fascinating A historian telling me what he thinks the seven ages of Paris were and what happened during those ages Fascinating A social history, in a way, all focused on certain ages he noticed through his years of study.That wasn t this book If anyone knows of a book like that, please hit me up I think another reviewer said it best This book [...]

    4. This book is a real mediocrity I m living in Paris for a few months, so it seemed only reasonable to read a book that is a history of Paris Well, this isn t it What this is, is a history of political events in France, and the impact of those events on the rulers of Paris, and, to some extent, the ordinary middle class and poor You learn very little of the changes in the governmental structure, the organization of the food supply, the periods of architectural change isn t that what a history of a [...]

    5. Meh.If you re looking for a history of Paris, I wonder if perhaps one would just do better getting one of the excellent books on the history of France This book is an aging British scholar s love letter to Paris and it read that way My pre modern knowledge of Paris is weak, so I enjoyed that part of the book However, my recent history is fairly good, and there the book really failed There were a few too many throw away descriptive adjectives the Pompidou is an eyesore possibly , Gertrude Stein [...]

    6. Themes civilization, war, government, religion, politics, city development, art, architecture, royaltySetting Paris, France from before 1000 AD to 1968The author starts by saying that every city is like a person, and Paris is definitely a woman Like any fascinating woman, she is changeable and captivating I m not entirely sure this conceit works, but it s not a bad way to start off the book.Here s what works I could certainly feel the amount of research that must have gone into this book I m sur [...]

    7. Lets make this a 1.5 stars or 3 out of 10 I am so close to giving this book 1 star it is extremely disappointing I have had this book sitting on my shelf for years now and I see why I have never read it You would expect a book entitled the Seven Ages of Paris to be a history of the interminable city alas, all we get in this tired narrative is a history of the Seven Ages which are a completely contrived device to make the story somewhat readable Further, according to Mr Horne apparently, an age [...]

    8. Incredibly disappointing While this book is marketed as popular introduction to Parisian history, perhaps something lively to read before a vacation, the writing is dull and oftentimes confusing Horne could not decide on an audience for this book Such a cursory overview of millennia of French history cannot appeal to someone already familiar with the likes of Louis XIV or Napoleon Even so, the oblique references to people and events, often with no background explanation, make the narrative diffi [...]

    9. Paris has a history that is deep, rich, and exciting Horne is a great writer who has been writing about French history forever and knows his subject in depth This wonderful book is about what you would expect from that combination of factors.

    10. An absolutely excellent read, thoroughly enjoyable and the best book I ve read on Paris This is a really well written and highly readable history of Paris, even if you know nothing of the history It s nicely set out so you can dip in and out of each age if you want, and it gives the reader a really clear and fascinating insight to how the city has developed and in developed through the ages, how leaders have tried to mould the city to reflect themselves, how they ve used and abused it and its in [...]

    11. One of the most difficult books I have ever forced myself to complete and I kind of think I am pretty good at reading boring books The author assumes the reader has a general knowledge of Europe over the last millennia and while I admit it is an awful lot to cover, his writing seems overly pretentious Granted, he appears to be from Europe and an older gentleman a quick google search confirmed he died in 2017 , he insists on frequently using French phrases and quotes without bothering to translat [...]

    12. A love story to Paris and her history I did find myself getting confused between all of the French governments In the span of 250 years there had to be at least 10 different governments revolutions uprisings The epilogue on P re Lachaise Cemetery ended up being my favorite chapter of the entire book I haven t been to the cemetery yet, but Horne did a great job of writing about its beauty, despite the fact that it s a burial ground, as well as describing how that one spot can be a place from whic [...]

    13. I do not recommend this book Made it halfway through the Fourth Age and gave up This is the worst history I ve ever read After slogging through centuries of names, dates, mud, and rocks, I have no feel for the forces that shaped Paris And to foreshadow the 1789 Revolution for decades and then skip from the death of Louis XVI directly to Bonaparte At this point, I don t want to know what Horn thinks about the 19th and 20th centuries Very disappointed.

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s very dense with information on how the omnipresent relationships between Paris, her rulers, her people and her country at large has formed her over her long history, but is written in a very easy flowing, conversational way Allistair Horne is a master of descriptive language and transitions, but the book is not burdened with fancy language for its own sake.Horne is a Francophile, and writes lovingly of the storied, often tempestuous history of Paris and thereb [...]

