UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ The Crockin' Girls Slow Cookin' Companion: Yummy Recipes from Family, Friends, and Our Crockin' Community - by Nicole Sparks Jenna Marwitz

The Crockin' Girls Slow Cookin' Companion: Yummy Recipes from Family, Friends, and Our Crockin' Community By Nicole Sparks Jenna Marwitz,

  • Title: The Crockin' Girls Slow Cookin' Companion: Yummy Recipes from Family, Friends, and Our Crockin' Community
  • Author: Nicole Sparks Jenna Marwitz
  • ISBN: 9780984961405
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Slow cooker cookbook featuring 165 recipes and color photography with each recipe Authors are the popular Crockin Girls Nicole Sparks and Jenna Marwitz who have than 550,000 fans on their Crockin Girls Facebook page.
    The Crockin Girls Slow Cookin Companion Yummy Recipes from Family Friends and Our Crockin Community Slow cooker cookbook featuring recipes and color photography with each recipe Authors are the popular Crockin Girls Nicole Sparks and Jenna Marwitz who have than fans on their Crockin Girl

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    1. The Crockin Girls Slow Cookin Companion is designed to take you far away from the usual roast in a crock pot deal Every meal is covered here as are snacks and desserts 360 pages plus of colorful food goodness reside in this book After an acknowledgements page and a brief introduction to the book it is on to the recipes The recipes are broken down into sections without chapter headings The first section up is Good Morning, Sunshine and is all about breakfast These are all recipes designed to cook [...]

    2. There are lots of photos I like the layout of this book The recipe ingredients are on the left, the directions on the right, and a photo of the dish It made it easy to read.

    3. We have a winner ya ll One of the things that I really want to do with this blog is to pick cookbooks that I really like and work my way through them completely This is it, this will be the first cookbook that I will make almost everything in it I m sure that there will be one or two that I decide to skip and I will note which one and why as I get to it Although, at this point I can t imagine which one I would forgo as they all look so wonderful This book literally had me doing the happy dance i [...]

    4. This cookbook meant for use with a slow cooker is the best There are a lot of different recipes There are recipes for breakfast, appetizers, soups, desserts, etc.I have made quite a few of the different recipes in this book I am by no means a good cook and I stay far away from anything that looks even remotely difficult The recipes in this book are simple, straight forward, and easy to understand They also taste fantastic I also like that they have a picture for each recipe It really helps when [...]

    5. Everyone s got a favorite Crock Pot recipe and you might find yours in here I hope you do, I saw a few that were interesting, however this book is long on homespun and manufactured charm but short on vital information.It s never clear how many servings a recipe makes or what size crockpot works best or even what style of slow cooker oblong, rectangular or round This needs to be much complete if the authors are trying to reach new readers since not everyone is familiar with their blog.An experie [...]

    6. This is a fun book with lots of beautiful pictures The recipes are easy and straightforward I ve made Chicken in a Hurry, Cowboy Beans, Zucchini Bread, Artichoke Dip, and a couple of others I do find a lot of high fat, high sodium ingredients but it s easy to modify these recipes to fit a healthier lifestyle I keep my own frozen veggie stock and use that often I also sub homemade cream soups I even used the slow cooker zucchini bread recipe in my oven and it still turned out great I m a single m [...]

    7. So okay, the recipes are really yummy, but I have two complaints 1 The book doesn t say what size crock pots to use, so you just have to guess 2 Some of the measurements are things like a small can of tomato sauce What is that 8 oz 12 oz Small is relative Otherwise, we have enjoyed the recipes a bunch Heartthrob Pork Yes please Pork loin, Barbecue Sauce and Apple Pie Filling Known in my house as Heartattack Pork.

    8. I love that this book has large full color pictures for EVERY recipe There are many in here that look delicious and they look attainably simple no obscure ingredients or overly complicated multi step prep If I had to come up with one complaint it would be that they don t tell you which size slow cooker is best for each recipe, or if they are all intended for the same size appliance Maybe it isn t important Anyway, a great cookbook and very inspiring.

    9. This Cookbook is totally amazing There is not one recipe that I have made that has not been Delicious Their recipes are easy to do and so time saving.This is the one Crock Pot book everyone should own if they love to use the crock pot If you do not have a crock pot get one and get this book you wont be disappointed.

    10. Plenty of recipes that look tasty and definitely don t have an eye on the waistline Since I m cooking for one with a smaller cooker, it looks like I would have to scale most of the recipes All but two of the recipes leave out the recommended cooker size, so that s a big negative Otherwise, I m looking forward to trying the peanut clusters

    11. Bright and cheery.Great full page photos for every single recipe.Super easy recipes, great variety.One of those cookbooks that should seriously be a staple in your cookbook library This is one crockpot book that one will actually USE.I would be lost at this point without it.My family eats ever so well thanks to this book.

    12. I bought this book for a friend for her birthday Before wrapping the gift, I paged through and decided to try a recipe for dinner that night Well, I m now hooked and ordered one for myself These are great recipes a bit too high on sodium and based on canned soup bases for me All in all, I learned some tricks to use in the crockpot and can make healthy adaptations.

    13. Looks amazing, but not necessarily low fat.Banana Nut Bread tastes great, but will overflow I emailed the authors and they said their s did too.Buffalo Chicken Pasta spicy and delicious, lots and lots of caloriesCarne Guisada not badLots of recipes that I want to try and I like that they ve all been tested by home cooks.

    14. Great book Beautiful pictures, easy to find ingredients I can even handle than 5 ingredients when the directions are two sentences long, place ingredients in crock pot and cook Going to find their Facebook page now.

    15. If your idea of a great crock pot meal is throwing a can of soup in with a piece of meat, this book is for you and me There are so many good and easy recipes in this book that I will have to buy a copy Recipes include appetizers, lots of main dishes, side dishes and even desserts.

    16. I was looking through some of the recipes at the bookstore last night, and I think I need this book Then I ll probably need at least one crockpot so I can cook my main dish and sides at the same time.

    17. Upside Beautiful photography Easy recipes Downside lets face it every dinner that comes out of the crockpot looses color looks bland carrots celery turn brown , while these pics look colorful.

    18. This is a wonderful cookbook This book saved me during the 90 degree days we had here in Wisconsin this summer I wish that I would have tried slow cooker recipes sooner Everything I have made from this book has been a winner.

    19. Don t follow recipes exactly if you are weekly meal planning and watching your waist line Oh my Substitutions of low fat healthier products would have to made.

    20. I always love when a cookbook has pictures It s worth picking up I found some simple recipe ideas, some of which I ve made or tweaked and they ve turned out great.

    21. I have been following them online for awhile and made many of the recipes I was so happy to find the book today and have already marked several recipes to make this month.

    22. This cookbook was so awesome There was beautiful pictures of every recipe The directions were short and easy to follow Can t wait to try some recipes

    23. With this book, and your slow cooker, you can have very delicious meals without the hard work It contains everything from breakfast to dessert Donna

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