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  • Title: Night of the Living Dead Christian
  • Author: Matt Mikalatos
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What does a transformed life actually look like In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos tackles this question in an entertaining and thought provoking way with monsters As Christians, we claim to experience Christ s resurrection power, but we sometimes act like werewolves who can t control our base desires Or zombies 90 percent shamWhat does a transformed life actually look like In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos tackles this question in an entertaining and thought provoking way with monsters As Christians, we claim to experience Christ s resurrection power, but we sometimes act like werewolves who can t control our base desires Or zombies 90 percent shambling death and 10 percent life Yet through it all, we are longing to become fully human, the way Christ intended we just can t seem to figure out how Night of the Living Dead Christian is the story of Luther, a werewolf on the run, desperate to find someone who can help him conquer his inner beast before it s too late By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this spiritual allegory boldly explores the monstrous underpinnings of our nature and our quest for Christlikeness.
    Night of the Living Dead Christian What does a transformed life actually look like In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus Matt Mikalatos tackles this question in an entertaining and thought provoking way with mon

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    1. Every good monster movie enthusiast knows that the Christian life is anathema to the undead, at least traditionally Okay, at least for vampires In the wake of his stellar breakout book, Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos decides to take the presence of the undead among us at face value Christians claim to be the resurrected dead, but what if we ve been raised only to a half life That sort of Christianity may be exactly what James described What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you ha [...]

    2. I ve had the privilege of reading both of Matt Mikalatos works He has a unique gift for combining fictional and actual characters, placed in real life settings, and using them to build hilarious episodes that provide holistic portrayal to profound problems One might expect that using science fiction to speak to spiritual issues would produce a simplistic, superhero esque type of story This certainly is not the case, as Mikalatos spins a deep and thoughtful allegory on the deficient spirituality [...]

    3. Spoiler Alert Overall I really enjoyed this read I m not normally a reader, but I read this whole book in 2 days or less , which speaks a lot of how talented the author is.The storyline moves very quickly and is very entertaining Throughout the allegory, you are able to pick up on certain parallels, and the Interludes add a lot to seeing the process of transformation played out, specifically in the main character.I enjoyed Matt s first book Imaginary Jesus a little because honestly, I ve never [...]

    4. With a title like Night of the Living Dead Christian readers would think the main character is a zombie who believes or maybe not in Christ The main character is actually a werewolf named Luther Martin who used to believe in Christ He s the next door neighbor of Matt Mikalatos, a bumble headed Christian who used to watch monster movies as a kid and is now a self appointed neighborhood watch captain He discovers not only Luther but also a mad scientist with his robot henchman, a monster hunter, a [...]

    5. So I ve found out I m a gorgon.Yes, a gorgon The snake haired ones with the scaly skin Not very flattering, but I m a teacher I need to have thick skin and a death stare that can silence an unruly classroom Yes, this stare occasionally gets used on my husband or on unsuspecting, friendly bystanders I m not perfect.How did I come to this knowledge Night of the Living Dead Christian.Silliness aside, Night of the Living Dead Christian is a highly worthwhile read The use of monsters as Christian all [...]

    6. Werewolves, and Vampires, and Zombies oh my When I selected this book to review, I didn t know the author and I both had a love for B grade monster movies, off beat humor, and secretly wanting to be the main character in a monster movie or book Matt manages to put all of these things together in a light hearted book with a serious message What kind of Monster are you We all have a monstrous nature and tendencies, but is there any hope of being truly transformed from these evil ways Vampires are [...]

    7. I m not sure that this book knows quite what it wants to be At times it was a fun, light romp, and then it would turn super preachy I guess I would say the flow just wasn t very good.For the most part, I enjoyed the story The zombie parts were probably my favorite The author got pretty creative with his zombies, and it was just fun I think if he had just let the monsters be a metaphor, and not got quite as heavy handed, the book would have been better But then, that s just my personal preference [...]

    8. Matt Mikalatos managed to tell the thousands year old story about man s privilege to be transformed It was funny, it was drawing, it was exciting It made me think about my relationship with Jesus, about my inner monster which sometimes comes out and all of a sudden I become werewolf, vampire, mad scientist or a mummy.I did enjoy the book and I was surprised by its ending However, I shall recommend it to others, for it articulates simple truths in yet another, interesting and a bit scary way.

