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The Oxford Book of American Short Stories By Joyce Carol Oates Washington Irving Jack London Stephen Crane Edith Wharton Willa Carter Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald,

  • Title: The Oxford Book of American Short Stories
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates Washington Irving Jack London Stephen Crane Edith Wharton Willa Carter Ernest Hemingway F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • ISBN: 9780195092622
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • This volume offers a survey of American short fiction in 59 tales that combine classic works with different, unexpected gems , which invite readers to explore a wealth of important pieces by women and minority writers Authors include Amy Tan, Alice Adams, David Leavitt and Tim O Brien.
    The Oxford Book of American Short Stories This volume offers a survey of American short fiction in tales that combine classic works with different unexpected gems which invite readers to explore a wealth of important pieces by women and

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    1. I finally did it I feel incredibly accomplished haha It s a great collection that introduced me to new to me authors and reminded me of some favorites Really recommend this especially if you ve already read a bunch of what s considered the core classics of short stories This offers alternative stories by some of the most well known authors that often get overlooked in favor of their most famous works I really enjoyed my journey through this beast of a book.

    2. As a short story collection this anthology contains a wide variety of authors with a quick comprehensive overview of each author included Throughout this entire anthology I was annoyed however because Dates in her forward explicitly said she hand picked works which weren t the authors best known pieces and then not only began with the most known Poe but in her snippets about the author on than a fourth of them said this piece is this authors best know or most reprinted That wouldn t have bother [...]

    3. Finally I began reading this book quite a while ago and am happy to report that I ve finished Overall, I was curious to see the evolution of short story writing in America from its dawning to the late 1980 s I have to admit, I didn t begin to enjoy the stories until I read the ones that came after the Civil War The stories I thought were most exceptional in voice, in language, in characterization were written during or after the Harlem Renaissance These stories include Heat by Joyce Carol Oates [...]

    4. A cool not so little anthology, curated by Joyce Carol Oates I m not gonna give it a star rating, because I never know how to rate anthologies, but it s certainly good reading Oates put together a collection of little known stories by America s most well known writers, from Edgar Allen Poe to Junot Diaz My only real complaint is that Oates made the odd choice of including her own work in the collection, putting her story alongside Hemingway s and Carver s You have to laugh a little at a stunt li [...]

    5. Iamfinished.lly I read this book over the course of several years in between novels After teaching American Literature for 5 years a while back, I enjoyed reading a few old favorites, but mostly being exposed to new stuff Although there were a couple that were hard to get through, most of the stories were great, with standouts from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Louise Erdrich.

    6. There will always be standards and staples we re told are divine, definitive, or otherwise distinct in the realms of genre or generation Often, they re substantively applauded or admonished but it is the institution or branding which propel them into the public eye and therefore, public opinion They re widely read or recommended so, one might assume acculturation Even if something is terrible, you re expected to know of and about it Likewise, if it s amazing I can say The Oxford Book of American [...]

    7. An excellent collection of American short fiction Runs the gamut from the earliest to very recent stories and an excellent job of choosing the material.

    8. Just read Willa Cather s A Death in the Desert I love the way that woman writes 6 2 2011 I m going to keep a list of the short stories I read before this anthology goes back to the library I m sure I won t have time to read it cover to cover.Rip van Winkle, by Washington IrvingPeter Rugg, the Missing Man, by William AustinThe Wives of the Dead, by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Tell Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen PoeThe Ghost in the Mill, by Harriet Beecher StoweA White Heron, by Sarah Orne JewettThe Storm, [...]

    9. Not a perfect anthology, but the stories within represent the cultural diversity in the American Short Story well Highlights for me include John Edgar Wideman s Fever Saul Bellow s Something to Remember Me By Paul Bowles A Distant Episode Jack London s In a Far Country and Tobias Wolff s Hunter s in the Snow Maybe my favorites do not represent the diversity of race and gender well, but having read a handful of the stories before deciding to teach the anthology, re reading them, and reading the r [...]

    10. Powerful and rich Hard to write a quick, few line review of such a collection Oates states at the outset that she deliberately chose for this compilation stories by generally well known authors that are not as often anthologized as others Her intent to feature the less known shows, and it s fun, and a real workout to plow through this collection Perhaps the most memorable portion of the collection, for me, were the stories by Black writers working in the 20 s, 30 s, and 40 s Wright, Ellison, Bal [...]

