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Mindstar Rising By Peter F. Hamilton,

  • Title: Mindstar Rising
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780312859558
  • Page: 218
  • Format: ebook
  • Greg Mandel, late of the Mindstar Battalion, has been many things in his life commando, freedom fighter, assassin Now he s a freelance operative with a very special edge telepathy In the high tech, hard edged world of tomorrow, Mandel is the man to call when things get rough But this time he may have bitten off than he can chew and the stakes have never been highGreg Mandel, late of the Mindstar Battalion, has been many things in his life commando, freedom fighter, assassin Now he s a freelance operative with a very special edge telepathy In the high tech, hard edged world of tomorrow, Mandel is the man to call when things get rough But this time he may have bitten off than he can chew and the stakes have never been higher.
    Mindstar Rising Greg Mandel late of the Mindstar Battalion has been many things in his life commando freedom fighter assassin Now he s a freelance operative with a very special edge telepathy In the high tech ha

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    1. Mindstar Rising is the best cyberpunk novel you ve never read Peter F Hamilton is better known for his sprawling space operas, but in Mindstar he presents a tight thriller set in an intriguing post global warming England coming out of a 10 year Left Totalitarian government Greg Mandel is a private detective with little extra, a military grade neural implant that lets him read minds, and a simple investigation into sabotage on a space station draws him into a dizzying world of corporate intrigue, [...]

    2. I have conflicting feelings about this book, therefore I will subdivide this review.The good I liked the setting very much Rural Cambridgeshire afflicted by climate change, a vast marsh criss crossed by decaying roads, with Peterborough as a resurgent port town This is in fact the only book I ve ever read to have a climactic scene set in Wisbech Apart from a few little details notably regarding data storage capacity , the world building seems to have aged quite well I was slightly unnerved to fi [...]

    3. 11 14 hrs left in the audiobook Peter F Hamilton is kind of a potboiler scifi writer, except he s really smart The character development is above average Sometimes I admit to being bored by the detailed descriptions maybe I m just not understanding it completely But then something really intense happens that makes it worth it That s where I am now No messing Doesn t have the fantasy elements of the Night s Dawn or Void trilogies If you don t consider mind reading and seeing the future fantasy Th [...]

    4. Greg Mandel trilogy was the one that propelled PFH on the heights of glory It does not have the scope his later tomes have, but it does provide the same fun and enjoyment while reading it.And one good point for those who are not fans of series in general, these books can be read as standalone They are in a trilogy because of the main character, Greg Mandel, the psi enhanced Mindstar veteran and the tasks he does for Event Horizon, the company which hired his skills But each of the three has its [...]

    5. A good mystery and good hard sci fi book, both The protagonist has special preceptive powers due to a gland installed in his head by the military at one time The characters in the book are mostly well drawn and sympathetic, and the book pacing and writing was very good, minus an overlong invasion near the end of the book.

    6. Mindstar Rising is a reasonably entertaining technological thriller, though I m not going to touch the politics aspect of the speculative world Hamilton has created The pace is okay, enough to keep you interested, and there are some characters that you get a little caught up in Julia, for example, and her grandfather I felt pity for the wreck he was in, and sympathy because of the way he adored her And Julia I sympathised with the way she was struggling to figure out how she fit into the world.O [...]

    7. Greg Mandel can read your mind, sort of He can tell when you re lying and depending on the question can reason out what is going on While this was a great asset in the military, once he got out it s of a unique skill set paid for by the government.He is hired by a billionaire to determine who is sabotaging his earth orbit manufacturing facilities.He soon lands in a major battle with the people who are doing the sabotage However, as he peels away the layers in that organization it keeps pointing [...]

    8. Echt sch n f r vieles von dem, was ich im Commonwealth Zyklus so toll finde, sind hier schon die Ans tze zu sehen im bertragenen Sinne der Umgang mit gesellschaftlichen, pers nlichen und wirtschaftlichen Dingen, Einf hrung der Personen, verschiedene Handlungsstr nge, und nat rlich ein Ende, bei dem alle F den zusammenlaufen so liebe ich das bei Hamilton.