    9. I had that sudden creepy feeling that something truly horrible stood drooling over my shoulder, and with a fear fueled shout I spun around only to discover my neighbor Lara.Lara and I had gone to high school together, so it was this weird thing that she lived across the street now Weird in the sense that I couldn t help but feel a little bit less like an adult when she was around She had her long, dark hair swept down, and a tight pair of dress slacks on, and a white collared shirt, and a black [...]

    10. I actually liked this even than Imaginary Jesus, which I also really liked This one felt stronger and not as drawn out overall Not a book I would recommend for the younger crowd, necessarily, but still a really good read I like Mikalatos style of writing in that it is funny and light hearted at the same time as looking at really serious issues that can happen in our walk with God Liked it so much I gave it to my non believing brother who likes this style of writing to see what he thinks.

    11. Well, Matt Mikalatos is at it again In Imaginary Jesus, he tore a swath across time, space, and Portland, Oregon, with Saint Peter, sifting through a bushel basket of ersatz Jesus es in search of the genuine article.After an adventure of that magnitude, you d think Matt would have had enough Au contraire, Pierre this time, in Night of the Living Dead Christian, he s on Neighborhood Watch, discovering there s much, much than rogue raccoons knocking over the trash cans on his street.Matt s little [...]

    12. You can read this review at Collected Miscellany or below.I said of Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos that the book walks the fine line between slapstick comedy and insightful spiritual commentary and in my opinion manages to pull it off for the most part Mikalatos follow up, Night of the Living Dead Christian, attempts to walk that same line with less successful results What starts out as a slapstick spoof on cheesy horror movies suddenly turns into a very serious story and spiritual commentary [...]

    13. When the opportunity to review this book as part of a dedicated blog tour came from Tyndale House Publishers, I was somewhat at first skeptical about reading and reviewing it.I have never been a fan of werewolves and vampires though I liked Chewbacca who isn t one and was and still am a fan of the original Dark Shadows I cannot believe that Jonathan Frid is still alive Wonderful He is the original Barnabas Collins What a name for a vampire, Barnabas What would St Paul think I watched the origina [...]

    14. The Story Unlike My Imaginary Jesus which was fairly episodic, Night of the Living Dead Christian has a basic plot.Matt Mikalatos is once again a character in his own book This one, however, is really his neighbor s story Luther is a werewolf He doesn t want to be one because his wife left him, taking their daughter with her He is desperate to find a way to stop being a werewolf, so Matt and a couple other buddies determine to help him The story, then, is Luther s quest for change.Strengths This [...]

    15. Before You Go Monster Hunting Look in the Mirror A Review of The Night of the Living Dead Monsters are all around us Everywhere you look you may see them and not even know Some of them are your best friend from high school, your teacher or professor, the neighbor down the street, or maybe even that old lady you just helped across the street The truth of the matter is monsters have learned how to live among us, and we have become so desensitized that we don t even realize , the monster may be our [...]

    16. In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus, Matt Mikalatos tackles this question in an entertaining and thought provoking way with MONSTERS While Christians claim to experience Christ s resurrection power, we sometimes act like werewolves who can t control our base desires Or zombies, experiencing a resurrection that is 90 percent shambling death and 10 percent life Or vampires, satiating ourselves at the expense of others But through it all we long to stop being monsters and b [...]

    17. Matt Mikalatos is clearly an eccentric genius his first book, Imaginary Jesus, remains The Book I Wish I Had Written, and based on that I opened this book expecting something like a paperback Shaun of The Dead with a little spiritual insight mixed in for good measure And, apart from the fact that it s less about zombies than it is about a mad scientist, a spiritually interested werewolf, the worst robot of all time, and our Generic Christian hero, Matt Mikalatos himself, that s almost what it is [...]

    18. Psst shhh, don t tell anyone, but we re surrounded by monsters.No Really Monsters Werewolves, zombies, vampires, even mad scientists and robots that look eerily like real people, are wandering around our towns and populating our neighborhoods and most of us don t even know it.At least, that s what Matt Mikalatos asserts in his hysterical farce Night of the Living Dead Christian On one dark night in mid October, Matt was doing his rounds as the sole member of the neighborhood watch when he stumbl [...]

    19. Matt Mikalatos books are unique They are fiction, but the main character is Matt himself, inserted into a wacky world where anything can happen They preach than any other novel you ll read this year, but they are so fun you won t really notice Matt manages to poke fun and satirize the Church, our religious goofiness, and himself whle making the reader laugh Then the reader will be asking what kind of monster they could be.In Night Of The Living Dead Christian, intrepid Matt is the lone Neighbor [...]

