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While You Are Sleeping (Underworlders, #1) By PaulCraig,

  • Title: While You Are Sleeping (Underworlders, #1)
  • Author: PaulCraig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Boy meets elf Elf scares boy Elf kidnaps boy Boy, are they in trouble Take a ride through a world you never knew existed in a rip roaring romp of a story chock full of wise cracking talking animals, cackling witch taxi drivers, funny named drinks, angry demons and shadowy figures,
    While You Are Sleeping Underworlders Boy meets elf Elf scares boy Elf kidnaps boy Boy are they in trouble Take a ride through a world you never knew existed in a rip roaring romp of a story chock full of wise cracking talking animals c

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    1. Each night, as we sleep, chaos makers come from the Underworld and well, cause chaos in our homes Eric the Elf kidnaps a child and high jinx ensue as he tries to hide said child while sorting out his gambling debts The Underworld is filled with all the beings you thought were imaginary, elves and dwarves, talking dogs and the Tooth Fairy to name a few I couldn t put this book down and read it all in one sitting A great fantasy tale filled with humour and British pop culture references that had m [...]

    2. Until now there have only been two authors that have made me laugh out loud LOL, for you youngsters I mean a really and truly, snorting coffee out through the nose laugh the kind of spontaneous laughter that is provoked when, even if you have an inkling that something funny is about to happen, it still knocks you sideways figuratively speaking, obviously I now have another author to add to the list alongside Sir Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, I can now add Paul Craig While You are Sleeping l [...]

    3. While You Are Sleeping is a charming and quirky novel by London based author, Paul M Craig The concept is that every time something goes wrong, seems amiss or things go bump in the night, it is a cheeky team of chaos makers from another world come to take us down a peg.Throughout the book there is never a dull moment, there s always something going on to keep you entertained through every twist and turn of this humorous book I wouldn t say it s laugh out loud comedy but it will not fail to make [...]

    4. It starts out in Alaska with a girl and her mother reading at 10 P.M They are then connected to someone getting dressed in Nigeria at 9 A.M The book continues by connecting times in countries to what they are doing somewhere else in the world in a different time zone The genre of this book would be cultural the format of this book is a picture book that has flip up parts The reading level of this class would be young elementary students You could use this book in a classroom for a unit about tim [...]

    5. Eric the elf finds himself in a pickle regarding a mysterious bracelet Kidnapping a human child only increases his problems, but he had to do it due to circumstances beyond his control, and at least his friends stand by him, even when they discover his crime Hiding in the Underworld proves difficult with Watchers on the prowl, and if he s caught there s the Gulag, a prison you don t want to end up in.This delightful story takes us through an Underworld where reality and fantasy enhance each othe [...]

    6. While You Are Sleeping is a most unusual story which at first seemed like weird dreams one might have As I read, it suddenly dawned on me that the tales remind me of Alice in Wonderland But in this case, it s Eric in the Underworld It s well written, very imaginative, but not tales that draw me in But if you like extreme fantasy, you ll enjoy Flik Flak and Pigkiller, just to name a couple of imaginery characters.

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