    9. Computer s been eating partially written reviews again Grrr.Would have been great if not for the politics, both material and sexual Britain is suffering the aftermath of severe climate change, worsened like everything else by the appalling rule of the People s Socialist Party But worry not, as the New Conservatives are now in power, and Event Horizon, the multi national, mega super big company run by Philip Evans, with help from his brain node enriched granddaughter, Julia I imagine the idea of [...]

    10. I find it quite had to review Mindstar Rising as it s a bit of a mixed bag The book was given to me as a Birthday present so it s not something I would have usually sought out for myself and I didn t really know what to expect when I began.What the book delivered was a bit of a jumbled mess of detective story and Sci fi jargon If I could I d probably rate it 2.5 as the writing was quite shoddy but the last 5 6 chapters are full of barnstorming excitement.My biggest criticism of the book and the [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book Also, the audiobook narrator was fantastic.Greg Mandel is a protagonist you can really root for The world he lives in post global warming, techno dystopian England but with a big potential hope is a believable future that s really interesting The enemies are communists I miss the Cold War.Great pacing Great allies Great technology Interesting characters Really did a wonderful job And the last quarter of the book is really edge of your seat action Just and awesome, fun [...]

    12. I did finish this, though it was an effort Plodding ultimately boring Hard to believe the same writer was responsible for the Night s Dawn Trilogy Though admittedly i read that 20 years ago, so i can t help wondering if i would regard it as highly if i were reading it for the first time now 3 stars

    13. Mindstar Rising , is written by Peter F Hamilton and is the first Greg Mandel book of three and I ve bought this book on veteran s day 2007 ISB number 0 330 32376 8, first published in 1993 by Pan.Keep in mind that the story is written in 1993 by Peter Hamilton currently 24 years ago and the story is still compelling The setting is great, the changing of the climate raised the water levels and swamps the lower parts of England The politic situation in England is terrible and wars are being fough [...]

    14. This was like nothing I have read before The world was futuristic and at times difficult to picture but the characters, for the most part, were appealing and relatable The storyline was compelling, progressed at a decent pace, and kept me engaged from the get go A very enjoyable read

    15. This is the first of Peter F Hamilton s books that I ve read and I have to say, it wasn t what I expected I ve never been into Science Fiction but after a lovely meal with Peter including an awkward discussion about having never read his books I decided I should give some of his work a go I actually enjoyed it far than I thought it would, so it just goes to show, you mustn t judge a book by its genre The story is set in post apocalyptic Britain Global warming has hit resulting in soaring temper [...]

    16. Mindstar Rising is Peter F Hamilton s first published novel from back in 1993 and still on of my favourites of his I ve read this novel so many times I ve lost count, but with each read I still enjoy the characters and world he has created Despite the fact that the world history and main plot details now seem dated, I still found myself enthralled in a great sci fi detective story.The setting of Mindstar Rising is England in the mid 21st century, specifically the areas around Rutland and Peterbo [...]

    17. The first novel by Peter F Hamilton is smaller in scope than his later space opera epics It is set in a Britain ravaged by global warming and suffering the after effects of a credit crunch and the downfall of a totalitarian government Greg Mandel is an ex Mindstar Brigade soldier who has an enhanced esp talent due to an implanted gland in his brain that can secrete neurohormones Now a civilian, he uses his talent to help a company executive get to the bottom of an industrial espionage attack aga [...]

    18. Warning Spoilers Ahead I read Pandora s Star and Judas Unchained by Hamilton first I struggled to get through both, but kept returning because I recognized a fantastic world and it stuck with meeven when I took a year off, I could pick up right where I left off with little to no confusion at having to remember characters.This book, was my second attempt at consuming Hamilton s sci fi I found the book itself structurally interesting, and I think Hamilton builds worlds in an interesting way Howeve [...]

