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The Last Girl By Jane Casey,

  • Title: The Last Girl
  • Author: Jane Casey
  • ISBN: 9780091948474
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The teenage girl was the first victim Her throat cut to the bone, she didn t stand a chance Her mother, at least, had time to fight back Briefly.Called to the crime scene in leafy Wimbledon, Maeve Kerrigan s first thought is that this is a domestic dispute gone bad But the husband is found lying bleeding and unconscious in an upstairs room As a criminal barristeThe teenage girl was the first victim Her throat cut to the bone, she didn t stand a chance Her mother, at least, had time to fight back Briefly.Called to the crime scene in leafy Wimbledon, Maeve Kerrigan s first thought is that this is a domestic dispute gone bad But the husband is found lying bleeding and unconscious in an upstairs room As a criminal barrister he insists he s the third victim rather than their prime suspect, even if he s a man who makes enemies easily.The only other surviving family member is fifteen year old Lydia She was the one to find her mother and twin sister s bodies and the only witness Maeve has.But she isn t talking
    The Last Girl The teenage girl was the first victim Her throat cut to the bone she didn t stand a chance Her mother at least had time to fight back Briefly Called to the crime scene in leafy Wimbledon Maeve Ker

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    1. Oh Jane After four books three of them in the Maeve Kerrigan series I m seeing a pattern You do so many things exceedingly well, but so often the final effect is rather spoilt by one or two things rather clumsily.I will explain, but in doing that there may be a spoiler or two Nothing too big, and I won t name any names or reveal too mant plot details I ll just say that if you have read and liked the earlier books you ll like this one too, so do read it and then come back to see if we agree And i [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars You can find all my reviews at itsbooktalkSo if you ve read my blog regularly over the past 6 months you know I often enjoy jumping into a series midway or even later I ve done it again with The Last Girl as this is book 3 of the Maeve Kerrigan series So as not to lose anyone, this can definitely be read as a standalone I started with this one after seeing SO many rave reviews of her books around the blogosphere and when I realized there was a male female police detective storyline in [...]

    3. This is the third installment in the Maeve Kerrigan series by Irish writer Jane Casey Set in London, England, this crime series features Metropolitan Police detective DC Kerrigan and her current case, the brutal murder of a woman and her teenage daughter in their home in Wimbledon, a wealthy neighbourhood in London The husband, who is a criminal defense barrister, is also attacked but not seriously hurt Another teenage daughter, is completely unharmed, although traumatised after discovering the [...]

    4. I stayed up to finish this book so it s quite compulsive Mauve and her sidekick, DI Derwent, are called to investigate the brutal murder of a mother and her daughter whilst the father and other daughter were in the house and survived almost unhurt Everyone is keeping secrets so the investigation is very frustrating Obviously you have to suspend your disbelief as all sorts of secrets come crawling out the cupboard but it is well plotted and I didn t guess the perpetrator until it was obvious Maev [...]

    5. A mother and daughter are murdered in their own home in a wealthy London suburb The father receives a brutal blow to the head in the same attack Only the second daughter, twin to the first, survives the onslaught DC Mauve Kerrigan and her colleagues have to decide whether the mother and daughter were the intended victims, or taking the fall for the unscrupulous, womanizing husband Of course, the early focus of the police investigation is on the husband A successful criminal barrister, he s made [...]

    6. A mother and daughter are found dead in their home, the husband unconscious upstairs but why has the second daughter been left untouched I like Jane Casey s books and this is another gripping read featuring DC Maeve Kerrigan As in some of her other plots, this does rely on a huge huge coincidence, and the clues to the denouement are laid on rather unsubtly so that I had solved the problem before our heroine Some of the husband father s actions, too, are unbelievable too, especially towards the e [...]

    7. Wow, I thought the first two books were gripping but I seriously couldn t put this down all day Unlike the previous two, I didn t really work out who did it until the very end, and I had no guesses either until it all just sort of came to me I loved this, I m so happy with this series, and I can t wait to start the fourth book I found myself starting to like DI Derwent just like you said, Katrina and I m really curious to see where his partnership with Maeve goes.

