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Free Fall By David Wiesner,

  • Title: Free Fall
  • Author: David Wiesner
  • ISBN: 9780688109905
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • When he falls asleep with a book in his arms, a young boy dreams an amazing dream about dragons, about castles, and about an unchartered, faraway land And you can come along.
    Free Fall When he falls asleep with a book in his arms a young boy dreams an amazing dream about dragons about castles and about an unchartered faraway land And you can come along

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    1. To see Wednesday s Wordless Picture Books, please visit readrantrockandrollIn Free Fall, a boy falls asleep with his book in his hands He begins to dream about a faraway adventure while discovering new people, places, castles, creatures, and objects As his dream begins to end, he s quickly transported back to the safety of his room.The illustrations are so detailed The author created a very imaginative story for children to enjoy At times it reminded me of Gulliver s Travels If you really look h [...]

    2. Although I can and ALWAYS do manage to at least appreciate David Wiesner s colourfully bold, lushly descriptive illustrations, often than not, their rich and usually primarily wordless details are simply too overly elaborate, read aesthetically too busy and thus potentially confusing to fully enjoy maybe not for those visually inclined individuals who are primarily image oriented, but definitely for someone like me, who although generally extensively visual, is also almost slavishly textual, an [...]

    3. What a book Free Fall is a picture book which tells the story of a boy who falls asleep after looking at an atlas and has the most in depth, mythical dream Without one written word this book is fantastical and quite extraordinary Snap shots from the book include the boy meeting chess pieces to him becoming a giant but with the most intriguing background scenes including mazes, forests and an oversized library I think this book could be used with upper KS1 children of all abilities in particular [...]

    4. I read his book Flotsam before I read this one In fact, I read this one becaue of Flotsam This one is really amazing as it contains no words at all Flotsam has very few words and the pictures do tell the story in that book as well I liked the story and beautiful paintings in Flotsam even than I did in this earlier published book But this one is another winner Even pre readers can read it by themselves Fun and imaginative.

    5. This wordless picture book has won the Caldecott Honor in 1989 and is intended for children in third fifth grade This story is about a boy who falls asleep with an atlas in his arms He then has a dream where his bedspread turns into an aerial view of the earth On his journey, he plays chess on an enormous chess board complete with mortal playing pieces This medieval welcoming party leads the boy to a castle with dragons where he continues his search for an elusive map This story is imaginative, [...]

    6. Wiesner is probably one of my favorite author illustrators ever I have a love for books without words They force my children to use their imagination and look deeper to find what they believe to be the story.Free Fall is a surreal fall into a young boy s dreamlike state The images blend into each other, and one blurs into the next as you turn pages If I could have another copy of the book, and take pages apart, the illustrations with the exceptions of the first and last would scroll page after p [...]

    7. Did not anyone else find Free Fall rather like a nightmare than a fun adventure Changing sizes at random, without even a bottle labeled Drink Me, shaking hands with a knight who turned out to be a flock of doves in a suit of armor, meeting swans in a seascape that resembled the sky of Escher s geese I guess, judging by the details of context in the boy s bedroom, he is the adventurous type, but I don t think I d like to have his dreams I also can t help but be reminded of The Land of Counterpan [...]

    8. I was surprised that I disliked a Caldecott The cover has a boy on a brown leaf flying over a stream Inside the book you see the boy asleep with an atlas open on top of him This is a wordless book The atlas page becomes checkerboard land which becomes a chess set which becomes a royal village and then with a forest growing through it Maybe it was the lack of words, but I found this book too unpredictable and helter skelter for me e.g the drinking glass knocked on its side in one of the illustrat [...]

    9. Normally I really like David Wiesner s books, so I was excited to finally get a copy of this one I also normally really like wordless stories, so this should have been a perfect fit for me Unfortunately I just got so turned around and mixed up by all of the scene transitions They come one after the other The whole point is that you make up your own story it s a story about the power of story to transport you somewhere else which is very meta , but it didn t really click for me I felt like everyt [...]

    10. 3.5 out of 5The blurb poem on the front flap of the cover describes this wordless picturebook perfectly In the silenceof a dreamour adventures movein seamless progressionas we conquerour dragon,exploreuncharted lands,climbon the highest pinnacle,and floatfreedescendingin a suddenfree fallto the new day.

    11. Good for story telling Little boy falls asleep reading a book, the window is open in his room and the wind blows and then he is off on an adventurous dream Oh, the things he sees on his adventure dream.Pictures again are very realistic and detailed, watercolors.

    12. Free Fall is a whimsical wordless picture book illustrated by David Wiesner As I delved into this book, I noticed that the perspective was constantly being shifted In some illustrations, the boy is depicted as being the same size as the people around him In other illustrations, he is depicted as being much larger than the people around him This shift in perspective contributes to the dream like quality of the picture book There is also a theme of things not being what they first appear On one pa [...]

    13. The book starts off with a young boy who has fallen asleep while reading a book As he begins to doze off the book opens up to maps While the boy is dreaming he falls on to certain places of the map, one place resembling a chess board Another one looked like it was a castle As he continues his dream he has picked up a sword and a shield as to protect himself from others While dreaming he is being pulled into different directions He even flies on what appears to be a leaf,but it is also a swan As [...]