    19. Peter F Hamilton s debut novel is an entertaining thriller set in a near future where global warming, a Credit Crash and far left wing totalitarianism wrecked the British economy, Scotland has become independent and Wales gets no mention at all England s recovery from all of this is underway but it s fragile and many are still living under the influence of gangs and corruption The protagonist, a war vet with medically boosted empathy and intuition, is hired by the hi tech company leading the way [...]

    20. Consisting of Mindstar Rising A Quantum Murder The Nano FlowerThese three loosely connected novels share the same protagonist, Greg Mandel He is a psychic former soldier who now works as a sort of private investigator mercenary Greg comes into contact with a billionaire named Julia Evans, a very interesting characted in herself.Although they can be read as straightforward SciFi crime novels, there is much depth here The location, a post ecodisaster England recovering from climate change is a fa [...]

    21. I really loved this first outing with Greg Mandel, a psychic detetctive operating in a near future Earth that Hamilton has carefully crafted The mystery aspect is very well handled with lots of twists and unexpected revelations that kept me reading far later into the night than I should I am very drawn to the world Hamilton envisions with it s political, economic, and technological advancements, all so plausible and enticing As with previous titles, I can recommend this one with complete confide [...]

    22. After greatly enjoying Peter Hamilton s The Reality Dysfunction, the first volume of his Night s Dawn trilogy, I wanted to read about this author, but without committing to one of his monstrous novels yet, and I settled for Mindstar Rising, again a first volume in a trilogy and, from what I understand, Hamilton s first published novel.The setting of this story is very interesting Continue reading over at SPACE and SORCERY BLOG

    23. I m reading the Hamilton series out of order I ve read his big space opera s and now I started with his first series The Greg Mandel books are cyberpunk then the other books of Hamilton I ve read But you can already spot some of his common themes in here.I had a hard time starting in this book It starts with two seemingly smaller cases before the real story unfolds But once the story really kicks off I was really into it the book reads like a train, and there are some twists and turns to keep e [...]

    24. A fine science fiction mystery from Hamilton with thrills, suspense and action His main character has been an operative in the best sense of action hero working for the Army, he has a special neurohormone that makes him a telepath Now he has to use his military talents and his telepathy to figure out who is hunting a visionary industrialist.All the action you could want.

    25. Pretty decent action based near future Sci fi, especially considering it was the author s first book I think The sort of book I enjoy reading, but don t then feel the urgent need to go out and pursue in the series Will read the Night s Dawn series at some point though.

    26. 3.5 stars Greg is a man hired for odd jobs, when his abilities are warranted he has a gland that allows him to discern when someone is lying An organization known as Event Horizon discovers there s been some sort of corporate sabotage and is unsure how or who or why And so Greg is called in and immediately sets to work discovering a larger conspiracy that takes him all over even to space, and forces him to deal with computer programs and artificial intelligence.This is basically an extremely com [...]

    27. Wise Up It s the 21st Century and Global Warming is here to stay.Forget the way your country used to look Get used to the free market, the companies have all the best hardware they re calling the shots now Live with the heat.In a world like this a man open to any offers can make out just fine Greg Mandel Psi boosted, wired into the latest sensory equipment, carrying state of the art weaponry Veteran of Gulf War II Late of the English Army s Mindstar Battalion the cartels battle for control of a [...]

    28. Scroll down for the English version.Un romanzo che ti legge nella menteNell intitolare questa recensione ho volutamente giocato con la trama del libro Mindstar Rising infatti ha come protagonista un ex militare, Greg Mandel, in cui stata impiantata una speciale ghiandola che gli permette di percepire le emozioni delle altre persone e in un certo senso leggere la loro mente, anche se non letteralmente Mandel ora un detective privato che si ritrova a investigare su un intrigo di portata globale in [...]

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