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Ramona and Her Mother By Beverly Cleary,

  • Title: Ramona and Her Mother
  • Author: Beverly Cleary
  • ISBN: 9780881032734
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ramona struggles to understand her place in her mother s world now that she has a little sister, in this republication of Cleary s classic title, featuring new art and cover This volume celebrates the August 1999 release of the first Ramona book in 15 years, Ramona s World.
    Ramona and Her Mother Ramona struggles to understand her place in her mother s world now that she has a little sister in this republication of Cleary s classic title featuring new art and cover This volume celebrates the

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    1. I m not able to think about Laura Ingels Wilder s Little House books objectively because when I hear a title or see one of the covers, I am brought back to my childhood bedroom and I can feel the weight of my mom at the end of my bed while she read aloud those books.A nice enough memory to be sure, but so in light of the fact that things were frequently less than ideal at home I have a friend that can rattle of pleasant memory after pleasant memory of her childhood while mine frequently ended w [...]

    2. I love how complex we see the family relationships and situations are That a haircut out of the house is such a luxury But the kicker for me was mom coming in and helping Ramona pack to run away Actual LOL.

    3. At 7 and a half, with working parents and a sister at a difficult age, Ramona Quimby tries hard to do her part to keep family peace Usually, however, she ends up behind every uproarious incident in the house Whether she s dying herself blue, watching while her young neighbor flings Kleenex around the house, or wearing her soft new pajamas to school one day under her clothes, of course , Ramona s life is never dull Through it all, she is struggling for a place in her mother s heart, worried that [...]

    4. As a farming, homeschooling, radical homemaking Mama, I will happily go on record stating my distate for the likes of Junie B Jones and Judy Moody The modern sisters to Ramona Quimby, Junie and Judy, in my opinion, are simply brats living in a world that I d prefer not to share with my daughters although, I must admit, they rather enjoy them But enter Ramona Quimby, and we are all on the same page We all relate much with Ramona s mishaps and adventures, because they are based on what most naug [...]

    5. We started reading the series of books starring Ramona Quimby, Beezus, Henry and their friends a few years ago, but we never made too much progress We intended to read , but we always chose something else Our youngest was given the book Ramona the Pest Ramona Quimby to read by her second grade teacher to practice her reading comprehension and I thought we d give the series another try.We listened to this book narrated by Stockard Channing on audio CD on a family road trip to Williamsburg Despite [...]

    6. No one captures the epitome of a precocious little firecracker of a girl better than Beverly Cleary I read my first Ramona book when I was in the 2nd grade Ramona Quimby, Age 8 still my favorite and my enjoyment of them has not waned in the slightest 21 years later I absolutely adore these books They convey such a warm sense of family, even when times are tough and they have to scrimp and pinch to make ends meet Cleary s ability to write from the perspective of a seven and a half year old is so [...]

    7. I feel awful giving this book three stars I think this series is the best ever But my girls and I are listening to the series on audiotape read by Stockard Channing , and I just didn t enjoy this one as much as the others My girls think the toothpaste incident was hilarious, and are still talking about itI take a deep breathe everytime I walk into the bathroom now I think what I didn t like about this book so much is that its real the bad haircut, the struggle to be understood, the perceived unf [...]

    8. I m currently reading these books out of order with my youngest daughter I know I read them when I was young, but besides the toothpaste tube incident, I didn t really remember much.

    9. s perhaps most respected reviewer, Dr M of the department of theoretical physics and Pooh studies, has perhaps written his most eloquent entry on the 1965 science fiction blockbuster, DUNE M relates how it is the world, rather than the book, which has changed, such that if written today, the book would seem to be an endorsement of radical Islamic politicism, led by a charismatic leader, whereas at the time and therefore now inaccessible to the younger reader, was the fact that the book was a sor [...]

    10. Ramona and her mother Synopsis This is the 5th book of a series of books called Ramona Beezus This book doesn t have a really interesting plot, because it talks about a little girl named Ramona life In this book book n 5 the author talks about Ramona relationship with her mother It also talks about how she feel s when people don t pay as much attention to her as when she was small and how her sister Beezus get s all her mother s attention In this book you will read some of the silly mistakes Ram [...]