    15. Somehow Horne manages to write an entire history of France by telling the entire history of Paris without being pedantic or stodgy It s an amazing accomplishment from a journalist with no formal historical training.As Horne himself says it was probably necessary to combine the history of the country with the city, because in France, government, business, and culture have been centralized in its capital city as in no other Western country Ever since Philippe Auguste in the early 1200s built an en [...]

    16. I read this as background for my class on the literature of Paris It is an excellent overview of the history and culture of the city Covering the history from the foundation of the city the author blends the cultural development with history The impact of art from the Renaissance to the age of Impressionism that ushered in the twentieth century helped offset the intermittent devastation of war and revolution Over the centuries is was home to Peace conferences and Art exhibits Nearest to my passi [...]

    17. A slog, all the way through Horne s organization of Paris s history into seven ages is neat, if rather arbitrary, and it highlights the tumult that characterizes the city If his orgnization is clear, however, that s about all that s clear in this rambling tome Fact, fact, fact, character, character, date, uprising, some facts and dates there is no narrative guidance to speak of One gropes and stumbles through this book than reads it.Adding to the obfuscation is Horne s annoying habit of pepper [...]

    18. Horne loves Paris, and has been collecting information his entire career, most of which has found its way into his accounts of other events This volume centers that wealth of accumulated stories, connections and poignant details into a portrait of the city herself medieval center of royal power, focus of the religious wars, left behind by Louis XIV, ground zero of the revolution, given a face lift by Baron Haussmann, lively with the Belle epoque, ravaged by two wars and revival as the center of [...]

    19. Got this to get a sense of Paris before an almost upon us trip in October Horne s sweeping history is about much than just Paris He gives you a nutshell version of French history to provide context for how Atherton city of Light evolved Descriptive, chatoyant, violent, you come away with the feeling that the city is lucky to be standing at all One suggestion read it with a map open beside you.

    20. I generally like Horne s books but this is one of the most intellectually lightweight volumes he s ever produced.

    21. Dunno why the summary of the 2004 edition is so much better than the one for this version, but whatever, I own this publication I read the majority of this 4 5ths for school and didn t pick it up and finish it till a year and a half later An utterly comprehensive history of Paris and France , the academic writing is impeccable but not necessarily enthralling I enjoyed it, though some of my classmates criticized its tediousness For example, since I resumed reading with the German occupation durin [...]

    22. I wouldn t call this book Seven Ages of Paris , likely Seven ages of France or People who influenced France Of course, some key events happened in Paris, but their influence to Paris is left quite often to be unspoken Setting to read this book, I was interested in the Paris based legends and stories to know better the city I live in And, yes, I found some of it in this book small crumbs of useful information amidst so many generalizations The narration is very chaotic, the author jumps between [...]

    23. A lengthy book not only about Paris but about the history of France at large, passing through all the kings, emperors, wars, artists etc that graced the country from its very beginnings up to 1969 It is very interesting and can be read both as a reference book and as a story being told in an engaging way, although slightly inconsistent Certainly, Horne has his preferences and does little to hide them But after all, I wouldn t take this as a scientific book where only facts should be told, but al [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book, but at times I found the scope to be a bit too large and meandering In the interest of painting a fuller picture, the author draws from a great deal of specific stories and examples, which was at times too much for my attention and background knowledge for me to process meaningfully I also agree with another reviewer who points out that some of the chosen details are unimportant, and some details that should have been included are somehow left out.However, the book thoroughl [...]

    25. A thorough history of Paris changing face and the characters who drove her changes At times overly detailed to a point of confusion in the mess of names, dates and complexities While at others certain moments were almost too vague they can t be said to have been done justice This book demanded attention from cover to cover and it was easy to forget details from the start of the book by the time you found yourself 100 pages further along if it wasn t being read in a few short days Overall a jam p [...]

    26. This book was alright It was organized roughly chronologically, but within each of the seven ages it wasn t chronological This ended up being confusing than it sounds, especially for the early stages of Paris history I think this book would be interesting to someone with of a background in the history of Paris than I had because they would be less confused when the timeline jumped around.

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