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The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai By Ruiyan Xu,

  • Title: The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai
  • Author: Ruiyan Xu
  • ISBN: 9781408820162
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai None

    One thought on “The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai ”

    1. read this for i m a shanghainese, for my mothertongue s shanghainese nice thoughts and plot, tasty using of vocabularies, touching scenes, and so womanish of the writing which i fancybut not groundbreaking anyway, that s not bad i mean i don t like this book for it has nothing stunning even if it s beautiful

    2. Things this story could have used Discussion of aphasia besides basic psych 101 definitions Discussion of bilingual aphasia beside basic psych 101 definitions Discussion of treatment for bilingual aphasia Descriptive incites into differences between Chinese and English and how language shapes perceptions, attitudes and reality besides basic statements that such differences exist More quick wit and barbs from Meiling, especially toward the Americans Americans who aren t contemptible boors Things [...]

    3. This is an attempt at this growing genre of female travel adventure writing i.e Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love , only this time, the female protagonist is supposed to be a neurologist with a patient and a career to consider This is the story of a red headed American woman who goes to Shanghai She shops, goes dancing, drinks a lot, contemplates her failed marriage, contemplates her shallow romance with an ex pat and, in the end, decides it s totally cool to start an affair with her patien [...]

    4. This book really moved me The writing style is beautiful and lyrical But in the end I went from sympathizing and rooting for the characters to being frustrated and annoyed by all of them The author did a good job of portraying the point of view of each main character, though I m not sure if the type of language loss suffered by Li Jing is an actual, real life condition, but it seems a bit weird that he can understand Chinese and can even translate it to English, but he can t speak any Chinese at [...]

    5. I should say upfront that if I were reviewing this book for my normal circle of friends, I should give it 1 star, as it contains little of personal interest however, I am willing to believe that there are other people who probably would enjoy this book, and for that speculative audience it is probably quite well done I picked this book I already count too many I s in this review, but in this case I really need to distinguish between my own preferences and that of the author, for they differ beca [...]

    6. Being bilingual, I ve often felt that there are parts of me that only come out in one language, parts of me that are only reserved for the other, but I d never been able to understand that phenomena as much as when I read this book Xu did a beautiful job of capturing the untranslatable The idea that a language is than just words it s an entire worldview through which we filter our relationship with those closest to us gave me a lot to think about I gave the book three stars though because as mu [...]

    7. 4 9 12 through chapter 14 I was tempted to give up on this, still am, sort of, it is just starting to get to the point where I want to know what happens next 4 13 12 finished I don t know if I liked this tragic romance or not It was very well written and the story grabbed me I don t know who I was supposed to feel sorry for Aren t you supposed to feel sorry for the spouse of the betrayer I did feel sorry for the spouse I thought was betrayed by the lack of compassion and love following a life al [...]

    8. First thoughts well written slice of life story but the characters felt a tad too stereotypical and predictable I like the tiny details describing the city and its people, although on occasions they were superfluous and bordering on purple ok not purple, maybe cobalt blue In the end, it felt like watching a Chinese arthouse film with a coherent plot pretty slow burning though and somewhat interesting characters but not ones that imprint themselves on you or leave you with something new or stimul [...]

    9. Of personal interest to my as I, like Li Jing, suffered aphasia as a result of acquired brain injury Otherwise however I found this book hard going Plot was slow and actions of characters at times incomprehensible But then, people are strange

    10. I did like it enough enjoy some but it was was hit miss I really liked the overall concept from the summaries In Shanghai, China, after an explosion I think, caused by an aftershock at an upscale hotel restaurant, Li Jing successul financier rescues is elderly professor father but then as building collapses Jing is pierced in the head forehead w a thick shard of glass leaving him w a rare condition called Bilingual Aphasia which causes him to only be able to speak English his early language b c [...]

    11. Received for review from Bookbrowse First Impressions Program This is a beautifully written novel exploring the intricacies and dependency humans have on language and how their limitations can project into daily choices The characters are well developed and layered with subtlety, and the story proceeds at a comfortable pace Xu s style is lyrical and full of imagery and symbolism Unable to return to life as he knew it, Li Jing, turns to the most welcoming option available to him after a freak acc [...]

    12. The Lost and Languages of Shanghai is a hauntingly beautiful tale through which author Ruiyan Xu explores the subtle nuances of language and the role it plays in culture, identity, and relationships When an accident severs Li Jing from his ability to speak Chinese, he is forced to communicate only in his nearly forgotten childhood English Although physically able to recover, Li Jing s ability to interact with those around him is irreparably damaged Li Jing and his beloved wife Meiling are trappe [...]

    13. There were things I loved about this book and things I didn t I got it free from Library Things Early Reviewer program and I always like to support new writers I love the unusual plot and design of the book It is a fascinating concept to me, as a therapist, that our love for other people is somewhat born out of our ability to communicate with them that if we could no longer communicate ourselves to our loved ones, we might find ourselves loving them less I think the author does a remarkable job [...]

    14. have just begun reading this novel and wonder at the timing of it I am also currently listening to the audio book, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok which also deals with language and the customs of China and the United States While Kwok s book deals with someone learning and perfecting English meaning and culture in America, Xu s novel is set in China with the misunderstanding that also comes from the English spoken word As I am just a few chapters in I am wishing that I could hear the audio ver [...]

    15. Interesting premise, delivery a little weak The plot focuses on Li Jing who has lost command of Chinese after an accident and can only speak in English, his second language The only one he now can communicate with is the American neurologist who is brought in to help him recover his lost language.The POV moves between Li Jing, his wife Meiling and Dr Rosalyn Neal as all of them face challenges in communication and try to navigate relationships.I did enjoy the book, especially Dr Neal s life as a [...]

