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Legal Drug, Volume 02 By CLAMP,

  • Title: Legal Drug, Volume 02
  • Author: CLAMP
  • ISBN: 9781595324214
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • During one of Tokyo s festivals, Kakei sends Kudo and Himura to recover an old vase in a nearby shrine But the mission turns out to be much difficult than it seems The vase has the power to twist the spatial environment around it misleading anyone with its incredible trompe l oeil How can the duo retrieve something they can t even touch
    Legal Drug Volume During one of Tokyo s festivals Kakei sends Kudo and Himura to recover an old vase in a nearby shrine But the mission turns out to be much difficult than it seems The vase has the power to twist the

    One thought on “Legal Drug, Volume 02”

    1. Kazahaya is quite the excitable little kitten, isn t he Also, I love these eerie stories, based on Japanese folklore.

    2. Sigue necesitando m s p ginas no s que les maravilla tanto a las clamp de sus historias extremadamente cortas.

    3. Read June 12th, 2016.Review June 13th, 2016.Kakei You sneaky little bitch Don t act like I can t see what you re doing You re playing a wee little game of Cupid, aren t you Do me a favor, will you Put Kazahaya in that skirt againWe start with the boys, Kazahaya and Rikuo, retrieving a cat made of tangible memory As a reward for finding him and returning him to his owner, the cat shows them each a crystal clear vision of the one they miss the most Kazahaya his sister, Kei, and Rikuo the same myst [...]

    4. Upon rereading it, it is far BL than I remembered it Kazahaya playing the sexual innocent can get a little grating after a while but I still enjoy this I m still looking forward to seeing the renewed series but I m about a decade older now than when I first read this and the will they won t they stuff wears on me much faster these days.This one had a cute kitty spirit that revealed a little bit about both Kazahaya and Himura s past and the women in them I wish the manga would spend a little ti [...]

    5. Kazahaya and Rikuo track down a vase that likes to play tricks on people, a cat that shows them the person they want to see most in the world, and Kazayaha steals a schoolgirl s uniform and wears it through a time slip into the past to complete a mission.This book is about the guys pasts than anything Rikuo misses a girl from his past named Tsukiko though Kazahaya hasn t found out much than that Thanks to his visions he knows what she looks like As for himself, memories of his sister Kei haunt [...]

    6. I am honestly so glad I started reading Legal Drug This volume was so uplifting we get to see the characters in detail, learn about them, whilst the continuous doing extra jobs leads us into humour and comedy I couldn t stop laughing nearly the entire way through reading this We get to see the relationship with the two main characters blossom as they learn about each other, and details about them clicking into place, and it s beautiful to see.I have so much praise for this manga and I recom [...]

    7. 2nd volume of this supernatural mystery series has strange cases for the boys to solve Firstly they have to find a spirit cat that shows a person what they most want to see, then a mysterious vase with the ability to distort space and time and finally they have to appease a restless ghost by replaying a highschool crush scene Rikuo s fine, he gets to wear his old school uniform, but Kazahaya has to dress up as a girl and looks surprisingly good Will def appeal to fans of Eerie Queerie hands off [...]

    8. Another solid volume, with episodic requests for Kazahaya and Rikuo to face The cases themselves are diverse and fun and here we get the first must have, in the same way most anime need a hot springs episode, manga of this sort always end up with the main character in girl s clothes against his will at some point In this volume we also start to get a little about these two characters past and about a pair of women who were very important in their lives It s very clear why Rikuo s is not in his [...]

    9. More is revealed about Rikuo and Kazahaya s pasts in volume 2, and it feels like the CLAMP ladies are taunting the audience giving us just a taste of it, but leaving us wanting because what we ve seen only brushes the surface of the story.Rikuo and Kazahaya s relationship also moves forward, and Rikuo s protectiveness of Kazahaya is cute Kakei s showing himself to be quite a mystery, and one s left wondering exactly how much he knows.

    10. This volume was a little better than the first I think Kudo is a little less whiny and annoying The stories were a little better I think the cat one was the best, but still, this manga could be better, unless I m judging it for being for high school readers The art isn t even that great any, really.

    11. I did not realize that the version I had combined all three volumes into one I enjoyed the book, however, I do with the relationship was developed I still do not understand what the drug was supposed to be, and wish that had been developed Overall, I feel the story could go further than it did, but I loved what i did read

    12. I preferred this volume to the first Kazahaya was less with the hating of Rikuo, although in this volume Rikuo deserved it , as he was always making fun of Kazahaya I loved the cat story, being a cat lover myself, and the mysterious vase story was entertaining, plus the extra stories were fun Onto the next volume

    13. I really wish that Clamp would come off of hiatus for this series, they have a good plot going They just need to finish it I think that I didn t like it as I should have because it hasn t been finished and I don t know that there is a definite ending I think that takes a little off the series.

    14. More surreality, a deepening of the overarching plot We learn about Kazahaya s and Rikuo s haunted pasts CLAMP continues to be CLAMP The boys love overtones grow present and delightful I think there was a cameo here but I missed the reference

    15. I hoped that in this volume it would become clearer as to why the title was the title and that there would be connection to a drug It may or may not be some symbolism I m missing.Aside from that I love the series and am devastated that there s only three books

    16. Pretty good I love the paranormal fact in there It makes it easier to read I am reading on in the series.

    17. Nice art by Clamp, though the stories were not very exciting or memorable though, cute kitten in the first one, and some funny moments overall.

    18. Is Legal Drug yaoi I m not entirely sure, but I love the dynamic between the two main characters and the complex relationships pasts of everyone in the story Very much looking forward to V3.

    19. I d forgotten that we get a glimpse of the Hinata and her Sensei from the Suki books So cute, love how CLAMP connects their stories together.

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