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An Echo Through the Snow By Andrea Thalasinos,

  • Title: An Echo Through the Snow
  • Author: Andrea Thalasinos
  • ISBN: 9780765330369
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Andrea Thalasinos s debut novel is an inspiring story of how a single act of kindness can transform your life.Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey, a Siberian husky suffering from neglect Rosalie finds the courage to rescue the dog, and united by the bond of love that forms between them they save each other.Soon Rosalie and Smokey are immersed in theAndrea Thalasinos s debut novel is an inspiring story of how a single act of kindness can transform your life.Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey, a Siberian husky suffering from neglect Rosalie finds the courage to rescue the dog, and united by the bond of love that forms between them they save each other.Soon Rosalie and Smokey are immersed in the world of competitive dogsled racing Days are filled with training runs, the stark beauty of rural Wisconsin, and the whoosh of runners on snow Rosalie discovers that behind the modern sport lies a tragic history the heartbreaking story of the Chukchi people of Siberia When Stalin s Red Army displaced the Chukchi in 1929, many were killed and others lost their homes and their beloved Guardians the huskies that were the soul and livelihood of their people.Alternating between past and present, telling of a struggling Chukchi family and a young woman discovering herself, An Echo Through the Snow takes readers on a gripping, profound, and uplifting dogsled ride to the Iditarod and beyond, on a journey of survival and healing.
    An Echo Through the Snow Andrea Thalasinos s debut novel is an inspiring story of how a single act of kindness can transform your life Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey a Siberian husky suffering from

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    1. Rosalie MacKenzie is feeling trapped She s a high school dropout, married in haste to a quick tempered man, and about to lose yet one going nowhere job When she spots a neglected and mistreated Siberian husky she decides to rescue the dog, setting in motion a chain of events that changes the lives of both girl and animal Juxtaposed against this modern story is that of the native peoples of Siberia, the Chukchi, their deep bond with the dogs they consider their Guardians, and how Stalin s Red Ar [...]

    2. I was originally interested in reading this book because it s about dogs, specifically husky dogs, which to me is one of the most gorgeous and fascinating breeds of dogs I m a huge animal lover and I think that other animal lovers may enjoy this book too.The story is pretty good but there were definitely some places that had a couple holes for me There are two parallel stories in the book The first one takes place in Siberia during toward the beginning of the 20th century and surrounds the story [...]

    3. Andrea Thalasinos s An Echo Through the Snow is one of those books that I select for some mysterious reason and then I let the book sit on my desk for MONTHS Animal books are really not my thing unless it has a certain focus like horse racing stories.I can totally get into books about great thoroughbreds like Ruffian, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Affirmed, etc But I m not one of those who like to read books on how a dog changed my life for example, I have never been tempted to read Marley and Me and [...]

    4. Ehh I had such high hopes for this book after all it s definitely a dog book, and it also involves sled racing The intertwining of a historical section in with a contemporary setting sounded fascinating too What fun to read on a hot summer day or at least, that s what I had expected Unfortunately, despite the strength of Thalasinos writing and her obvious passion for her subject, the book fell flat The historical section completely felt separated from the contemporary, and the two narratives we [...]

    5. Taken from the book Rosalie MacKenzie is headed nowhere until she sees Smokey, a Siberian husky suffering from neglect Rosalie finds the courage to rescue the dog, and united by the bond of love that forms between them they save each other I just could not get into parts of the book and struggled to keep up with back and forth stories I wish the characters were a little developed and the stories fused together cohesively I did enjoy the overall storyline, it is complex, yet simple.

    6. Sometimes when I have a few minutes at the library, I love just browsing through the shelves and seeing the random books that look intriguing The other day, I was doing just that on the new releases shelf when I came across An Echo Through the Snow The first thing about it that caught my eye was the starkness of the cover, with just the picture of the dog and a woman Then after reading the description, I decided to take a chance on it because I was sufficiently intrigued.While this is primarily [...]

    7. Today s review is on An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea ThalasinosWith all of the hype surrounding the release of this book, I was expecting to be carried away on a fantastic journey Sadly this was not the case Though there are parts of the book that I did enjoy, An Echo Through the Snow has some serious flaws.First off, for a book of this size, I should have a firm understanding of the major players However, as it s written, I don t get a real feel for the Chukchi people, let alone Jeaantaa or [...]