    16. I liked this book Mark Zeig reviewed this on June 19, 2010 on A very well thought out review But, I would disagree with him on the classification of this as a romance This book is filled with love certainly, but not limited to romantic love And, the love stories of husbands and wives, of children and parents, of potential romantic love are great vehicles for showing the way in which language affects people.I think it successful on several levels First, I was not overwhelmed with technical inform [...]

    17. I was disappointed in this book I picked it up after hearing a rave review of it by Alan Cheuse on NPR It sounded interesting, but the main problem for me was that I didn t like any of the characters The American was supposed to be an intelligent doctor, yet she ended up seeming pretty empty headed Xu moves the point of view around from character to character, but I didn t feel like I really knew any of them very well nor did I really care about them While the ending is, as they say, guardedly o [...]

    18. The idea that loss is not understood until you have gained, what you had is not appreciated until you have not, what now divides us is what once united us, runs deep throughout this novel about the beauty and emotional ties of language, love and betrayal, culture and in the end hope How important is our spoken language in our relationships How to explain misunderstandings, regret, guilt, love, loss How do you move beyond the barrier and find new ways to connect I enjoyed the story and liked the [...]

    19. A fascinating and sad novel about a guy whose language facility in Chinese, his second language, was severely damaged in an explosion in Shanghai, in a hotel across from his apartment Ruiyan Xu gives a sympathetic and personalized exposition on Broca s syndrome and the effects it has on the patient, his family, and his doctors, as well as rich details about Shanghai s bar scene, restaurants, markets, fashion, and financial industry The Lost Forgotten Languages of Shanghai will haunt people who l [...]

    20. This is a story of a Chinese husband and wife in Shanghai When tragedy strikes, the Ji Ling is left unable to speak Chinese he is only able to speak English that he learned as a child This leads to a difficult home situation and they are unable to communicate with each other Meiling is picking up the pieces of his business and the trying to keep the family running He is struggling with his frustrations and a feeling of being useless and a failure.

    21. I loved reading this story, it was fascinating to read about someone who lost their ability to converse in their most fluent language The fact that Li Jing could still understand the language, but could not bring forth responses, or conjure up any useful language to communicate with his family, was such an infuriating concept It was so horrible to imagine how frustrating it would be for Li Jing However, as a result of his accident, life for his family was also changed forever.

    22. I first saw this book on the Bloomsbury website and thought that it had an unusual premise that promised to be touching as well as different I was also drawn to a modern story set in China A happily married business man is badly injured in an explosion at a hotel when a shard of glass hits him in the head Following emergency brain surgery he eventually regains consciousness but can only speak rudimentary English, a language he left behind in America when he was 10 years old and has never spoken [...]

    23. I won t lie I chose this book merely because it was the only book in the fiction sections of any of the THREE libraries I visit whose author s surname begins with X There are probably non fiction books out there, but with today s computerized library card systems you can t FIND them They don t let you run a search with just a single letter So there is a use for the physical card systems Anyway, in one of the groups I am we have a challenge to read one book for every letter of the alphabet for th [...]

    24. Alas, I misjudged a book by its cover I thought the cover was so beautiful that surely the book inside would be spectacular Instead, I only felt luke warm to it, and even a little disappointed.Li Jing, after having been in an accident, has aphasia But his aphasia is special, it has rendered his speaking of Chinese completely useless, and instead, only the limited English he learned as a child is his only means of communication With a stoic wife and young son, things become rough on his family as [...]

    25. My copy is a paperback ARC.The premise is interesting a Chinese man Li Jing suffers a freak head injury that leaves him unable to speak Chinese He did, however, live in America as a child and is able to speak some English A specialist is brought in from the US to try to help him regain his language skills.However, in the absence of communication, his marriage and relationship with his son suffer His wife, Meiling, is stoic in even the best of times, so she carries on but is suddenly enigmatic to [...]

    26. I don t really understand this type of book and its need to focus on the bad rather than the good It all begins with a tragedy, which leads to problems in the family dynamic, leaving a negative aftertaste, despite how the story actually ends It s well written, though, with some lovely imagery and a very interesting premise Li Jing, a Chinese businessman suffers a head injury in an explosion, causing him to lose the power of speech Oddly enough, however, he can think and speak in the English that [...]

    27. 2.5 Ji Ling is a prominent businessman Born in America while his father was a student, he has lived in Shanghai since he was 10 years old and no longer speaks English When he suffers a brain injury as a result of an explosion in the hotel where he has met his father for dinner, the result is loss of language except for a few English phrases Frustrated and frightened, his family brings in an American doctor, a neurologist specializing in bilingual aphasia loss of speech , to help him recover his [...]

    28. I know Xu s work won t be for everyone, but I think most people will agree that it s very well written As an American Westerner, yes I wasn t happy with the ending and its lack of finality Did I really want Li Jing to leave everything behind and move with Rosalyn and maybe Pang Pang to America Yes Did I think the author would write that No Xu is a CBA Chinese born American and not an ABC American born Chinese The flipping of the anagram makes all the difference in the world culturally and litera [...]

    29. This book started really well for me, it s easy to get lost in There s the initial accident, the reveal of Li Jing s condition, then the utter foreign ness experienced by Li Jing, his doctor Rosalyn an American in China and his own wife and child being unable to communicate with him.The story of Meiling and Li Jing s meeting and early romance is a beautiful one, explaining how Li Jing seduced her with words Each day they keep a diary of thoughts and spend time each night checking how in sync the [...]

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