    11. It s impossible to say I am reading children s literature without including a book written by Beverly Cleary I remember reading through every Ramona Quimby book as a child feeling like she and I were alike in so many ways I began to journal regularly from 6th grade on because Ramona Quimby had a journal I haven t stopped writing yet.Ramona and Her Mother is a great book not only for a young girl to read but for a mother of young girls to read I was obviously drawn to the relationship between Ram [...]

    12. Beverly Cleary s books were among the first chapter books I ever read to myself after I learned to read I have re read some to my older children before was invented , our family has listened to the audiobooks during car trips, and now I ve just finished reading this one Ramona and Her Mother out loud to my 4 year old daughter It s the first chapter book my daughter has ever had read to her, and she really loved it though she would have liked pictures Poor Ramona Big Sister Beezus is going throu [...]

    13. Ramona Quimby feels that her mother just does not love her as much as her older sister, Beezus Beatrice She works hard to stay out of trouble, but when you are seven and a half, that is just plain hard to do Plus family relationships are strained for everyone as Mr Quimby has just started a terrible new job, Beezus is entering her teen years, and Mrs Quimby struggles to balance the needs of the family with her own full time employment Poor misunderstood Ramona learns that life is just not always [...]

    14. I feel like this book was all over the place it had different random stories about a 7 1 2 year old spoiled little girl in every chapter There was a lack of discipline in the household Ramona assumed things way to much her reactions to things like in chapter 7 was one of a child that has little respect for others believes the world revolves around her This is a personal opinion but I can t stand children like that Yes, this is a book but it s a book about a child like that so I was not to fond o [...]

    15. Ramona, a youngest child, is now struggling to figure out how to be her mother s big girl How can she do that if she s only ever been the baby Why can t she stay a little kid What kind of attention can she get and what does it matter This is a book that tackles growing pains children will have from realizing they have responsibility and different expectations as they grow Ramona acting out in various ways is a symptom of her difficulty figuring out how to transition into big girl hood, and I th [...]

    16. My strongest childhood memory of Ramona s mom is actually from the VHS adaptations of Cleary s books She seemed so tired and defeated, like a less zany Lois from Malcom in the Middle When she gets pregnant, the idea that a baby could be a burden was introduced, and it hit me hard On the one hand, I thought Ramona s mom, however realistic and loving, was a mean lady who should never have had kids I know this is pretty unwarranted, but when I was little, her behavior was totally foreign to me My m [...]

    17. Beverly Cleary is just about the best thing ever It s so interesting to read reread this series as a mom they make me incredibly nostalgic for my own childhood when I was the age that Ramona is in each of the books as well as for the first time I read them myself probably around age 10 or so They make me terribly grateful for my mother, who was very much like Mrs Quimby And now as a parent reading these with my 8yro daughter 11yro son , I feel like I understand their early years so much better A [...]

    18. Cleary has Ramona s mother come across as no nonsense and sensible I wonder how much Ramona s mother was influenced by her own mom I ve read her two auto biographies and they seem really similar I think she could have gone a little deeper here and mined for material The quarrel chapter seemed unbelievable to me as a kid and still seems unbelievable as an adult The quarrel seemed really pretty tame, and it is hard to believe that Beezus and Ramona have not seen or heard their parents argue befor [...]

    19. Only update is that I ve grown fond of pancakes.03 16 2008 Some grandmother, said Mr Quimby, spitting on her stockings As a kid, I didn t own a copy of this, so I didn t read it quite as much as Ramona and Her Father, but I loved it just the same A comments discussion from a Jezebel book review mentions the infamous pancake turner incident with Mr and Mrs Quimby Cleary simply titles that chapter The Quarrel, but oh man, she remembers how seriously kids take their parents arguments Maybe this ex [...]

    20. Beverly Cleary is at the top of her game in this installment It s crazy to think that Cleary only wrote one or two of these Ramona novels every decade Can you imagine other series spread, not just over a kid s childhood but lifetime This book in particular is a perfect blend of wacky situations and reflections on the tender anxieties of being a young person who just wants to be SEEN by her family.

    21. A childhood classic that never fails to make me laugh and warm my heart If I ever have kids, you can bet your butt I m going to read this to them

    22. We finished this one last night and I loved the ending Bailey s really starting to get excited about reading every night Thanks for bringing us such joy, Beverly Cleary

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