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Princeps By L.E. Modesitt Jr.,

  • Title: Princeps
  • Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780765330956
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The thrilling follow up to Scholar in which, after discovering a coup attempt and preventing a bloody civil war, Quaeryt was appointed princeps of Tilbor begins a new episode in the young Imager s life Now second only to the governor, and still hiding his powers as an Imager, Quaeryt is enjoying his new position, as well as his marriage to Lord Bhayar s youngest sister, VThe thrilling follow up to Scholar in which, after discovering a coup attempt and preventing a bloody civil war, Quaeryt was appointed princeps of Tilbor begins a new episode in the young Imager s life Now second only to the governor, and still hiding his powers as an Imager, Quaeryt is enjoying his new position, as well as his marriage to Lord Bhayar s youngest sister, Vaelora, when a volcanic eruption devastates the old capital of Telaryn He and his wife are dispatched to Extela, Telaryn s capitol city, to replace the governor killed in the eruption Quaeryt and Vaelora must restore order to a city filled with chaos and corruption, and do so quickly The regiment under his command must soon depart to bolster Telaryn s border defenses against a neighboring ruler who sees the volcanic devastation as an opportunity for invasion and conquest.
    Princeps The thrilling follow up to Scholar in which after discovering a coup attempt and preventing a bloody civil war Quaeryt was appointed princeps of Tilbor begins a new episode in the young Imager s lif

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    1. March 2017 Review Modesitt gave me plenty to think about in this book He simplifies a lot of politics economics into Quaeryt s rebuilding of Extela Governing is definitely a thankless job sometimes the law just doesn t stretch far enough to cover what really needs to be done to uphold the social contract Even when it does, what is best for all often doesn t seem that way It s definitely thought provoking in light of the current political situation in the US I was disappointed in the ending Oh, i [...]

    2. Excellent sequel to Scholar Quaeryt and Vaelora solve one problem at a time until the hits the fan badly.Typical Modesitt ultra competent hero deals with one problem at a time yes, but I love the style, the world building and the main two characters here a minor spoiler below about how the series differs a little from usual fantasy in a way that appeals quite a lot to meone thing I like about this series Imager in general both Rhenn and this is also that rather than having the hero s love intere [...]

    3. Princeps is a direct follow up to Scholar and continues the story of Quaeryt, the Scholar Imager, beginning the next day If you are thinking about trying out this series, I would very much recommend beginning with the first volume of Quaeryt s adventures, Scholar This is not really a standalone novel but a mostly enjoyable follow up I was really looking forward to this book after reading the others in the series, but it s of a bridge novel and it gets rather slow as it spends a lot of time foll [...]

    4. Princeps, the newest novel by L.E Modesitt Jr is the second installment in the second sub series of the Imager Portfolio, which thus far includes a trilogy about the imager portraiturist Rhennthyl Imager, Imager s Challenge and Imager s Intrigue , and two novels about the scholar imager Quaeryt Scholar and Princeps , with a third novel entitled Imager s Battalion scheduled for January 2013 and two to follow further down the line The Quaeryt books are set in the same fantasy universe as the Rhen [...]

    5. It s really a tad pointless to say too much since if you ve made it this far in the series, you already like the series and are aware of Modesitt s annoying quirks like characters with crazy unpronounceable names and his use of the same theme or idea in each book, just expanded or stretched a bit.This part of the Imager series took us way back to the beginning, before the previous Imager books, and the main character here is working his way up the ranks, solving problems, hiding his abilities, a [...]

    6. Not one of the better books in this series It relied far too heavily on existing tropes, and skimmed over detail that should have been discussed For example, the main character created a giant stone bridge through magic In a world where magicians are feared and misunderstood, why didn t we hear almost ANY discussion of this incredible feat We didn t even get a good description of it

    7. i liked this book much over Scholar see my review of the series in general Here, we finally get into the meat of things At last he is a real man, not the wise fool, itinerant who has no stake in anything and can just pick up and leave if things get too hot The end was weird I was mad at Bhayar and the author Does he really need to set B up as a bad guy Why Surely he is savvy enough to know that both Q and V respond most to positive feedback and not by being threatened with Bhayar practically goi [...]