    8. I read this book for a workshop I am attending on book discussions in a few weeks The author will be joining us and I am very excited to meet her and see what she had to say about her book An Echo Through the Snow tells the story of two time periods the native Chukchi people of Siberia in 1929 when Stalin s Red Army takes over and intertwines a modern story of a young girl named Rosalie in the 1990s The center of both stories are the Siberian huskies and dogsled racing Even though it took me awh [...]

    9. What a breathtaking book Once begun, I couldn t put it down and finished it in 3 days Ms Thalasinos has woven a tale of harsh lands and broken lives that spans 63 years and two continents The novel alternates between the lives of Jeantaa, a Chukchi woman living in 1929 during the destruction of her land and culture by Stalin s Russia and an emotionally broken Rosalie MacKenzie living in 1992 Wisconsin who finds her way back to survival when she rescues an equally broken Husky named Smokey The co [...]

    10. I loved this book The characters are flawed and vulnerable and so human I enjoyed the historical interweaving and shamanic elements I am not a dog person, but I really enjoyed learning about sled dogs their physiology and history I liked that the author didn t take the easy way out and make the story resolve all elements perfectly I have recommended the book to several friends.

    11. I do not think there will be another book I love than this one this year I can say that with confidence because my goodness this was everything We have a character of Indigenous heritage which I loved , this said character going through some very difficult things which was so sad , siberian huskies which I love and this said characters journey which I loved It was a beautifully written novel about her journey BUT that was not all We have another story arc that is included that at first you don [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book Thalansinos created a wonderful comparison between two similar cultures, in different parts of the world at different times in history that culminate with a satisfying closure when the two meet face to face The Dog sled racing lifestyle was well documented Any good musher will always sacrifice for their dogs, ensuring that the dogs are cared for first even before oneself It is a desire of the soul, this deeply felt passion, where it is almost as if the dogs choose you [...]

    13. I won Echo Through the Snow in a giveaway, and tried very, very hard to like this book The book tries to weave two dog stories together One is set modern day, the other tells of a Native tribe.I love books with animal themes, so I thought this would be a sure win on top of a win I ve thought a lot about what threw this book out wack for me, and I know it has to do with the writing style 3 things I want to say about the writing are 1.Maybe I just don t appreciate quite sync myself with sorry, I v [...]

    14. When I started reading this book, I wasn t sure if I would keep with it, to be honest If a book doesn t grab me right away, I don t stay with it But I m glad I did with this one because I ended up enjoying it.I wasn t crazy about the writing style in the first couple of chapters This is the author s debut novel and it was like she was trying too hard There seemed to be a lot of comparisons which I found a bit annoying Here are some examples Her bangs quivering like butterflies The dream chased h [...]

    15. It was one of those clueless trips to the library As in, No clue what I m looking for Just something new that looks interesting Or whatever books leaps off the nearest shelf first That s how I found Andrea Thalasinos s An Echo Through the Snow I grabbed it sight unseen Turned out to be a pretty good read Warning some rough lingo that may offend gentle readers Echo is set in Wisconsin and Minnesota, lands of endless snow And sled dogs Lots and lots of dogs Heroine Rosalie, a kinda needy, kinda he [...]

    16. This book attempts to weave the historical and modern into one continuing storyline centering on the connection between Siberian huskies and their people The premise is interesting, and I really wanted to care about the characters, but I just couldn t The main character, Rosalie, is an 18 year old who is lost in her own world and worries She shows shockingly little care for herself or anyone around her The author tries to convince us that she is just a delicate, confused soul by having her rescu [...]

    17. An Echo Through the Snow attempts to weave past and present into a single tapestry utilizing the lives of two women trapped by fate and circumstance, with one determined to set herself free and the other literally dragged into pursuing a better life Told in alternating chapters, we are presented with the lives of Jeaanta and Rosalie, two women living than half a century apart whose lives are mystically connected via the Siberian Huskies Guardians they both love.Rosalie MacKenzie is a Native Ame [...]

    18. Wow I had such high hopes I mean, there are huskies, dog sled racing, and Native Americans really What is there not to love I got all those covered in my must read list But the author drags I literally had to make myself keep reading The story is disjointed and awkward The voice of the main character is not clear, in fact so unclear that I often had to re read passages when she was interacting with some of the other characters to figure out who was saying what or thinking what She also tries way [...]

