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Rage of Lions By Curtis Jobling,

  • Title: Rage of Lions
  • Author: Curtis Jobling
  • ISBN: 9780670013890
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A ruined kingdom, an avenging king and a hero s destiny After discovering he s the long lost son of the murdered Wolf King and leading a revolt against the tyrant King Leopold the Lion, Drew Ferran must rule over a kingdom in disarray But the former shepherd has mixed feelings about taking his place on the throne In the wake of a vicious attack by Leopold s son, PrA ruined kingdom, an avenging king and a hero s destiny After discovering he s the long lost son of the murdered Wolf King and leading a revolt against the tyrant King Leopold the Lion, Drew Ferran must rule over a kingdom in disarray But the former shepherd has mixed feelings about taking his place on the throne In the wake of a vicious attack by Leopold s son, Prince Lucas, Drew seizes the opportunity to flee his obligations in pursuit of the renegade prince Along the way, Drew and his allies face lawless Werelords, a sinister necromancer, and a nation of invading Catlords determined to wrest power from Drew s paws Unless Drew faces up to his kingship, all of Lyssia will be lost.
    Rage of Lions A ruined kingdom an avenging king and a hero s destiny After discovering he s the long lost son of the murdered Wolf King and leading a revolt against the tyrant King Leopold the Lion Drew Ferran mu

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    1. Final rating 4 5 starsNow, this sequel was even awesome than the first book It fixed the stuff that bothered me in the first book, mainly the book having dialogues I still think about this being classified as children s book, because it certainly isn t one and i would not like that my or any child under 12 years read this Probably up Cause it s certainly has a lot of darkness.There were many plot twists, which i absolutely adored or hated for that matter , because i couldn t predict who would [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars I think this was an improvement over the first installment, but I had some of the same problems There s barely any dialogue which would be fine, but I think the young characters always sound way older than they re supposed to be I also think he focused a bit much on shocking the reader instead of sucking them into the story That said, I think the overall plot is going in some fantastic directions I also just really enjoy reading about the world and the different were I ll likely than [...]

    3. Wow Talk about an nonstop adventure The main premise of the series is that there are humans and there are weres The weres can each shapeshift into one type of animal, such as bears, lions, rats, boars, and wolves In this book, the second in the series, there is war going on for control of the kingdom of Lyssia and multiple cool heroes go off in multiple directions in this amazing fantasy world to meet in multiple new places multiple new cool characters, both heroes and villians, and get into mul [...]

    4. This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionThings are quiet in Lyssia Catlord Leopold, the tyrant king, is imprisoned in his own keep, and the Wolf s Council are slowly cleaning up the mess left behind by the mighty Werelion Drew, the boy destined to be king, is being trained up, and his friends Hector, Gretchen, and Whitley are enjoying courtly life But there are still those with allegiance to the vicious Werelion quietly planning the undoing of the newly instated Wolf s Council and t [...]

    5. I definitely enjoyed this book much than the first one, the characters were a lot rounded and stood out as individuals, and the new additions to the story were interesting and entertaining The story chugged along at a nice speed and I enjoyed the twists and turns, including the last one the author throws at his audience The characters were so much captivating, in fact, that I found myself genuinely affected by their deaths, I had actual moments of sadness when a few of them went, and and I h [...]

    6. I really enjoyed Curtis first Wereworld novel, Rise of the Wolf, and I stick to what I said in that review that Wereworld is akin to Game of Thrones for the younger generation The scope of the unfolding story, the relationships of the characters, the testing of loyalties and the focus on character development all came together to make Rise of the Wolf one of the best YA novels I d read I m very pleased that Rage of Lions continues this trend Where Rise of the Wolf introduced us to many of the ma [...]

    7. The Wereworld series is fantasy on an epic scale I loved the first book, Rise of the Wolf and so I couldn t wait to return to the world of Lyssia and follow the characters on their next adventure.Drew finally knows what he is but he s still learning about and trying to accept his true heritage as King to be, a position he hasn t been prepared for and doesn t know if he can accept Before he can begin to discover what lies ahead of him, the Lady Gretchen is kidnapped and it s up to Drew to rescue [...]

    8. I absolutely loved the first book in Curtis Jobling s Wereworld series so I was really excited to start reading this second book It opens with an all action prologue and you straight away get the feel that this is going to be one hell of a read.The book continues with Drew trying to come to terms with his role and what it means for him Between training to help him develop his skills and meetings with the Wolf s Council his life is certainly very different now When Gretchen is kidnapped he is tol [...]

