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Nowhere Left to Hide By Elle Amberley,

  • Title: Nowhere Left to Hide
  • Author: Elle Amberley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Natasha has fled her home many times When she s offered the chance to go to California, she can t wait Thousands of miles to free herself from her past She might even find love if she can shed her last fears.Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, a story of hope, fighting against the odds the determination to do the right thing.
    Nowhere Left to Hide Natasha has fled her home many times When she s offered the chance to go to California she can t wait Thousands of miles to free herself from her past She might even find love if she can shed her las

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    1. Nowhere Left to Hide by Elle AmberleyNatasha gets a scholarship to study at the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.She travels to the area and moves in with a woman there who s taken on students before.Natasha is given a treat by seeing how the US celebrates Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmasall the while learning for her last year of college, the American view point.There is something in her past that terrifies her and she is so afraid one of the guys wholikes her is going to pus [...]

    2. I loved that book Where do I start It will appeal to many and borders on young adult as it s a coming of age story.Natasha Parker has gone through hell but she s determined to make a life for herself She s had to flee her home many times You get to find who them are much later in the story Why is she running away you keep wondering at the start.She s at university in England when she gets the chance to go and study in Santa Barbara Some of her friends think she s a bit mad, it s risky as she s i [...]

    3. Nowhere Left to Hide is a tale of true love finding you when you least expect, or even desire it Natasha has spent her life hiding from the aches and pains of childhood memories, and it has left her heart guarded Natasha s sense of adventure leads her to study abroad where she meets new friends and makes new memories to help wash over wounds from the past I love a story when you route for the heroine from page one, and Elle Amberly has created that in this book Beautifully written Hysterical sup [...]

    4. This is a really good story of a young woman who battles her haunting past I felt her fear and turmoil and down deep her hope of having a normal life She sets off on a new adventure and meets some new friends and discovers love The author is able to make the reader feel as though the heroine is you or your best friend and the experiences seem real.

    5. GOOD READ Love how the author gets Natasha a scholarship to study abroad Most of us have trials and tribulations in our past that sometimes haunt us, so in my humble opinion, this is a good read for all.

    6. Nowhere Left to Hide, by Elle Amberley, is a wonderfully written story of one girls challenge to overcome abuse, neglect, and childhood trauma, in the midst of a learning to find her way around a new country Natasha our main character is rich in depth, strength, talent, and compassion.We follow Natasha as she faces her past trauma and grows into a vibrant woman It is than a coming of age story, it is a story that anyone can pick up and find something in it that they can relate to Elle Amberley, [...]

    7. Natasha has an abusive past that continues to disturb her, and in order to remain focused she concentrates on her studies An opportunity to escape those who wish to see her fail, sends her to study in France and America In the USA she picks up the pieces of her life and embraces a new friend group and lifestyle The author shows the differences between the two cultures and of how Natasha copes with it all And of how her new friends perceive her British ways.All in all a pleasant read of a young w [...]

    8. I expected something completely different from this book I thought that at some point her stepbrothers, who Natasha was running away from, would come and find her The entire time I was reading the book, I was waiting for something to happen, but nothing did It was just boring for me And I was really irritated with the dialogue because this book is supposed to take place in California, and I m sorry but no one in California uses the words fancy or fab The author needed to do research on how peop [...]

    9. The story was okay but a little confusing at times I didn t like how the story took place in the US but all the characters spoke with a British dialect and with British slang It was just too inconsistent for my liking.

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