    8. Picking up directly after Scholar Quaeryt now faces governing a city ravaged by natural disaster while combating corruption and moral choices versus expediency This kind of internal conflict is what Modesitt excels in demonstrating Some people may find the mundane details tedious but every bit adds color and additional depth to an already rich and compelling world These details do make the first half of the book a bit slow, but the final third is fast paced and tense leaving you excited and dema [...]

    9. I enjoyed PRINCEPS than SCHOLAR, which it follows There s still a lot of focus on administration and ethics, but humanity as Quaeryt learns about marriage by experience, and begins to relate to the world as an imager I paused in the middle of this book to reread the first three imager stories, to bring fresh air back into the series.

    10. Posted at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust PRINCEPS could be called Diary of a Provinical Governor PRINCEPSBook Five in The Imager PortfolioL E Modesitt, JrR Macmillan May 22, 2012E book, Hardcover 496 pages and AudioDisclosure Sent by Publisher around release date No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions, except as noted, are my own.The thrilling follow up to Scholar in which, after discovering a coup attempt and preventing a bloody civil war, Quaeryt was appointed princeps of Tilbor begins a [...]

    11. Another solid entry in the Imager series Quaryrt tries his hand at governing and finally ends up being involved in some Military Action The reluctant Hero.4 stars

    12. After reading both Scholar and Princeps, I honestly think I was wrong about Modesitt s motivations behind abandoning the present day progression of his Imager Portfolio series Pinceps is the second book in the Portfolio to follow Quaeryt, an imager that lived hundreds of years before the events of Imager In my review of Quaeryt s first novel, Scholar, I accused Modesitt of fighting off stagnation by radically shifting the setting and the protagonist But now I m beginning to think that he wrote a [...]

    13. Libro de transici n, y transici n desagradable, porque aunque el protagonista es nombrado gobernador de una ciudad destruida por un volc n, cada vez que intenta hacer el bien, alg n poderoso se cabrea Y su mujer, la hermana del rey, quiere ayudar, pero todo le sale tambi n mal Menos mal que el libro cambia a una guerra, y ah mejora la depresi n que hab as cogido con lo anterior Los pr ximos dos van de guerra, por lo que me pienso divertir m s B

    14. Actual ranking 3.5 stars for me, 2.5 stars for the general viewing public IMO.While I enjoyed the book, I understand that I m strange, and I like stories about governing, as well as battles, of moral choices, and that Modesitt tends to hit those notes the same notes, with the same moral messages behind the words again and again with little variation Which is why I have the split decision on his, book, one part of me is loving the minutiae and the details, the countervailing needs and demands tha [...]

    15. It was interesting to see how Quaeryt dealt with the duties of the governor, although it does get dreary I couldn t understand the behaviour of Vaelora She s acting rather spoiled with the purchase of the mansion even as she tried to help the poor While I believe that it is essential to establish the governor s authority and after all the mansion is necessary, she didn t have to snap at Quaeryt really when he s got his plate so full I also cringe every time the question of disrespect comes into [...]

    16. Vote 3,70Class L A3 FP fifth book of the Imager Series second out of five of the Quaeryt Saga I ve liked the original trilogy and I m liking this sequel a good characterization, an intriguing story and a some refreshing wit It a almost a fantasy political war spy story with an original magical system and good world building Sometimes slow but never boring.The world 3,75 is well built and solid and the magical powers are interesting the only magical ability is, for some, to image things and recre [...]

    17. As always, Modesitt shines He s written literally DOZENS of novels and I ve read almost all of them Of those, I ve only read one that I considered less than excellent Empress of Eternity Princeps is no exception Scholar started somewhat slow and wandering, and it was a bit different for the protagonist to already have some reasonable skill in magic It definitely got better by the end In Princeps, the action starts right off and keeps you turning page after page And yet, it s also a very introspe [...]

    18. This book begins right where the previous book Scholar left off, with our hero Quaeryt now married to Vaelora and still running the administration of Tilbor Unfortunately, as foreseen by Lord Bhayar s grandmother, the former capital of Telaryn, Pompeii Excela, is covered by a volcanic eruption and thrown into chaos Quaeryt is appointed interim Governor and sent to restore order to the province During this book, Quaeryt s imager skills become of an open secret, with some heavy foreshadowing of h [...]