    19. An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea ThalasinosGive this book a chance to grab you and you will not regret it I read a lot of scifi, fantasy and action thrillers I like getting hooked on the first page This book had to tantalize me for about 50 pages before I got hooked I like dogs but I m not real fond of snow This has both More importantly it is a story of self discovery which is what captivated me In a former life, my time spent as a school counselor, makes me prone to lauding self discovery In [...]

    20. I had high hopes for this book as I have owned and loved Siberan Huskies However, it took me forever to get through this book There didn t seem to be single story line just jumping here and there How did Rosalie become such an accomplished and talented woman and potential vet when at the beginning of the story she couldn t hold down any jobs and certainly seemed to be delayed in areas I didn t fully accept the transformation Yes, dogs are very therapeautic and I can see gradual changes in her co [...]

    21. Rosalie McKenzie s life is not in a good place She lives in rural Wisconsin and is married to a man who she doesn t love and who treats her badly Rosalie feels trapped until she comes across an injured Siberian Husky in need of a good home In finding the courage to keep the neglected dog, she also finds the strength to leave her situation and try to find better for herself Soon Rosalie has a new group friends and becomes involved in the competitive world of dog sled racing She also has a man who [...]

    22. I thought about giving this 3 stars and then read the reviews Consequently I decided to give it 4 stars.I wasn t bothered by the less than cohesive writing style For a first novel, I thought it very good Not being a writer, I can t speak with any authority, but I imagine like anything else, writing takes practice.If you read this novel for the dogs you will be disappointed It isn t Lassie but then I don t think of sled dogs as house pets But if Rosalie wants to keep the dogs in her house that s [...]

    23. I wanted to like this book much than I did There are two story lines one is the story of Rosalie, a nineteen year old girl trying to make her way through a rough life with an abusive ex husband and an absentee father Rosalie adopts a stray husky which leads to assisting a husband and wife team train their dogs for sledding The other story line is that of a tribe of natives in Siberia in 1929 when their lives are threatened by the expansion of the red army It is not clear why we get these two st [...]

    24. I really wasn t sure I was going to enjoy this book The beginning seemed to be a bit dull and long winded I also think maybe the constant shifting of the tale between 1929 1930 and so on and 1993 contributed to than a little reader angst, leaving me wondering if, perhaps, the 1929 part of the story would have worked better as part 1 , with the 1993 chapters classified as part 2 All of that aside, what a fascinating tale of historical fiction I learned a lot about a culture I was not at all fami [...]

    25. This is a wonderful book which goes back and forth between two stories, one about a 1929 Native family tribe in Siberia and the other in early 1990s Wisconsin about a Native woman Rosalie and her family and community Thalasinos does a superb job of showing not telling how government treated the Native population I really enjoyed reading about a world I was not that familiar with Rosalie is a character a reader can really root for.I learned some new things such as this regarding reindeer, Their f [...]

    26. I was skeptical about this book as I d have never picked it up had it not been a gift from my husband, but ended up really enjoying it It s the story of a young woman who reclaims her life after rescuing a Siberian husky and discovering the world of dog sledding, told along with the parallel story of the displacement of the Chukchi people by Stalin s army in 1929 Siberia It alternates between past and present eventually bringing the two stories together I have no interest in the technical aspect [...]

    27. Needing and editor with some backbone Revise This could be a really great book The setting and style and premise has so much potential But the story is riddled with parts that don t connect Characters that aren t consistent People who don t add anything but length of the book The worst and most damaging to me is SPOILER here.a man and his daughter live in a two bedroom cabin with ll dogs and a kids plastic wading pool in the living room for the seven puppies AND the heroine is an expert at beadi [...]

    28. Rosalie seems to be wandering in life She is in an unhappy marriage and struggles with any job she has Her husband mocks her when after discovering a neglected Siberian Husky, she suggests they try to save it She steals the dog and after a fight with her husband, she gathers the courage to change the direction of her life Smokey, her new dog, gives her a new outlook in life She starts working as a dog handler for Jan and Dave, two people who love dog sled racing Interwoven throughout the novel i [...]

    29. An enjoyable readI enjoyed the basic story, but really appreciated the extras , such as, the history of the natives and the Russians, I hadn t realized that had occurred, but it s certainly not surprising.I also very much enjoyed the dog sledding aspect, the history, breeding and sport, as well as the veterinary Being around animals much of my life, horses, dogs, cattle, it was very interesting and familiar.We were stationed in Kodiak, Alaska for three years, so I am also familiar with the envir [...]

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