    11. A very fine collection that matches almost perfectly with my sensibilities of American literature My students often remark that the stories are weird or strange or depressing Partly that s due to my selections that reflect my penchant for the slightly off base But for me, that s narrative of American literature that I and apparently Joyce Carol Oates subscribe to A bunch of misfits trying to figure out how to eat, build, love, and forgive As an editor, Oates rejects the pressure of the canonical [...]

    12. I ve never read an anthology of this breadth and depth from start to finish It was time well spent even if that time spanned a good five or six months I pulled it off my shelf between novels and read the introduction I was intrigued and compelled to start at the beginning and work my way through Many of the authors I had read before certainly not all Several of the selections I had read, or was at least familiar with But, I really appreciated that most were not necessarily the most often antholo [...]

    13. Oates selected short stories written by famous writers, most of them rather unknown She orders them chronologically, from Washington Irving s Rip van Winkle to Pinckney Benedict s 1954 Town Smokes.56 stories, including works byPoe, Mark Twain, Henry James,, Stephen Crane, Faaulkner, Ellison, Updike,and Oates herself An excellent collection if one studies the craft of writing short stories.

    14. Great collection It spans the late 18th Century to the present, wide a wide variety of styles represented I had a particular fondness for the contemporary short stories, including The Drowned Life by Jeffrey Ford and Filthy With Things by T.C Boyle I also appreciated the inclusiuon of some science fiction and hooror in the collection I also liked the fact that authors from various and disparate backgrounds were included.

    15. sono arrivata in fondo a questo mattoncino _ Il piano era di leggere un racconto al giorno, ma sono stata parecchio discontinua e solo nelle ultime due settimane mi sono impuntata per finirloUna bella raccolta di racconti, di nomi pi o meno noti a me della letteratura americana Non ho apprezzato tutti i racconti alla stessa maniera e neanche me lo aspettavo, visto che sono pi di 60 storie , ma in generale il mio un giudizio pi che positivo.

    16. I read most of this, I did I believe this collection is a great way to get a broad swath of samples through the history of the American short story I d recommend as Oates does and read in chronological order If you don t have time I really enjoyed Saul Bellow, Ursula K Le Guin and Tobias Wolff s stories among the authors I have never read before.

    17. An excellent anthology hats off to editor Joyce Carol Oates for her excellent choices both of the writers and their work Several of these authors were not very well known to me, so reading them in this format was a real treat.

    18. This is a really good anthology of American literature it has all of the authors one would want to read in order to be well read in American literature, and yet it doesn t have the typically anthologized stories by those writers You get something fresher and thought out It s also inexpensive as big anthologies go Thanks, Joyce

    19. I am enjoying this book but it definitely is not a quick read An author of short stories has less pages to tell that story so you really have to slow down and really give that story your undivided attention to catch the message the story is giving This book is definitely well worth the time it is taking

    20. This book includes two short stories that finally made me understand that essence of the Black American experience where so many other attempts have failed Sonny s Blues James Baldwin and Battle Royal Ralph Ellison Other stories I liked There Will Come Soft Rains Bradbury , Fleur Louise Erdich , The Management of Grief Bharati Mukherjee , and The Things They Carries Tim O Brien.

    21. This anthology has some really outstanding works in it, while others are less interesting, or odd choices of work from otherwise brilliant authors Certainly worth purchasing if you re looking for an affordable collection of short fiction.

    22. What I have read Rip van Winkle by Washington IrvingThe Telltale heart by Edgar Allen PopeCannibalism In The Cars by Samuel ClemensThe Strength of God by Sherwood AndersonThe Lecture by Isaac Bashevis SingerThe Persistence of Desire by John UpdikeHeat by Joyce Carol Oates

    23. I m so happy that I read this not so little anthology The evolution of American fiction is so interesting, and so DIFFERENT It s hard to give it a star rating simply because of the number of narratives included, but I highly recommend this to anyone, you won t regret it.

    24. includes the standards perkins gilman, bradbury, beecher stowe but also some you don t find in a lot of comps worth the weeding.

    25. This is a great collection A lot of the standards as well as some stories you don t see as often A good creative mix.

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