    14. This wordless book which does contain a short poem on the front of the dust jacket that gives hints to what will occur in the story is amazing A boy falls asleep and enters the most imaginative and amazing adventure in his dream I love how the illustrations begin as one thing and then morph into something else ie his bedspread becomes a countryside which becomes a chess board or trees which turn into books I love the emotion captured on the boy s face I especially love the concept that through b [...]

    15. This amazing wordless picture book portrays the world of the diverse yet connected thoughts of children s imagination A young boy is seen asleep cradling a book at the beginning and his dreams take him through different worlds that lead oddly yet interestingly to each other His journey is also led by a symbolic map floating through each world as if it is traveling based on what it depicts Weisner does a great job of transitioning the illustrations to new adventures with each page This story woul [...]

    16. There s no words, just pictures And although I understand it s a boy s dreams, most likely based on what he read, did and ate that day, it didn t make much sense or keep me interested You can pick out influences of such literary classics as Gulliver s Travels, The Wizard of Oz, and The Water Babies.Ages 4 8 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I al [...]

    17. This is a book with no words The story is told through pictures It start with a boy who fell asleep while reading The book shows where his dreams take him while he is asleep My six year old was imersed in this He looked through the book many times The first time through he examined the pictures, which are beautiful and very imaginitive He pointed thins out to me that he found interesting His favorite was a scene where the boy is on a life sized chess board and it pieces are live me be of a royal [...]

    18. Another fantastically illustrated masterpiece by David Wiesner This one is mystical and mythological as a boy floats from one dream sequence to another It s a wonderful book to look at with children, pointing out all of the fascinating details.This book was selected as one of the books for the August 2016 Caldecott Honor discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at.

    19. 1989 Caldecott Honor Favorite Illustration I love the boy meeting the chess pieces Although I do not particularly enjoy the game of chess, I do love the variety and details of available chess pieces.This wordless tale shows us the power of dreams when a boy falls asleep one night I love the way the story seems to flow from one scene to another, perhaps the same way dreams seem to flow into each other I did also enjoy the poem on the opening flap of the book, and would have been a bit confused a [...]

    20. I love that Free Fall is basically one extended illustration, interrupted only by page turns I don t think I have the first idea what the story is actually about, but there are a lot of interesting moments I especially like the page where the boy arrives at a chess game in his blue pajamas and the one where he seems to be getting up from the page of a book I also love the way the patterns of the boy s blanket and book keep turning up throughout the rest of the images David Wiesner has a most int [...]

    21. I am a huge fan of David Wiesner, his artistic style, and his many picture books This book is no exception I love the whimsical, wordless fantasy of the boy s plaid bedspread becoming a fantastical dreamscape of various adventures I love the lovely watercolor paintings The loathsome dragon even shows up in the dreamscape, as well as some pigs I would have voted this book for a Caldecott over Song and Dance Man.

    22. I just don t understand this story Obviously the boy is dreaming and is in a dream world based on his storybook and the noises in his room, but the actual events confuse me I just don t have interest in wordless books I don t have the attention span to read the pictures The illustrations weren t appealing to me It wasn t telling a story I was interested in.

    23. A boy falls asleep while reading and is taken on a magical, mythical, map filled adventure to a number of different worlds before a flock of swans and fish bring home to his bed.Wiesner is the King of Wordless Picture Books.

    24. This interesting book has illustrations but no words I don t think it is quite as good as some of the author s other works.

    25. This wordless book was both interesting and confusing to me In the beginning of the story you see the boy asleep in bed, with an open book laying on his chest As he moves over, his room gradually turns into what he s dreaming about, which to me looked like a kingdom of chess The people there show him around and tell him that they need his help in capturing the dragon This is where it got a little confusing, the boy s size As I flipped the pages, his size kept getting changed and I was unsure why [...]

    26. This book describes the adventure or dream David Wiesner is strongly image drive Such as in this book, most pictures are seamless integrations of two different worlds Therefore the whole book , although it does not have many pages, performs the transition between several different worlds in an elegant way Everything in this dream, turned out in the last page, is a part of the boy s real life The whole book is based on one point , wrapping of pattern and texture around different shapes lead to an [...]

    27. This story by David Wiesner is a very elaborate one Open to interpretation of course because it is a wordless picture book, I took it as a story about a boy who falls asleep and the book he is reading before bed comes to life Throughout the story, he encounters checkers, princes, princesses castles, dragons, etc It is a fantasy world The whole story is how he defeats this world and gets out of it Aka just waking up Because Wiesner is a very famous illustrator, these drawings are flawless He uses [...]

    28. Can we all just acknowledge that David Wiesner is not only a king of children s illustrations but also of the pictureless story genre He always manages to transport me into magical places, this book is no different It s only got three stars though, as it s not my favourite out of his works and unfortunately for better or for worse when an author illustrator produces something you perceive as much better think Flotsom book is naturally going to be compared against the other Still, Wiesner books a [...]

    29. The muted colors and soft lines of this book definitely emphasized the whole dream aspect I found it interesting that he kept going from large compared to his surroundings, to small on the next page among the exact same things Which at the end of the book you realized were the contents of his room To me this conveyed the confusion of how dreams are inconsistent and yet pull from reality I think students might like this book, or potentially find it rather boring with the lack of an obvious plot.

    30. This book tells a story through pictures The boy in the story is dreaming I think this is a great book for children to look at It would make the children use their imagination My favorite picture is the one at the end of the book where the boy wakes up and he has many of the objects he dreamed about right in his room

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