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Clearwater Journals By Al Rennie,

  • Title: Clearwater Journals
  • Author: Al Rennie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • Joe Holiday, an ex Metro cop, finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia, an IHOP waitress The probing they do into the murder of Mia s sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Joe and Mia suddenly becoming the targets of a vicious plot.
    Clearwater Journals Joe Holiday an ex Metro cop finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia an IHOP waitress The probing they do into the murder of Mia s sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Jo

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    1. I m not a critic, this is just my views of this book And I am in the minority I almost deleted this ebook at the halfway point.Joe Doc Holliday was a great cop in Canada before moving to Florida Mia is a waitress at IHOP After a lot of childish humor and juvenile dialog, Mia asked Joe to help her find the murderer of her younger sister The case is still unsolved, and happened about 3 years ago.Soon after they begin to look into the case, Joe gets mugged by two thugs Before the bad guys can do an [...]

    2. was a little slow characters were okay, didn t hate them the writing was so so, went into great detail about things that didn t matter but not enough detail to understand character better got it for free so can t complain, but wouldn t pay than about 2.99 for it

    3. This is an enjoyable read, not as intense as some mysteries, with some humour thrown in The characters were people with flaws, but easy to like The bad guys were a bit or maybe a lot stereotypical, but all in all a great book to take for a holiday read.

    4. A jewel A find that is exciting A great read A starting of a series Already bought next books Am going to settle in and enjoy a very literate and though author.

    5. The official blurb Joe Holiday, an ex Metro cop, finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia, an IHOP waitress The probing they do into the murder of Mia s sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Joe and Mia suddenly becoming the targets of a vicious plot Okay, yeah, that just about covers it but this story is SO much Joe Holiday think Canadian transplanted to Florida is a really smart guy But the thing that made me love this book was author Al Rennie s addition of a great [...]

    6. Engrossing mystery One murder, one physical attack, three years apart and a May December romance to boot Kept me waffling between three possible culprits including a police officer thru the book Good characters for the most part, tho a few could have been better fleshed out I found myself unable to put Clearwater Journals down Al Rennie does a great job of keeping your attention and keeping the story moving along, with a twist or two It started out hard to read because 1 the book is written in 1 [...]

    7. Enjoyed this book I thought I knew where it was going from the start, but didn t catch the twist at the end Ex cop from Canada is living in Florida He doesn t have a green card, so he works under the table for people who need him for odd jobs, like helping on a fishing charter boat, or filling in for security at locked gate living facility He becomes enad with a waitress at IHOP, and she seems to return his attention It doesn t take long before she asks him to help her find her sister s killer I [...]

    8. Free download from Barnes and Noble WOWad this book Great book, but some typos, so I don t know if that is common with BN and or not Aside from the typos, the story was awesome I look forward to reading the next book to see what happens with Joe and Mia Even Frank, Max and Papa Smurf I love the twist and turns that this book took and even those took even turns that were not expected.

    9. I really enjoyed this book Characters were interesting and I liked the funny stuff mixed into the storyline Some typing errors, wrong words, spell check corrections probably, that made you reread parts but otherwise a good story Will read others in this line Clearwater Journals

    10. Eh It wasn t bad but the not so great punctuation pulled me out of the story a lot it also didn t help that pretty much every character in the story had the same voice I think Rennie has a lot of potential he s shown that he can come up with a good story and he definitely has some writing talent If he hooked up with a really good editor, I think he d be great.

    11. I must admit the story line was quite good, but the punctuation and spelling was very distracting Additionally the language was over the top It is possible to tell this kind of story and cut back on the language Someone on compared Al Rennie to Lee Child NOT Again, it was a good story and I am tempted to get the next book in the series, but

    12. This was a good read and I have put others in the series on a to read list A former Canadian cop works at solving murder and mayhem As always there is a girl involved and we don t know what the future brings for that relationship as she is in the hospital at the book ending Also future stories about a potential partnership with a U S cop Characters and plot was believable.

    13. Surprisingly enjoyable for a free book There was a decent plot, reasonably drawn characters, and a good sense of pacing There were a few glaring spelling and editing errors that detracted from the overall experience Just because it was an e book doesn t mean the reader doesn t care about these things

    14. I read a fair bit, and it is decent for a free book But I just kept putting it down and not wanting to pick it up again, so I decided not to finish Especially when I found out it is part of a series It seems many have enjoyed it, so it obviously picks up at some point, but I have a lot to read so I am only sticking with books that really draw me in at the moment.

    15. Well, praise the lord and pass the biscuits, this is a story of a retired canadian detective whose girlfriend is savagely beaten and abused and along the way we deal with the death of the girlfriends younger sister years earlier and we also meet the detective who worked on her sisters case It is a good one but the local setting of Clearwater and Tampa makes it even interesting.Frank

    16. I not sure what caught me about the book but it did I think it s the way he looks at the world and can t help trying to make it a little better I really wanted to know what happened next and that is my test for four stars There was definitely sex and terrible violence but neither was graphically described which I appreciate.

    17. Joe is an ex cop thats find his self in the middle of an old cold case, that turns deadly real fast.Before you ask yes there is a woman in this story, that why he took the caseThis was a good mystery , lots of suspects with a surprising ending.Nice read for a cold day.

    18. There was no mystery to this book If you read mystery books a lot, you can pretty much figure out who the bad guy is and what happened in the first few chapters.It is an easy read, really slow Honestly was not worth how lomg it took meto read it It is a sweet cover and title though.

    19. This book was slow moving, but in an enjoyable way for me I like the characters and the story, but I was able to put it down and return to it leisurely If you want action packed, fast paced this is not for you.

    20. Really enjoyed this book Thought the story flowed and not to mention the Clearwater Beach setting Use to live in the area and the streets and landmarks were a nice touch Hope there are Joe Holiday stories upcoming Recommend highly.

    21. This book was very good, considering it was a free ebook The only thing that bothered me was the spelling and grammar errors, and the vulgar language used Overall, the mystery of Clearwater Journals was pretty good.

    22. I really enjoyed reading this crime novel This is the kind of book you want to keep reading, page after page There were a few surprises which kept my interest going and I could not wait to get to the conclusion I would recommend this if you like murder mysteries.

    23. Reminded me of the classic detective fiction by Raymond Chandler or John McDonald Detective a lone wolf, a little cynical, with slightly twisted sense of humour, helping out a damsel in distress All just set in recent time period than the classics.I really liked it a lot

    24. I could not get enough of this book I did not want to put this down I wish this would have been a series A must read

    25. Clearwater Journals was an interesting story Joe and Mia have flaws like all of us, but it made you root for them and hope they would find the answers they were looking for.

    26. Free nook book Had a hard time getting thru this one And there were lots of grammar errors, which drives me nuts.

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