    8. The latest Maeve Kerrigan crime novel had an amazing number of twists and turns although I think it could have been edited down a bit Still, the I read about Maeve, the I like her She is an interesting character the daughter of Irish parents, born and raised in London She thinks of herself as English, but has to endure the jokes from her colleagues about her Irish looks and their reputation as drinkers She is a beautiful young woman who intentionally downplays her looks and is serious about he [...]

    9. I wanted to like this than I did The Maeve Kerrigan series is a British police procedural with a female protagonist, so it should be up my alley I read an earlier book in the series, THE RECKONING, and liked it well enough to try another Now that I ve read THE LAST GIRL, I understand why I m having trouble warming up to this series Both books start off with a bang The author hooks us with a great premise, in this case, a mother and teen daughter murdered, a father left injured, and the other da [...]

    10. I am enjoying the Maeve Kerrigan series based in London by Jane Casey They are police procedurals Many have given a synopsis of the plot of this book so I am going to say what I liked about the book.It is character driven and as each book progresses, we learn about each character and start to care about them I think to really enjoy this series, one should start with book one as the backgrounds and characters are developed throughout the series I have read the first three books of the series Thi [...]

    11. The latest in the Maeve Kerrigan series, sees Maeve investigating the murder of a mother and daughter and peripherally, several gang shootings As usual for this series,we have excellent plotting, great characters and an eye for detail that can be missing in a lot of Crime Fiction these days In the tradition of Mo Hayder but may I say in my opinion far superior especially lately this is a good mystery story, where the solution is not immediately obvious and it is extremely well written Enough of [...]

    12. 3.5 starts I love the Maeve Kerrigan series and especially the partnership with herself and Derwent The banter, the innuendos, the balance if her hunches and his arrogance The story wandered off a little too much for my taste, but pulled to a wtf ending Looking forward to the next one.

    13. London in August in the midst of sweltering temperatures which leave the air stagnant, DC Maeve Kerrigan and her boss DC Josh Derwent are sent to the exclusive enclave of Wimbledon village, not often the destination for the Met officers who make up the murder squad that Maeve is part of Expecting to find the bodies of a mother and daughter, both victims of knife wounds they certainly aren t expecting the home to belong to the renowned defence barrister Phillip Kennford, a man with a reputation f [...]

    14. Shades of Christie Maeve Kerrigan is fast becoming established as one of the most enjoyable detectives in current crime fiction Young and ambitious, with a normal life, no alcohol or drug problems, a lovely regular boyfriend and a family who love her what a refreshing change from the usual diet of angst ridden mavericks.When Vita Kennford and her 15 year old daughter Laura are found dead, Maeve and her colleagues have to decide whether they were the real targets or whether someone had been out t [...]

    15. Philip Kennford s, a London defense attorney, wife and one twin daughter were brutally murdered while his other daughter was swimming in their pool and he was showering.Detective Maeve Kerrigan and her partner Josh Derwent are assigned to the team investigating these murders They quickly discover that although the Kennfords are a wealthy family they were not a happy family and have many secrets in their closet Maeve must sort through the victims and survivors past to uncover the truth behind the [...]

    16. Bravo for Jane Casey She has managed to get better with each book in her series This is no small feat In her first book, a character speaking in the first person lies to us, the readers You expect the guilty party to lie to the police, but not to us the readers In the second book, we were introduced to the guilty party only a short time before they were exposed as guilty This is a cardinal sin for people who like to try to solve the mystery as we read the story Despite this complaint, I very muc [...]

    17. This book has so many contradictions The heroine, Maeve Kerrigan, is a rising star in the London Metropolitan police She s the astute clever thing that sees the clues everyone else is missing But, she has a stalker that for TWO books now remains on the loose She doesn t back down to lunatic slashers or domineering bosses but this stalker is outwitting her at every move Her and the boyfriend also police are pulling up stakes now in order to hide out from Mr Stalker Kind of hard to believe, plus I [...]