    9. Jonathan LaSalle WEREWORLD Rage of Lions reviewThe author and title of the book is Wereworld Rage of Lions by Curtis Jobling The authors objective is to always keep the readers guessing and having everything tie together in the end The audience the author wants is high school kids or older so they can really understand the book and understand the point he is trying to make The authors main point is to have a bad side of the story and a good side of the story I support what the author is trying t [...]

    10. In this second installment of the Wereworld series, young Wolflord Drew goes on a mission to capture his angry half brother, the Werelion Lucas Meanwhile, civil war is brewing in Lyssia I was really impressed with the world building of the first book of this series, Rise of the Wolf, so I eagerly rushed to get the second book as soon as it was published Rage of Lions was action packed, while thickening the plot by introducing moral dilemmas the consequences of bad choices with good intentions I [...]

    11. The second book has lived up to it s promise The story continues on from where we left it in the first book with only a short time having elapsed Jobling has again crafted a story that hooks you in from the very beginning and does not let go, even though i have finished the book i find myself wondering what is happening to Drew and Hector and Whitley and Gretchen while i am waiting for the next book Does Jobling not realise that something may happen to them while i am waiting for him to release [...]

    12. The second in Curtis Joblings Wereworld series, Rage of Lions picks up from where the first left off a few months down the line Fans of the first will love this as the style and pace is the same as in the first book Despite being of the YA genre, the authors style of writing can tend to shock with his gruesome and bloody descriptions, but then these are stories about the Werelords, nobals with the ability to transform into powerful beasts There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the story [...]

    13. Darker, grittier sequel to the great Rise of the Wolf Drew and his allies think that they have won the struggle against King Leopold, but the Lion has summoned his deadly allies from the South and soon the whole continent of Lyssia will be plunged into war In the same time, the obnoxious Prince Lucas and his torturer Vankaskan had captured the lovely lady Grethen The young wolf king decides to free her and goes to another dangerous journey Although not as magical as book one, Rage of Lions is an [...]

    14. I loved the story, I love the characters in this book although I was saddened by some of the character deaths in this book and it definetly threw in a couple of twists from the last story and at the end of the book I m actually crossing my fingers for a match between Drew and Whitley now and I m hoping someone notices what s off with Hector since Drew left with Whitley to save their friend and helps him I can t wait for the next installment now that Drew s accepted who he is and his heritage at [...]

    15. Having read and enjoyed book number 1, this follow up lived up to the high expectations I had The story picks up where the first novel leaves off and doesn t disappoint Action packed, suspenseful and will sure to have kids anxiously waiting for book number 3 in the series.

    16. Very good book, but I just found out that the sixth and final book doesn t come out till Oct And because this is one complete story over the course of six books they end with questions unanswered So I m hold off on the rest of these books till the sixth comes out.

    17. oh Drew, you poor thing Gah, this was one of those books where NOTHING goes right for the lead character I know it s a lead in for book three, and I sure hope everything works out for him, but MAN Like I said, poor Drew

    18. At first I was a little disappointed because the things I loved in the first book were sort of not there in the second one But once I got accustomed to the new chain of events the book was an instant favorite.

    19. Again, Jobling has written a great sequel to his first novel in the Wereworld series Many sequels don t live up to the original novel but this one absolutely does The adventure continues and just gets involved and intense A fantastic read I highly recommend this novel and this series.

    20. The rapidfire plot and action continues, violently and definitely becoming closer to the horror genre, but the characters are complex and unexpected and the storyline takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of adventure.

    21. I enjoyed reading this book Even though this is the second in the series it was pretty easy to catch up and follow I will be going back to the first book and I look forward to a third book.

    22. So good The plot twist at the end is amazing and I couldn t wait to read the next book to find out what happened next.

    23. Very well written, but I have to go to to get the next 2 I can t wait until November for the 3rd to come out I love the series.

    24. i found that this book lead me deeper into the story of Drew and the other lords within the kingdom if you enjoyed the first one this one will not leave you disappointed.

    25. WELL WELL WELL this review is so difficult to write because there is so much to say The series is so good there are no words in the dictionary to describe how I feel I ll just have to do my best.I was never really interested in Werewolves, they seemed pretty dull and unoriginal but these book with their fantastic character and world building creates a new twist on werewolves that is exciting and interesting from beyond down to the core Not to mention the introduction of other WereSpecies like We [...]

    26. 3.5 stars Drew is a reluctant hero and possible king Drew has loyal friends and scary enemies Not much happens in this book, but it s a dark tale, has lots characters, death and violence.I wish I could find these books on audiobook, but I will be reading the next one.Likes Drew s loyal friends Drew besting powerful enemies Gretchen, Werefox Whitley accompanying Drew view spoiler Mother Amelie saying goodbye to Drew and wishing him well on his quest to rescue Gretchen Amelie gave Drew his father [...]

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