    19. Princeps by L.E Modesitt, jrIn some ways this is a bit repetitious We have a similar protagonist to the Recluce series but different This is a continuation of the Imager Portfolio This is the 5th volume The budding journeyman from the first book is coming into his own however he discovers that with increased power comes increased responsibilities Quaeryt discovers that being married to the sister of Lord Bhayar entails considerably entanglements than even he imagined Melding self awareness with [...]

    20. In Princeps, Quaeryt and Vaelora do not get much of a honeymoon Shortly after they are married and Quaeryt becomes the Princeps of Tilbor, Vaelora s brother Bhayar sends Quaeryt on another assignment This assignment is a promotion to governor of a region that has recently been devastated by a natural disaster It seems that Quaeryt has become the guy who gets to put out all the political fires It is also fairly obvious Quaeryt is mostly going along with this in hopes of furthering his own ambitio [...]

    21. Quaeryt, as blonde David Duchovny, holds a loaf in hand and will feed the poor.I was not troubled by the ellipses What Orchid Ch ng and LaserWraith don t say, you can flip to any page and find three, even thirty two Quaeryt listen s before speaking, does have the ability to communicate, make decisions, kill, travel unseen and triumph He performs miracles and achieves extraordinary feats but cannot shake the accusation that he is the Nameless s something He denies Nameless talents and argues for [...]

    22. This book continues the story of Quaeryt The story is similar to other L.E Modesitt s works A competent and relatively honest hero who thinks that his way of doing things is the best, even if it is not, it is better than the alternative.The first part of the story is mainly regarding politics and trade offs between the wants of the landholders nobility , merchants bourgeois and the rest of the people It clearly shows the power difference between these different groups and how doing something for [...]

    23. Once again we turn to the world were Imaging is magic The use of ones mind to create something, such as Ice in the center of the brain, an offensive spell that can do serious damage Here Modest takes his series forward to conquer his entire continent Though it can not be done all in one book The first half is like a FEMA mission and by far the better part of the book Should the entire novel have been in the same vein, I think it would have been much better By the end, as the conquest starts to g [...]

    24. I m currently having a very hard time reading this book In my mind, by far the worst of the Imager series This book is very tedious to read as it is mostly a day in the life of Quaeryt, day after day after day Today he rode his horse here, and solved this problem, and then went back to his office, and then went home And repeat I m almost 2 3s of the way done the book, and keep hoping that it s going to get better Generally I have no problem getting sucked up into the world that L.E Modesitt Jr d [...]

    25. Although the writing and story isn t up to the standard of my all time favourite books, there s something about this book that I found compelling, engaging and thoroughly captivating I found the section on restoring the town fascinating, and even the homilies thoughtful despite the blatant similarity of the trappings of the fantasy religion with some we might be familiar with The best L.E.Modesitt I ve read in a while, and I tend to like them all.Read the series in order written, not timeline M [...]

    26. I am somewhat subpar following periodontal work yesterday, so I spent hours lying on the couch reading Princeps This is the sixth fantasy novel by L E Modesitt that I ve read, and the fifth in his Imager series As with his other books, much of the reason that I enjoyed it is that I like his protagonist I also like the thoughtful, detailed way he develops the world, factoring in economics, government, and people s behavior, as well as the standard military considerations That said, I can see tha [...]

    27. It got only 3 stars from, me instead of 4 due to the ending it was cleary written as an ending to a book mid series instead of having a full resolution I would ve given it 3.5 That said, I just purchased the next in the series, ha I appreciated the struggles of governorship as seen through Quaeryt s eyes you can t keep everyone happy I m sure our own President feels that every day I m interested to see how Quaeryt s lord will treat him in the next few books now that his power is publicly known A [...]

    28. This is the sequel to Scholar The first half of the book was pretty slow the last third was much better I would have enjoyed it better as an ebook I think even though I was reading a hardback, the font was small, possibly smaller than a lot of paperbacks, and the width of the characters was thin so if you have eye problem it causes a lot of eye strain.I like the first three books in the Imager series and all the Recluce sp ones much better, but this was still worth reading once I assume that the [...]

    29. Second novel about the beginning of imagers in Lydar Scholar was exciting, but this one continues the adventures of Quaeryt and his new wife, Vaelora as her brother tries to keep invaders out He epects from his brother in law than ever, and Quaeryt has to govern one province and then protect his wife and country with little help or thanks He also has to guide a small group of new imagers, who really do not want to be in the middle of the war.

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