    18. Not yet released in the U.S this is the third installment of Casey s Maeve Kerrigan series, following The Reckoning This one is also a police procedural though Maeve and Rob s relationship gets a fair amount of attention as well In fact, it is this continuing relationship that initially grabbed my attention in the series, so I would actually have appreciated this to have gotten a larger amount of page space However, the ending certainly leads me to believe that the next book will include about [...]

    19. This was my favorite book in the series so far And since I gave the other two 5 stars, that s saying something There were some interesting developments with characters from previous books, and I started to like reading about Maeve and Derwent being partners even if his personality leaves something to be desired I thought this was the most intriguing mystery so far, and although I did predict whodunit, I definitely missed most of the why, and Jane Casey kept making me almost second guess my choic [...]

    20. This is the third book in the Maeve Kerrigan series I am enjoying this series thoroughly There are plenty of subplots going on along with the main case I enjoyed Maeve s relationship with her supervisor, Derwent He s a tough person to work with, but you see her learning how to handle him There is a lot left open at the end for future books The only reason that I did not give this 5 s is that I didn t love the ending of the main case.

    21. I will be extremely annoyed if, by the end of this series, view spoiler Maeve and Rob are not still together She better not end up with Derwent hide spoiler

    22. Received as free copy through This book is the third in the Maeve Kerrigan crime mystery series and narrated from her POV I found it engrossing, thoughtful, and very well written Without giving anything away, I will say that the ending was very satisfying There was a wide enough berth of characters to make the plot interesting, well developed and surprisingly likable primary characters, and side plots that I expect will continue to play out through the series Overall, a nice escapism into the cr [...]

    23. I have to admit that I was rather disappointed by this novel Half way through, I put it to one side and didn t feel particularly motivated to pick it up again However, I don t like to give up, so persevered Again, DC Maeve Kerrigan finds herself working closely with DI Derwent on a murder case we also have the saga of Maeve s love life and, in this book, a certain amount of intrigue surrounds Charles Godley, their boss.Whether it was the multiple plot developments, or the slightly implausible en [...]

    24. The most interesting things about this series are the relationships The relationship between Maeve and her partner Maeve and her mother Maeve and Rob The crime plot is usually quite convoluted and sometimes the dialog is hard to figure out who is saying what But the main characters are well constructed and that s what I like about this series and why I will continue on with them.

    25. The Last Girl by Jane Casey is a 2013 Minotaur St Martin s Press publication I was provided a copy of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I have read an earlier installment in this series while it was still in the character development stage and found it to be a bit slow moving and weighted down with long rambling chapters that kept the pace from ever developing a rhythm, making it hard to maintain focus I did like the book well enough to give the series ano [...]

    26. The Last Girl by Jane Casey is a traditional detective story with several viable suspects, all having a less than positive connection to one of the victims It becomes the job of the Murder Squad to sift through the clues and find out who dun it and why Vita Kennford and her 15 year old daughter Laura are found dead by Laura s twin sister, Lydia Criminal barrister, Phillip Kennford is found unconscious and bleeding All points lead to Kennford s less than stellar professional and personal life, a [...]

    27. This is book three in a reliably rewarding police procedural series, set in London, and featuring Maeve Kerrigan, an Irish female trying her best to make her way in a British male world.Maeve, 28, is a Detective Constable in the London Met, serving on the Murder Squad One of the few women, she is partnered with Josh Derwent, who flaunts sexism as a matter of pride Still, Josh is smart, dedicated, and getting fonder of Maeve in spite of his best intentions not to do so Maeve too, although she cal [...]

    28. The Last Girl is the third in Jane Casey s police procedural series, starring D C Maeve Kerrigan in London, England It opens innocently enough on fifteen year old Lydia, swimming at night to exhaustion, trying to erase herself When she finally goes inside she finds her twin sister Laura and their mother Vita slaughtered in the sitting room.This all happens in the mansion of Lydia s father Philip Kennford, a very obnoxious and very wealthy London defense attorney He was attacked and left unconsci [...]

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