    20. I usually don t go for books about zombies, vampires and werewolves or any other sci fi fantasy book for that matter But having read Matt Mikalatos first book Imaginary Jesus and knowing how completely off the wall that one was, I knew I had to give Night of the Living Dead Christians a shot We join Mikalatos on his one man Neighborhood Watch tour and are soon up to our eyeballs in wacky encounters with the undead of various shapes and sizes Chief among them are his one of neighbors, Luther Mart [...]

    21. When I was young, I loved a good monster story I watched the movies, read the books and even stayed up late to sneak in creeptacular viewings of Michael Jackson s Thriller video on Friday Night Videos ah, growing up in rural America with no cable Somewhere along the long road through college, however, I began to find monster stories less interesting and disturbing I can now no longer make it through movies like Se7en or Scream, that I repeatedly watched and enjoyed those first few years of coll [...]

    22. Description It s a dark October night, and you are patrolling the streets as a neighborhood watchman, when all of a sudden you come upon a startling scene a mad scientist and his franken robot messing with a strange machine attached to the streetlights So what do you do Well, that s the question Matt asks himself when he finds the pair tinkering with the neighborhood power supply Unfortunately, he isn t able to stop the mad doctor before he turns on a device that will supposedly call all of the [...]

    23. As someone who knows nothing about theology, the book lost me sometimes I m still really confused about how the author emphasized belief as opposed to actions as being the measure of a true Christian.I m going to rant a little bit about a certain popular saying because it serves as an illustration of my thinking on the subject.All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing Which sounds all right until you start to think about it Would a good man by any definition sit a [...]

    24. Zombies and Werewolves and Jesus Oh my I don t think any book has made me laugh out loud as much as Matt Mikalotos ridiculously funny romp through theology, Night of the Living Dead Christian When I wasn t laughing, I was gasping in horror at the very real monsters he reveals Matt himself is the main character in his novel He finds himself teamed up with a mad scientist, a werewolf, a vampire, and an android in a hunt for monsters in his own neighborhood He finds than he bargained for behind th [...]

    25. Monsters do, of course, exist, Luther tells us in the introduction to this adventure Matt, our intrepid narrator disagrees and has, in fact, been telling himself for nearly a week that Monsters don t exist Now, on a moon lit night in late October, one of them is about to get educated.Meeting a mad scientist and his android assistant attaching a sonic werewolf repeller to a telephone pole was odd The sudden arrival of a pack of zombies being chased by a large furry creature was very odd Getting k [...]

    26. Update I read this book a second time a few months after my initial reading, and because of how God had been working in my life during the time in between readings, I now have an even deeper appreciation for the story I really relate to Luther, the main character, in his journey to discover what transformation looks like and how it is truly accomplished All I ll say about it is real life is found in just about the last place we d expect it I m grateful for Mikalatos ability to illustrate a parad [...]

    27. In Night of the Living Dead Christian, by Matt Mikalatos uses monsters to portray what it is like to be transformed into a Christian When we become Christians, we strive to overcome our dark sides, our sinful sides.This is obviously a work of fiction about Luther, a werewolf Luther hates being a wereworl, and want to conquer his inner beast He meets up and joins forces with Matt Luther hopes that they will find someone that can help him.While some people compare Matt Mikalatos to Monty Python me [...]

    28. First of all I would like to say that I really, really enjoyed this book Matt Mikalatos is one talented writer Night of the Living Dead Christian is unique, original, one of a kind, challenging, beautiful, and entertaining I have never read or have come across a book like this and I m not sure if I ever will I highly recommend entering this fun tale, that is filled with a deep truthNow I must say I am not at all a monster fan In fact I hate monsters with a passion Dislike and stay clear of paran [...]

    29. I enjoy a good fiction book so when I saw Night of the Living Dead Christians at McKay I picked it up The storyline centers around Matt Mikalatos, a fictional portrayal of the author, and his neighbor Luther Martin Luther has a problem When he gets mad he turns into a werewolf He doesn t like his werewolf side so he asks for Matt s help and their small gang tries to help him kill the wolf thru the book.This parody focuses on crucifying certain aspects of yourself to become like Jesus Luther has [...]

    30. The second book from the author of Imaginary Jesus and friend of mine, Matt Mikalatos, I started the book expecting the same hilarity and poignancy as the first one, but I have to say I was a little bit disappointed this time out Matt Mikalatos is the author, but also a character in this book the head of his neighborhood watch, he notices some strange activity in his Northwestern suburb and before he knows it, he is overrun with zombies, werewolves and vampires With the help of his mad scientist [...]

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